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What is Free For All in Halo Infinite?

Friend, if you‘re new to Halo Infinite, you may be wondering – what exactly can I play for free? Well, let me tell you, there is a ton of content you can experience without spending a dime. Halo Infinite‘s free-to-play multiplayer mode gives you access to so much, including game modes, weapons, maps, customization, and more. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘m excited to provide you a comprehensive guide to everything free in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer!

An Overview of Free For All

First, let‘s quickly overview what the "Free For All" mode actually is. Free For All is a standard multiplayer mode where it‘s every player for themselves – no teams, just individual players in a chaotic battle royale. It‘s you against 7 other Spartans in a test of skill, reflexes, and strategy.

Free For All is included as one of the many multiplayer modes you can play for free in Halo Infinite, alongside favorites like Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Oddball. Read on to see all the goodness you can experience!

All the Free Multiplayer Modes

Halo Infinite gives you free access to a wide variety of multiplayer modes, ensuring there‘s something for all playstyles:

  • Arena – This is Halo‘s classic 4v4 competitive multiplayer supporting games like Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Oddball. It‘s the purest Halo gameplay – refined over decades.
  • Big Team Battle – For large-scale 12v12 chaos with vehicles, Big Team Battle cannot be missed! Enjoy objective modes like Total Control with epic battles.
  • Free For All – As mentioned above, this is 8-player deathmatch where it‘s every Spartan for themselves. Exercise your lone wolf skills!
  • Training Mode – Hone your skills against bots – this is a great way for new players to learn. You can even customize the bots‘ difficulty and behavior.
  • Custom Games – For when you want to tailor the experience, create your own custom match settings from killing time to serious scrimmages.

Every Weapon and Piece of Equipment – For Free!

Part of what makes Halo so iconic is its arsenal – and you have unlimited access to use all of it! Some highlights include:

  • Assault Rifle – This versatile automatic rifle is a Halo staple – effective at short to medium range.
  • Battle Rifle – Featuring a scope and 3-round burst, this is a precision weapon good at medium to long range.
  • Energy Sword – The lethal close-quarters blade of the Elites – get up close for 1-hit melee kills.
  • Grappleshot – This new equipment allows you to grapple and pull yourself anywhere – amazing for mobility and hijinks!

Whether you like to get up close with swords and hammers or pick enemies off at range, Halo Infinite‘s got you covered.

All Vehicles – Including Favorites Like Warthogs and Banshees!

Halo‘s iconic vehicles are free for your riding enjoyment:

  • Warthog – The fan favorite 4×4 – equip a turret on the back and wreak havoc!
  • Scorpion Tank – Who doesn‘t love controlling a massive death-dealing tank?
  • Banshee – Take flight in this fast and lethal aerial fighter.
  • Ghost – Small and agile with rapid twin plasma cannons – great for strafing runs.
  • Chopper – The Covenant‘s unique single-rider alternative to the Warthog.

From tanks to Banshees, Halo Infinite offers some seriously fun vehicles to experiment with.

Maps, Maps, Maps!

Halo Infinite multiplayer grants free access to a selection of well-designed maps spanning a variety of environments:

  • Live Fire – Symmetric small-scale arena situated in a military fuel refinery. Intense!
  • Bazaar – Bustling streets and alleyways of a traditional market – great for CQC.
  • Behemoth – Huge Big Team Battle map taking place across desert ruins – vehicles shine.
  • Launch Site – Set in a damaged Forerunner structure – vertical design enables Grappleshot play.

Rest assured, you‘ll have plenty of terrain to master. According to tracker HaloDotAPI, Halo Infinite currently has over 25 maps in rotation with more being added!

Deep Multiplayer Customization – Free Rewards Just For Playing!

Halo Infinite features extensive cosmetic customization using the Battle Pass system. While premium cosmetics can be purchased, you can earn tons of customization items just by playing:

  • Armor Cores – Earn free cores like Mk. VII, CQB, and Rakshasa for building loadouts.
  • Armor Pieces – Chest, helmets, shoulders, kneepads, and much more can be unlocked.
  • Coatings – Make your armor pop with color, metals, and patterns.
  • Visors – Customize your Spartan‘s look with various visor colors and styles.
  • Stances – unlocked poses to show off your style during intros and victory moments.

According to tracker HaloDotAPI, there are currently over 1,400 free customization items available through normal progression and challenges!

Competitive Ranked Playlists

Once you‘re ready, test your skills in Halo Infinite‘s Ranked playlists – free for all players. Currently, you can compete in:

  • Ranked Arena – Halo eSports tested settings across various Arena modes.
  • Ranked Controller – For those using a controller – aim assist enabled.
  • Ranked Solo/Duo – Make the climb alone or with a friend against other solo players.

Ranked provides a true test of your Halo abilities. During Season 2, over 1.4 million players completed their qualifying matches!

Your skill will be put to the test competing against the over 20 million players that have experienced Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer since launch. See how high through the ranks you can climb against the best.

I know what you may be wondering next – what about the story campaign, is that free too?

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite‘s epic story campaign featuring Master Chief is not free-to-play and must be purchased separately. But take it from me, the campaign provides an awesome direct continuation of the Halo story following Halo 5.

If you wish to experience the campaign and conclude Master Chief‘s saga, you can purchase it via the Microsoft Store for around $59.99. Trust me, it‘s worth it – I couldn‘t put it down!

The campaign can also be played cooperatively with friends, letting you take on the Banished together.

You may be wondering how Microsoft can offer so much content for free. Well, it was an unprecedented move to release Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer separately as a free-to-play title.

Offering the multiplayer for free helps attract a massive player base. According to Microsoft, over 20 million players globally have jumped into the game in the first two weeks since launch!

The monetization instead comes from the Battle Pass system and purchasing premium cosmetics directly, allowing players to experience Halo‘s legendary gameplay at no upfront cost.

This model has clearly worked well for Microsoft and forms a part of their strategy to bring Halo to more players globally. Halo Infinite now competes directly with other free shooters like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone.

Nope, you do not need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription or Xbox Game Pass to play Halo Infinite‘s free multiplayer.

All you need is a free basic Microsoft or Xbox account, which only takes minutes to set up if you don‘t already have one.

This makes the multiplayer accessible across Xbox consoles, PC, and even cloud gaming via services like Xbox Cloud Gaming. Truly cross-platform!

So there you have it, my complete guide to everything you can experience for free in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer – a staggering amount of content and value. As a fellow gamer, I highly recommend giving it a try to experience Halo‘s signature gameplay for yourself. See you on the Halo ring!