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What is Free in Destiny 2 in 2023? The Ultimate Guide

Hi friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how exciting and overwhelming it can be jumping into a huge game like Destiny 2. With both free content and paid expansions, it‘s hard to know exactly what‘s available. So I‘ve put together this detailed guide just for you on what‘s free in Destiny 2 in 2023. Let‘s dive in!

Free Campaigns and Story Content

The best news is all the original Destiny 2 story campaigns are now completely free! This includes:

  • The Red War (about 5 hours of missions)
  • Curse of Osiris (around 2 hours)
  • Warmind (2 hours)

These campaigns total around 9 hours of story content and will introduce you to the world, characters and threats in Destiny 2. I highly recommend completing them to unlock end-game activities.

Not only that, you‘ll also have access to the opening missions of the last 3 expansions:

  • Beyond Light (on Europa)
  • Shadowkeep (on the Moon)
  • The Witch Queen (on Savathun‘s Throne World)

While they require purchase to continue, you can get a taste of the recent story beats.

According to Bungie, all players have access to over 100+ hours of free adventures, quests and missions to play through!

Free Destinations to Explore

One of the best parts of Destiny is exploring the beautiful and intricate worlds. As a free Guardian, you‘ll have 4 large open world destinations available to you:

  • European Dead Zone (Earth)
  • Moon
  • Cosmodrome (Earth)
  • Europa (limited zone)

I recommend visiting each one and enjoying activities like:

  • Public events with other players
  • Treasure hunts for Lost Sectors
  • Patrols and world events
  • Region Chests with loot

There are hours of exploration and adventure to be had across these destinations. Which is your favorite? Let me know!

Core Playlists: Strikes, Crucible & Gambit

Hopping into the cooperative Strike playlist is a great way to get gear while learning mechanics. The free Strike playlist includes:

  • 8 strikes like The Disgraced, The Scarlet Keep and more
  • Playlists like Vanguard Ops and rotational Nightfall Strikes
  • Matchmaking with other Guardians

If you prefer fighting fellow Guardians, the Crucible PvP mode offers 7 maps and 6 modes free including Control, Clash and Showdown.

And Gambit mixes PvE & PvP with a round-based mode that is completely free to play with 2 arenas.

Prophecy Dungeon

Now this is exciting – the Prophecy dungeon activity on the Moon is totally free for all players! Dungeons are 3 player, end-game level adventures filled with tough enemies, puzzles and boss fights. Having a full dungeon free is awesome for new players.

Free Exotic Gear

Exotics are powerful weapons and armor that have unique perks and abilities. As a new player, you have access to 15 different Exotic weapons and armor pieces through quests found on planets or from vendors.

Some of my favorites you can earn now for free include:

  • Riskrunner SMG – My top pick, it wrecks enemies with lightning damage.
  • Dead Man‘s Tale – An exotic scout rifle with a random roll perk. Great in Crucible.
  • Ager‘s Scepter – This trace rifle freezes enemies solid. Excellent for stasis builds.

Xur, the mysterious vendor, also brings a selection of Exotics each weekend you can buy using Legendary Shards as currency.

Limited Time Events

Destiny 2 regularly has special events and activities that are free to participate in. For example:

  • Festival of the Lost – Halloween themed event in October
  • Solstice of Heroes – Summer event with armor unlocks
  • Iron Banner – Special PvP event with unique rewards

These events add free cosmetics, activities and loot to chase.

Free Upcoming Content Vaulting

One important thing to know is that some content does get removed or "vaulted" each year. For example, the Forsaken campaign was just removed in 2022.

In 2023, the Vault of Glass raid will enter the vault when Lightfall releases in February. But Bungie adds new free content each season like dungeons and story missions to fill in gaps.

Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing in 2023?

With so much free content available, Destiny 2 is absolutely still worth playing as a free player in 2023. The amount of campaigns, destinations, activities and loot will keep you busy for dozens of hours.

Plus the core gunplay and visuals make exploring worlds like Europa incredibly fun and rewarding. According to tracker, over 500,000 players are still active daily making matchmaking easy.

Personally Destiny 2 is my favorite FPS game. The excellent co-op experiences like Vault of Glass kept me playing for 500+ hours. There‘s truly years worth of free adventures awaiting new Guardians in 2023.

Should I Buy Expansions?

If you exhaust all the free content and want more, purchasing the expansions is highly recommended. Each expansion adds:

  • A full 10+ hour story campaign that continues the Destiny 2 narrative
  • Exciting new destinations to explore like throne worlds and alien planets
  • New exotic weapons and armor to collect
  • Raids like the 6 player Vow of the Disciple activity
  • Access to seasonal content released throughout the year

The Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions in particular got extremely high reviews for their storytelling, exotic weapons and raid experiences. Many Destiny players consider them peak Destiny 2!

But there‘s no rush. My advice is to experience all the free content first, then decide if you want to purchase the optional expansions later.

I hope this guide gives you a great overview of the ample free content available to all Guardians in Destiny 2 during 2023. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help new players discover the amazing worlds of Destiny. Now get out there and start your legendary journey, guardian!