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What is the free apex code?

The free Apex code is a promotional code that can be redeemed in Apex Legends for free in-game content like skins, Apex Coins, and more. These codes are given out by the developers during special events or partnerships as a way to give fans access to exclusive items without spending money. As an avid Apex Legends player myself, I‘ve done quite a bit of research into how to find and redeem these free Apex codes. In this guide, I‘ll share everything you need to know to unlock free skins, characters, coins, and other goodies using Apex promo codes.

How Apex Legends Codes Work

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, so the developers generate revenue by selling optional cosmetic items and currency called Apex Coins. However, they also periodically give out codes that unlock some premium content for free. These codes are usually handed out during special events, on social media, or through brand partnerships.

The codes come in a few varieties:

  • Cosmetic skin codes – Unlock a free character, weapon, or legend skin.
  • Apex Coin codes – Get a set amount of Apex Coins (typically 50, 100, 1000).
  • Game addons codes – Redeem for bonuses like character unlock tokens.
  • Crafting metals codes – Receive crafting metals for making skins.

To redeem the codes, you simply enter them in the "Redeem Code" tab of the in-game store menu. The reward will then be added to your account. Now let‘s go over how you can get access to these freebies!

Get Free Apex Codes from Events and Social Media

The developers periodically release free codes during special in-game events like anniversaries, new season launches, or holiday celebrations. They also regularly post codes on the official Apex Legends Twitter and Facebook pages. Usually 1-2 codes will be given out this way each week. Some examples of recent codes from events and social media:

  • APEX-2TH-ANIV-GAME – 1x Anniversary Pack – Celebrated 2nd anniversary
  • GRATITUDE-700-COINS – 700 Apex Coins – Thanksgiving gift
  • ALGS-2222-LLAM – 1x LLama Spray – ALGS 2022 championship

I‘d recommend checking their social accounts regularly or turning on notifications so you never miss when new codes are shared. They do expire after a week or two, so be sure to redeem codes quickly when you find them!

Find Codes from Apex Legends Partners

EA frequently partners with brands on sponsorships and cross-promotions for Apex Legends. As part of these deals, special codes are usually provided that give fans free in-game items.

Some of their recent partnerships that gave out codes include:

  • Monster Energy – Weapon charm codes on cans
  • Nessie Bubble Tea – Pathfinder skin with drink purchases
  • G Fuel – 1000 Apex Coins with tub purchases
  • Logitech – Bloodhound skin with select product purchases
  • Apex Legends Toy Collection – Vinyl figurine codes

I‘d keep an eye out for any tweets or announcements from @PlayApex that mention special partnerships. There‘s about 2-3 new deals each season where limited codes are available!

Get Codes from Content Creators and Streamers

Another great way to find Apex codes is through streamers and content creators. EA provides exclusive codes to creators as part of their support creator program. They then give away these codes to lucky viewers during streams or videos.

Some top creators that frequently give out Apex codes include:

  • NiceWigg – @NiceWigg
  • ShivFPS – @ShivFPS
  • Macro – @iTempp
  • KralRindo – @kralrindo

I try to watch streams from these top Apex Legends channels regularly, as they‘ll often have hours-long code giveaways for major events and patches. Outside streams, I also watch YouTube unboxing videos where they reveal codes found in merchandise and products.

Additional Ways to Get Codes and Free Items

Beyond social promotions, there are a few other ways you can score some nice freebies:

  • Check the in-game store daily for free item offers
  • Participate in limited-time events that give out free packs and skins for challenges
  • Link your EA account to Twitch – you get 5 free Apex packs
  • Link your EA account to Amazon Prime – get 5 skins & 600 coins monthly
  • Progress through the battle pass – you earn 1000 coins to pay for next season‘s pass
  • Level up and earn free Apex Packs from Account Leveling

So be sure to routinely check the store, participate in events, and take advantage of account linking bonuses. Doing so will get you even more great content for free!

Redeeming Apex Legends Codes – Step by Step

Once you‘ve got an Apex code in hand, here is the quick process to redeem it:

  1. Launch Apex Legends on your platform (Xbox, PlayStation, PC/Steam, Nintendo Switch)
  2. Navigate to the Main Menu
  3. Open the Store tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click "Redeem Code"
  5. Carefully enter your code (be sure to get casing right)
  6. Hit submit and you‘ll get a confirmation the code worked!

The item will then be added to your inventory. Be sure to only redeem platform relevant codes, and redeem them before they expire for the best results.

Most Useful and Valuable Codes to Get

Now let‘s take a look at the most useful and valuable Apex codes in my experience:

Apex Legends Anniversary Codes

Given out during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year anniversaries. These grant special anniversary cosmetic packs.

Monster Energy Nessie Bubble Tea Codes

Provide cool exclusive weapon charms and character skins based on the drink brands.

Apex Legends China Exclusive Codes

These grant skins and cosmetics only available in China until someone redeems a code.

Apex Coin Codes

Codes that give 1000 Apex Coins or more are extremely valuable for acquiring premium store content.

Heirloom Shard Codes

Extremely rare, but a few codes have given 150 heirloom shards to unlock a heirloom set.

Keep an eye out for these special rare codes that can unlock the most sought-after cosmetics and content for free.

Why Apex Legends Codes Are Given Away

You may be wondering – why does Apex Legends give away all this free premium content when they could monetize it instead? There‘s a few smart reasons:

  • Promote special events – Free items build hype and excitement around events like new seasons.
  • Marketing partnerships – Codes incentivize brands to partner with Apex Legends.
  • Engage fans – Unlocking free skins and items satisfies players and keeps fan interest high between updates.
  • Support content creators – Codes help EA build relationships with influencers that market the game.

So while giving some stuff away for free costs them a bit of potential revenue, the marketing, engagement, and promotional benefits are well worth it for Respawn.

Is It Possible to Get Banned for Using Free Codes?

Nope, you don‘t have to worry about receiving bans or other penalties just for redeeming normal free codes directly from Respawn partners and promotions. However, there are some shady websites that claim to generate "free codes" which are often illegal and could get accounts banned. So I‘d stay away from any site offering a code generator or database of codes. Stick to official channels, and you‘ll be fine!

Closing Thoughts on Free Apex Codes

The secret to scoring free skins, characters, coins, and other loot in Apex Legends is diligently keeping up with social media giveaways, content creators, brand promotions, and in-game events. Bookmark the Apex Twitter feed, frequent streaming code giveaways, and jump on any special partnership opportunities or events.

It can take a bit of work, but over time you‘ll build up a great collection of awesome cosmetics without having to spend a dime. Hopefully this guide gives you all the tips you need to start unlocking free Apex Legends codes and premium content. Let me know if you have any other questions!