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The Ultimate Guide to Mythic vs Legendary Guns in CODM and How to Get Mythic Weapons for Free

Hey friend! As a tech geek and avid CODM player, I know how confusing it can be to understand the difference between mythic and legendary weapons. Don‘t worry, I‘ve got you covered! In this ultimate guide, I‘ll break it all down so you can master the rarest guns in CODM.

What is the Difference Between Mythic and Legendary Guns?

First, let‘s establish a clear difference between these elite weapon classes:

Legendary – Extremely rare and cool weapon blueprints with custom models, textures, effects and pre-loaded attachments. They have unique animations and kill effects.

Mythic – The rarest weapon tier in the game, with evolvable, upgradable skins that get more effects as you get kills and complete objectives. The pinnacle of status.

So in summary: Legendaries look fancy, mythics look insane AND level up!

Legendary Weapons – The Basics

Obtaining a legendary gun in CODM takes a lot of luck and dedication. Let‘s break it down:

  • Odds of getting a legendary in a crate are less than 5%.
  • Legendary loot boxes can cost up to 9,360 CP (~$120 USD).
  • Events may offer 1 free legendary blueprint through hardcore grinding.
  • Getting all legendaries as a free player would take 5+ years!

As you can see, these are very exclusive items reserved for the most committed players. Let‘s take a quick look at some of the most popular legendary guns:

Name Type Theme
Dragon Dance AK-47 Chinese dragon
Meltdown LK24 Lava and fire
Cerberus Chopper Demon wolf

These blueprints have some of the most amazing and creative visual designs in the game. Now let‘s move onto mythics!

Mythic Weapons – CODM‘s Pinnacle Rarity

Mythic guns are even harder to get than legendaries. Here‘s a quick look at how rare they are:

  • Mythics only come from lucky draws with 10+ items costing up to 18,000 CP!
  • Odds of getting the mythic start around 4% and increase each draw.
  • There are only 9 mythic blueprints ever released.
  • Owning just 1 mythic puts you in the top fraction of players.

Let‘s analyze a popular mythic from 2020, the "Fennec – Ascended":

  • Evolves from Level 1 to Mythic Level 5 with kills.
  • Each evolution unlocks new VFX, death effects, charms, etc.
  • Max level has insane electric animations and lightning kill effect.
  • Truly a work of art and marveled by the whole community.

This sheer amount of effort put into each mythic blueprint cements them as the undisputed kings of rarity and flexing.

Now let‘s get into how to get these beauties without spending a fortune!

Getting Legendary and Mythic Guns as a Free Player

As a mostly free player myself, I‘ve picked up a couple of tips and tricks:

  1. Grind seasonal events with a free legendary as a top tier reward.
  2. Get the Premium Battle Pass bundled with a free legendary, then earn 2 more legendaries through playing.
  3. Build up your Credits and buy Epic blueprints from the Credit Store that can eventually be upgraded into legendaries.
  4. Watch for giveaways on CODM‘s social media to get lucky with a free legendary.
  5. Wait 9-12 months until lucky draws cycle back around for a second run at a lower price.

For mythics, our free options are very limited. Realistically, the only way is getting extremely lucky off a couple free initial draws when a new mythic drop goes live. I‘ve heard stories of it happening! But buying most of the draw is the only reliable way, unfortunately.

So in summary, legendary guns are difficult but attainable for free players with dedication. Mythics, on the other hand, are designed to squeeze whales‘ wallets. But with the right focus and grinding, getting these coveted weapons is possible without paying!

I hope this guide has helped explain the complex world of CODM‘s rarest loot. As long as you‘re having fun with guns you like, don‘t worry about what pay-to-win players have. See you on the Battlefield!