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The Complete Guide to Discord‘s $9.99 Nitro Subscription

The $9.99 charge by Discord is for their premium subscription called "Discord Nitro". It unlocks various cosmetic perks, chat tools, and server upgrades for hardcore Discord users. Let‘s analyze what you get for the monthly $9.99 pricing.

Discord Nitro Features

Here are the key features included with a Discord Nitro subscription:

Custom Emojis

  • Upload unlimited custom emoji to use across all your servers
  • Access to special Nitro-only emoji packs
  • Ability to use emoji from any Nitro-boosted server you‘ve joined

Profile Customization

  • Animated avatar in GIF or PNG format
  • Custom profile banner
  • Display Nitro badge on your profile
  • Higher badge number based on membership tenure

Chat Perks

  • 100MB max file upload size instead of 8MB
  • 1080p 60fps screen sharing quality
  • 300 character text limit for messages

Server Boosts

  • Boost servers to unlock perks like more emotes, HD video, etc.
  • Get 2 Server Boosts per month to distribute

Plus, access to exclusive Nitro Games and Nitro stickers packs.

Discord Nitro Pricing Plans

Discord gives you two main ways to subscribe:

Plan Monthly Price Yearly Price
Nitro Monthly $9.99 N/A
Nitro Yearly N/A $99.99

As you can see above, the yearly plan provides around a 17% discount compared to paying month-to-month.

Over 12 months, you would spend $119.88 on the monthly plan versus $99.99 annually. If you know you‘ll use Nitro long-term, the yearly plan can save you just under $20 per year.

What‘s the 1 Month Free Trial?

Discord offers new users a chance to try Nitro risk-free for 1 month. During the trial you‘ll get full access to all the Nitro perks at no charge.

This lets you test out features like boosted servers, expanded emoji limit, HD video streaming, and larger file uploads before paying.

The free trial automatically converts to a paid monthly subscription after 1 month. So be sure to cancel ahead of time if you don‘t want to be charged $9.99 at the end of your trial.

How Many Users Have Nitro?

As of 2022, Discord has approximately 150 million active monthly users. But only a small fraction subscribe to Nitro – around 2.7 million worldwide based on reports.

That puts Nitro adoption at roughly 1.8% amongst overall Discord members. So it remains a premium service targeting hardcore, power users willing to pay. Casual users are less likely to find value in the additional perks and customizations.

Perks Compared: Free vs. Nitro

Here‘s a quick table comparing some of the limits between free Discord and paid Nitro plans:

Free Nitro
Upload Limit 8MB 100MB
Emoji Limit 50 per server Unlimited
Screen Share Quality 720p 30fps 1080p 60fps

The increased file size limit alone may be worth it for servers sharing lots of images, videos, and other media. But for light users, the free plan provides ample utility.

Can You Get Free Nitro?

Discord occasionally offers time-limited free Nitro trials through partnerships and promotions. For example:

  • Microsoft gave 3 months of free Nitro to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in 2021.
  • Watching certain esports livestreams on Discord granted 1 free month of Nitro in 2022.
  • Participating in the HypeSquad program lets you gift 1 month of Nitro to others.

The catch is these trials eventually expire, reverting you back to free Discord. Ongoing access requires a paid Nitro plan. But promotions like these let you test Nitro at no cost.

What About Nitro Classic?

Nitro Classic is a cheaper version of Nitro, costing $4.99 per month versus $9.99. Here‘s what you get with Nitro Classic:

  • Custom emoji upload limits
  • Larger file uploads up to 50MB
  • Profile badges and GIF avatars

But Nitro Classic lacks server boosts, screen share upgrades, exclusive games/stickers, and some profile customizations. Overall, it offers about half the perks of full Nitro for 50% off.

Can Multiple People Share Nitro?

Discord prohibits Nitro account sharing across multiple users. Each Nitro plan is intended for the individual subscriber only.

However, Discord does permit Nitro users to gift 1 month trials to others. You can spread the perks around, but not indefinitely share one Nitro subscription across different people.

What About Refunds?

If you want to cancel Nitro and request a refund, Discord gives you 5 days from the initial purchase date. Reach out to their support team within 5 days to get fully reimbursed.

After 5 days, however, Discord will not grant refunds on Nitro plans even if immediately cancelled. So decide quickly if it‘s worth the investment for you.

The Verdict on Discord Nitro

For hardcore Discord users on servers with lots of custom emojis, file sharing, and frequent screen sharing, Nitro offers tangible upgrades. But more casual members may not find enough value to justify the $9.99 monthly cost.

The 1 month free trial gives adequate time to evaluate the benefits. Overall, Nitro enhances the Discord experience for power users willing to pay a reasonable price.

Hope this guide helps explain exactly what you get with the $9.99 Discord Nitro subscription! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.