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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Free DLC in ARK: Survival Evolved

If you‘re looking for the absolute best free DLC that ARK has to offer, look no further than the Ragnarok map expansion. With its huge map size, diverse biomes, fantasy creatures, and challenging boss fights, Ragnarok adds an incredible amount of new content and gameplay for the cost of $0.

Why Ragnarok is the Best Free ARK DLC

As an avid ARK player and expert, I‘ve spent hundreds of hours exploring the various official DLC maps and expansions. Based on my experience, here‘s why Ragnarok stands out as the clear winner when it comes to free add-ons:

Massive 144 sq km Map Size

At 144 sq km, Ragnarok provides a sprawling landscape over 2.5 times bigger than The Island map. You‘ll spend dozens of hours exploring its frozen tundras, fiery volcanic regions, misty swamps, and tropical beaches. There‘s always a new area to uncover.

Diverse Biomes and Environments

From the frigid Ice Dungeon to the hot and humid Wyvern Trench, Ragnarok contains some of the most varied biomes in ARK. You‘ll encounter new environmental challenges, resources, and build spots that you won‘t find anywhere else.

New Mythical Creatures to Tame

In addition to familiar creatures, Ragnarok introduces fantastical new tamables like griffins, ice wyverns, and ice direwolves. Taming these exotic beasts offers exciting new gameplay opportunities.

Challenging Boss Arenas

Take on gigantic boss fights against the icy Ice Queen or fiery Lava Golem to unlock new ARK end-game loot. These intense battles take skill, strategy, and strong tames to overcome.

Incredible Base Building Spots

Build your ultimate base inside a giant tree or on cliff platforms overlooking stunning vistas. Ragnarok has some of the most unique and coveted base locations in the game.

Hours of New Content Added

With expansive new regions to build, tame, and fight through, Ragnarok provides countless hours of engaging content – all without spending a dime.

Other Great Free DLC Options

While Ragnarok takes the top spot, there are other great free ARK DLC maps worth checking out:


Valguero offers diverse landscapes and the Deinonychus dinosaur perfect for breeding. Its huge map makes it great for building mega-bases.

Crystal Isles

See the vibrant crystal fields and docile crystal wyverns on this creative fantasy map.

Lost Island

ARK‘s newest map has stunning beaches, misty swamps, and mysterious caverns to uncover.

The Center

Face the intense lava challenge in this harsh and formidable landscape.

Procedural ARK

Endless random maps provide unlimited exploration and base building opportunities.

The Verdict: Download Ragnarok Now

In the end, if you only pick one free DLC to enhance your ARK experience, I highly recommend Ragnarok. With tons of content, exotic creatures, and exciting end-game challenges, it outshines every other expansion. Download it for free on Steam today to unlock the ultimate dinosaur survival playground. Happy adventuring, survivor!