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What is the 1,000 Robux?

The 1,000 Robux is the bonus Robux stipend you get each month with a Roblox Premium subscription. It provides enough Robux to get some nice gear, abilities, and accessories in Roblox games.

As an avid Roblox gamer and content creator myself, I want to provide you with an in-depth guide on everything you can do with your monthly 1,000 Robux. Read on to learn the possibilities and how to maximize your value!

How Much Real Money is 1,000 Robux Worth?

Let‘s first break down the real world value of 1,000 Robux:

1,000 Robux = $10 USD
450 Robux = $5 USD
2,200 Robux = $25 USD

So 1,000 Robux gives you a nice $10 budget each month to spend in the Roblox catalog. It‘s not a huge amount, but enough to have fun with if you spend wisely.

How to Get 1,000 Robux Codes and Gift Cards

While there are no specific codes that give exactly 1,000 Robux, you can get Robux codes for amounts in that ballpark:

  • $10 Robux Gift Card Code – 800 Robux
  • $25 Robux Gift Card Code – 2,200 Robux

To redeem, head to the Roblox website, log in, go to Redeem Robux Codes and enter your code. The Robux will instantly get credited to your account!

The Coolest Items You Can Buy with 1,000 Robux

Now let‘s check out some of the best avatar items, abilities, and perks you can grab each month with your 1,000 free Robux:

Accessories and Cosmetics

  • Backpacks and Wings (100-500 Robux) – Soar around with fairy, dragon, or bat wings!
  • Faces, Masks and Hats (50-700 Robux) – Show your style with collectible caps or silly disguises.
  • Headphones and Shades (100-400 Robux) – DJ your way through the metaverse.
  • Animations and Emotes (75-500 Robux) – Taunt your enemies or celebrate with a dance.

Game Perks and Bonuses

  • Double Jump, Speed Boosts, XP Multipliers (50-350 Robux) – Upgrade your abilities.
  • Special Gear, Pets, Badges (100-800 Robux) – Stand out from the crowd.
  • VIP Game Areas, Private Servers (300-1,000 Robux) – Get exclusive benefits.

Player-Created Items

  • User-Generated Clothing and Assets (70-500 Robux) – Rep your favorite designers.
  • Limited Edition Items (500-1,000 Robux) – Snag rare items before they‘re gone!


  • Premium Tiers (450-1,000 Robux per month) – Get more Robux, cashout bonuses, discounts, and more!

From personalized bling to game-changing power-ups, the possibilities are endless. Now let‘s talk maximizing your value…

5 Pro Tips for Stretching 1,000 Robux

After testing out countless Robux strategies on my channel, I‘ve learned some hacks to go further with 1,000 Robux:

1. Wait for Limited-Time Sales

Avatar items, clothing, gamepasses – tons of stuff goes on sale each month! Never pay full price.

2. Trade Items on Resale Marketplaces

User-to-user Roblox marketplaces let you trade owned items for what you really want.

3. Earn Robux Creating Clothing and Assets

Got modeling skills? Designing shirts, pants, and gear earns you 70% of each sale.

4. Invest in a Roblox Premium Subscription

You get a 10-20% discount on everything in the Avatar shop with a Premium membership.

5. Save Up Over Multiple Months

Patience pays off. Save up 3 months of your free Robux to afford a 3,000 token rare item!

Put these tips to use and you‘ll be shocked at the awesome stuff you can acquire.

Making the Most of Your First 1,000 Robux

When you first get access to 1,000 bonus Robux from Premium, here‘s how I recommend using your windfall:

500-700 Robux: Upgrade Your Avatar

Use over half your free Robux for a stylish new hat, animated emotes, slick shades, wings, cool costumes, and more avatar swag. This ensures you stand out from default noobs.

200-300 Robux: Get Game Perks

Spend the next chunk on one or two game perks like double jump, XP boosts, or access to exclusive zones. This lets you advance faster and offers an edge.

Save the Rest

Bank any leftover Robux to put toward an expensive avatar item or accessory when it gets released. This takes some patience but pays off when you can finally afford exciting limited items.

This formula balances customizing your avatar and your game abilities. Now let‘s look at ways to keep earning more free Robux…

Getting Even More Robux

Once that first 1,000 Robux gets spent, here are some methods I use to keep my Robux balance growing:

Buy Roblox Gift Cards

Gift cards can be bought or earned through rewards programs. Popular amounts include:

  • $10 card – 800 Robux
  • $25 card – 2,200 Robux
  • $50 card – 4,500 Robux

Redeem the code on the Roblox website for an instant Robux boost.

Trade Items on Resale Marketplaces

Sites like Rolimon‘s, Trade Hangout, and Roblox Trade allow you to trade items directly with other users. Offer up some of your past Avatar purchases to get items currently in the catalog.

Develop Your Own Games

As a developer myself, creating games can earn you thousands of Robux per month. If lots of players buy access or perks for your game, you get a cut. The more popular your game, the more income potential.

Get Robux from Premium Tiers

Upgrade to Premium Builders Club for 1,025 Robux per month. Or try out the new Premium Plus tier for 2,200 Robux monthly.

Complete Surveys and Tasks

Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers, but some legitimate third party apps reward Robux for completing surveys, downloads, and signups. Just don‘t expect to get rich quick.

Following these methods takes more effort but nets you long term Robux. Speaking of which…

Is 1,000 Robux Enough?

Whether 1,000 bonus Robux feels sufficient depends on your playstyle and goals. Let‘s compare:

For avatar collectors:

  • Pro: Can buy multiple cosmetic items each month
  • Con: Not enough for most limited items

For perk/gear optimizers:

  • Pro: Good for 2-3 game perks per month
  • Con: Won‘t max out on everything

For clothing designers:

  • Pro: Provides solid seed money to get started
  • Con: Earned Robux scales way higher

For developers:

  • Pro: Decent baseline income each month
  • Con: Popular games earn way more

As you can see, 1,000 Robux is great for more casual players, while die-hard collectors or entrepreneurial devs will likely want more.

Maximizing Your 1,000 Robux Value

To get the absolute most out of your 1,000 Robux monthly budget, I recommend:

  • Learn Limited Item Release Schedules – Buy them the hour they drop to get best price and avoid shortages.
  • Monitor Roblox Resale Marketplaces – Buy low, sell high, trade up for what you really want.
  • Take Advantage of Roblox+ Perks – The browser extension gives you faster purchase options and notifications.
  • Buy Builder‘s Club For Discounts – An extra 500 Robux a month is well worth the 10% lower prices.
  • Invest Time in Your Creations – The more games and clothing you design, the more bonus income.

If you put in the time and learn the system, 1,000 Robux gives you a lot of creative potential.

I hope this guide gives you ideas and strategies for getting the most from your Roblox Premium 1,000 monthly Robux. Let me know if you have any other questions!