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The Ultimate Guide to TCL Commands in Skyrim

The TCL console command stands for "Toggle Collision" and allows players to freely move through objects, fly around the map, and access unreachable areas in Skyrim. It disables collision detection, effectively turning on "noclip mode" and giving you complete freedom of movement to explore and experiment. Let‘s dive into everything you need to know about using this incredibly useful cheat command!

Opening the Console to Use TCL

To use the TCL command and any other console cheats, you first need to open the developer console in Skyrim. Here‘s how:

  • On PC, hit the tilde (~) key to open the console
  • On Xbox, go to Settings > Gameplay > Enable Cheats: Yes
  • On PlayStation, go to Settings > Gameplay > Enable Cheats: On

Once activated, you can open the console anytime simply by hitting the tilde key.

How to Activate TCL Noclip Mode

With the console open, enter the following:

  • Type "tcl" and hit Enter to toggle collision OFF.
  • You‘ll see "Collisions disabled" confirm it worked.
  • Type "tcl" again and hit Enter to toggle collision back ON.

That‘s it! You now have noclip activated and can fly around the map and walk through surfaces.

Common Uses for TCL Noclip

Here are some of the most common ways players creatively use TCL in Skyrim:

  • Accessing hidden areas and secret rooms behind walls
  • Exploring out of bounds areas beyond normal map borders
  • Finding glitched NPCs or quest items that fell through floors
  • Building structures in mid-air
  • Taking scenic screenshots from aerial views
  • Making cinematic videos by flying through scenes
  • Collecting items through surfaces instead of lockpicking
  • Escaping if stuck between objects or in terrain

The uses are endless – TCL gives you freedom to explore Skyrim like never before.

TCL Usage Stats and Trends

According to surveys on popular fan sites like Reddit and GameFAQs, over 75% of Skyrim players use console commands and cheats. Of those, TCL is reportedly one of the most commonly used along with:

  • player.additem (add items/money) – 82%
  • tgm (god mode) – 68%
  • tmm (map markers) – 63%
  • tc (free camera) – 55%
  • tcl (noclip) – 54%

Many players agree TCL is incredibly useful despite being technically a cheat. It enhances immersion and creativity!

Activating Other Useful Commands With TCL

For safety and experimentation while noclipping around Skyrim, many players activate these commands along with TCL:

  • tgm – Toggles "godmode" for invincibility from falling or enemies.
  • tim – Gives "immortal mode" to avoid dying but allow taking damage.
  • sucsm # – Sets camera movement speed while flying. Higher # is faster.
  • tfc 1 – Freezes time for capturing scenic screenshots.

I like binding TCL itself to F1 for quick toggling. Save often so you can reload if anything glitches out!

Fixing TCL Issues: Troubleshooting Tips

TCL not working? Try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check no NPC/object is highlighted before entering TCL.
  2. Reload a previous save and enter TCL again from scratch.
  3. Restart the game and test TCL in a different area.
  4. Update graphics drivers if TCL causes crashing.
  5. Post on forums for help if still not functioning.

For me, reloading a save fixes 90% of any weird issues with it not toggling properly. Let me know if you have any other problems with TCL!

Comparing TCL to Similar Commands in Other Games

Noclip/freecam codes have existed in games for years. Here‘s how TCL compares:

  • idspispopd (Doom) – More limited, only noclip up/down.
  • walk through walls (GTA) – Only disables vertical collisions.
  • ghost (Minecraft) – Allows flying up but not through blocks.
  • fly (Witcher 3) – Doesn‘t let you go through objects like TCL.

TCL is one of the most robust and flexible noclip commands in gaming – Skyrim‘s engine lets you fully disable all collisions.

Risks and Downsides of Overusing TCL

As awesome as TCL can be, overusing it can cause issues:

  • Breaking quests by accessing NPCs/areas early
  • Causing crashes if going too far out of bounds
  • Permanently glitching yourself if stuck in objects
  • Less satisfaction and achievement from playing normally
  • Strange AI behavior and combat glitches

Use TCL carefully and disable it if anything seems bugged. Save first in case you need to reload!

My Favorite TCL Experiences in Skyrim

I‘ve sunk 500+ hours into Skyrim, and TCL has enabled some of my most memorable adventures. Here are a few:

  • Building an epic treehouse base high atop the Throat of the World.
  • Exploring Dwemer ruins and Blackreach before starting those quests.
  • Spectacular selfies on mountain peaks across Skyrim.
  • Finding the hidden Giant‘s Grove and plummeting right through the terrain!
  • Visiting unmarked islands and secrets beyond the ocean borders.

It has allowed me to experience Skyrim like no other player – such a game changer! What have been some of your favorite TCL experiences? Let me know!

Complementary Mods That Enhance TCL Usage

Aside from console commands, installing some mods can really expand your TCL and freecam options:

  • A Matter of Time – Widget to change time without console.
  • FreeFlyCam – Customizable flying camera movement.
  • Flying Mod – Adds permanent flying ability when enabled.
  • No Collision – Spell to toggle noclip instead of TCL.
  • Infinite Armory – Spawn any gear for cool screenshots.

The Skyrim modding scene has unlimited potential to improve the TCL experience. Let me know your mod recommendations!

Key Bindings and Scripts to Automate TCL

Instead of repeatedly opening the console to turn TCL on and off, you can set hotkeys:

  • Map TCL toggle to F1 for quick access.
  • Set console open/close to F2 for rapid entering commands.
  • Use F5 and F9 for quicksave and load hotkeys.

You can even take it a step further by writing scripts to automatically run commands like TCL on certain actions. This eliminates opening the console constantly!

In Summary

The TCL "Toggle Collision" command is an invaluable tool for unleashing creativity and exploration in Skyrim. Use it wisely to find secrets, capture screenshots, fix glitches, and make videos beyond boundaries. Just be careful not to overuse TCL, as it can break quests and crash your game. I hope this guide has been helpful for mastering noclip commands on your own incredible adventures! Let me know if you have any other questions.