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The Ultimate Guide to Free For All in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular first-person shooter games available on mobile devices. The game offers various multiplayer game modes, including the free-for-all mode. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of free for all in Call of Duty Mobile, including how it works, strategies and tips, loadouts, and more.

What is Free For All?

Free for all, often abbreviated as FFA, is a game mode in Call of Duty Mobile where every player competes solo against each other. There are no teams in free for all – it‘s every player for themselves.

The objective in free for all is to get the highest number of kills within the time limit. The standard time limit is 5 minutes, and the kill limit is 30. The first player to reach 30 kills or have the most kills when the timer ends wins the match.

Free for all matches take place on the regular multiplayer maps. Up to 8 players can participate in a free for all match. This mode tests your individual skill as there is no relying on teammates.

How Free For All Works

When you enter a free for all match, you will spawn at a random location on the map. The map is populated with all the players in the match. Each player appears as an enemy with a red name above their head.

Your goal is to eliminate enemies and rack up kills. Move around the map to find and take out enemies. There is no single set strategy as you have to adapt to the situation. Be aggressive and hunt for kills but also watch your back and surroundings.

The match ends when either the time limit is reached or a player gets 30 kills. The player with the highest number of kills wins. If multiple players are tied with the most kills, it results in a draw between them.

Maps for Free For All

Free for all matches take place on the standard multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Mobile. Some maps that are well suited for free for all include:

  • Shipment – Small fast-paced map that leads to frantic combat
  • Rust – Another small map with plenty of close encounters
  • Killhouse – Intense interior spaces mixed with some longer lines of sight
  • Crash – Good mix of confined areas and some open spaces
  • Firing Range – Decent map flow and size for free for all

The chaos and pace varies across maps based on their size and layout. Smaller maps like Shipment and Rust lead to absolute mayhem with constant run-ins and battles. Bigger maps require more hunting for enemies but also allow you to catch your breath.

Loadouts and Classes

Loadouts and classes are crucial in free for all as you rely solely on your own skill and gear. Here are some loadout tips for free for all:

  • Use aggressive weapons like SMGs or high mobility rifles. The AS VAL, MX9, and QQ9 are great options.
  • Equip perks like Agile, Lightweight, and Alert to enhance mobility.
  • Keep a close range secondary like a pistol or launcher.
  • Lethal equipment like frag grenades help in close spaces.
  • Field Upgrades like Adrenaline and Dead Silence boost speed.
  • Operator skills like Annihilator, Death Machine, and Equalizer get quick kills.

Having a fast, rushing loadout allows you to quickly react and capitalize on enemies. Mobility is key as you have to constantly be on the move.

Strategies and Tips

Mastering free for all requires learning strategies and techniques tailored for solo survival. Here are some tips to excel at free for all:

  • Keep moving and stay on the flank. Never stay still for too long.
  • Play aggressively. Hunt for enemies while watching your back.
  • Sound whoring – listen for footsteps and gunfire to track enemies.
  • Learn the maps, high traffic areas, and chokepoints.
  • Use cover and height advantages to control engagements.
  • Stay unpredictable. Vary your routes and approaches.
  • Cycle between rushing and posting up based on situations.
  • Manipulate spawns by not overstaying in one area.
  • Save scorestreaks to clear out areas or defend yourself.

Learning the maps and staying unpredictable are key to excelling at free for all. You have to outsmart and outgun your enemies. Pick your battles wisely and always be ready to disengage.

Leveling Up and Rewards

Free for all matches grant XP and progression just like other multiplayer modes. The better you perform, the more XP you gain to rank up. Getting kills, scoring streaks, and winning matches gives good XP payouts.

Here are some ways to maximize XP and level up faster in free for all:

  • Complete daily and seasonal challenges tailored for the mode.
  • Equip XP boosting attachments like the OWC Laser.
  • Use XP Cards to boost match earnings.
  • Play aggressively for more kills and wins.
  • Get consecutive kills rapidly for bonus XP.

Reaching higher ranks unlocks new create-a-class slots, weapons, perks, and gear. The mode also contributes XP towards gun progression to unlock attachments.

How to Play Free For All

If you are new to free for all, here are some steps to get started:

  1. Build a custom loadout optimized for fast-paced combat.
  2. Select Free For All from the multiplayer mode menu.
  3. Join a matchmaking queue for the mode.
  4. Warm up against bots or play practice matches.
  5. Learn the maps and find high traffic areas.
  6. Tune your sensitivity for quick target acquisition.
  7. Play aggressively and hunt enemies down.
  8. Learn to balance rushing and posting up.
  9. Keep moving and watch your flanks.
  10. Utilize cover and height advantages.

Practice makes perfect in free for all. Drop into matches, learn from deaths, and steadily improve your skills. Eventually you‘ll be able to dominate lobbies.

Settings for Free For All

To optimize your settings for free for all:

  • Higher sensitivity allows faster reactions.
  • Disable motion blur for sharper vision.
  • Toggle auto sprint on for continuous speed.
  • Set firing mode to hip fire for close engagements.
  • Adjust HUD for better minimap visibility.
  • Turn off unnecessary indicators and buttons.
  • Tune graphics for maximum frame rates.

Experiment to find your optimal balance of visibility, awareness, and mobility. This allows you to play efficiently.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when playing free for all:

  • Camping too much – Staying in one spot makes you an easy target.
  • Not watching flanks – Failing to watch your sides and back leaves you vulnerable.
  • Ignoring the minimap – Check it often to monitor enemy movements.
  • Forgetting to reload – Don‘t get caught in battles with an empty gun.
  • Rushing recklessly – Blindly running around leads to deaths.
  • Not paying attention to sounds – Missing nearby enemies footsteps and actions.
  • Not learning maps – Not knowing map layouts, spots, etc put you at a disadvantage.

Avoid making these mistakes by playing smart and learning from experience. Patience and practice makes perfect.

How to Improve Your Skills

Here are tips for improving as a free for all player:

  • Learn weapon stats – Understand weapon profiles to play to their strengths.
  • Practice movement – Master strafing, sliding, and mantling to dodge shots.
  • Fine tune sensitivities – Find optimal settings for quick reactions.
  • Drill aiming and flicking – Improve target acquisition speed and accuracy.
  • Study positioning – Learn where to hold, rush, and traverse on maps.
  • Watch killcams – Analyze what went wrong to avoid repeat mistakes.
  • Review matches – Pinpoint weaknesses in gameplay to address.

Along with match practice, dedicated training drills and analysis improve skills. Eventually you‘ll gain game sense and reflexes tailored for free for all.

How to Counter Other Players

To gain an edge on opponents, learn to counter their playstyles:

  • Campers – Use lethals to flush them out or avoid their areas.
  • Run and gunners – Bait them around corners and listen for rushes.
  • Passive players – Hunt them down and catch them off guard.
  • Headglitchers – Flank them or use projectiles to force them to move.
  • Jump shooters – Anticipate their hops and lead shots.
  • Dropshotters – Target their lower bodies as they go prone.

Adapt your own gameplay accordingly to counter what enemies throw at you. Learn their patterns and use their tendencies against them.

Playstyles for Free For All

Certain playstyles work well in free for all:

  • Rusher – Aggressive speed demon constantly on the move.
  • Camper – Posts up and defends an area peppering unsuspecting enemies.
  • Roamer – Methodically moves around the map controlling engagements.
  • Ambusher – Hides and takes enemies by surprise.
  • Support – Plays passively picking off weakened targets.

Find a style that suits you and master it. Mix it up at times to remain unpredictable. An unpredictable and adaptable player excels in free for all.

How to Improve Awareness

Situational awareness is vital in free for all‘s chaotic matches. Here are some tips for improving awareness:

  • Use headphones to hear enemy footsteps and actions.
  • Check the minimap frequently to spot red dot movements.
  • Learn maps to know common lanes and spots.
  • Clear corners and use cover to avoid ambushes.
  • Don‘t stay still for long to avoid being an easy target.
  • Use UAVs and Alert to gain intelligence on enemies.
  • Watch killcams to learn enemy habits and tendencies.

Honing awareness takes time but is a crucial skill. Aware players rack up kills by controlling engagements.

Having Fun in Free For All

While free for all can be intense, here are some tips to ensure you have fun:

  • Use wacky loadouts like melee only classes.
  • Play with friends in matches for some friendly competition.
  • Set personal goals like camo unlocks outside just winning.
  • Pop some music on in the background to ease tension.
  • Take breaks if you ever feel too frustrated.
  • Appreciate insane kills and laughs even if you die.
  • Make your end of match taunt as flashy as possible.

Don‘t forget it‘s still a game! Keeping things fun and staying cool under pressure results in peak performance.


That covers the complete guide on mastering free for all in Call of Duty Mobile! To recap:

  • Free for all is an intense solo only player deathmatch.
  • Loadouts should focus on mobility and aggression.
  • Move tactfully, leverage height, and stay unpredictable.
  • Learn maps, improve awareness, and outsmart enemies.
  • Keep practicing to hone skills and reflexes tailored for the mode.
  • Adapt your playstyle and have fun recklessly gunning for glory!

Follow these tips and you‘ll be annihilating the competition in free for all matches in no time. Now grab your best solo class loadout and start dropping high kill games!