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What is the free money code in GTA 5?

Let‘s clear this up first – there is no actual "free money cheat code" in GTA 5 or GTA Online that lets you spawn unlimited cash and get rich quick. Rockstar has deliberately not included free money cheats to maintain balanced and rewarding gameplay. But I totally understand the desire for fast cash when starting out!

As a fellow gaming geek writing for CoolFreePage, I‘ve played GTA Online extensively and know the grind is real. But take it from me – there are plenty of legitimate ways for new players like you to earn good money faster to buy assets and make progress. This comprehensive guide will cover everything I‘ve learned about maximizing profits quickly and saving smartly in GTA Online – over 20 tips!

Claim Your Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

This free pack for new GTA Online players is invaluable for jumpstarting your criminal enterprise, providing assets worth over GTA$10,000,000! Here‘s what you get:

  • GTA$1,000,000 direct to your Maze Bank account
  • Properties like a CEO office, bunker, clubhouse, and counterfeit cash factory
  • A range of vehicles including motorcycles, sports cars, helicopters, and more
  • Weapons like the Marksman Rifle, Compact Grenade Launcher, and Switchblade

With the pack‘s properties alone, you can immediately begin earning additional income through business ventures in GTA Online. Be sure to claim these startup assets right away!

Complete Missions and Heists for Big Payouts

Missions pay out RP (reputation points) and cash rewards upon completion. Here are some tips:

  • Take on new player intro missions to earn GTA$50,000+ each
  • Join random Heist teams via Quick Job to earn ~GTA$200,000 to millions per job
  • Call contacts like Gerald, Simeon, and Martin for misc missions paying ~GTA$10,000 to $50,000
  • Sign up as an associate/bodyguard for VIP work paying ~GTA$20,000 to $35,000

Completing just 2-3 missions per play session quickly adds up to big bucks – around GTA$500,000 per week!

Join Heists as Soon as Possible

Heists pay the most, ranging from GTA$200,000 for setup missions to over GTA$1,000,000 for finales. As a newbie, join random Heist teams via Quick Job to earn big payouts even if you don‘t own a high-end apartment yet.

Once you save up, buy an apartment to host your own Heist as the leader. You earn a larger cut, but must fund setup costs. It balances out through the overall Heist grind.

Invest in Profitable Businesses

Owning businesses is key for passive income. Buy business properties like warehouses, hangars, and factories to produce goods or launder money over time.

Most Profitable GTA Online Business Guide

Business Requires Approx. Revenue
Bunker GTA$1.2 million GTA$1 million per day
Nightclub GTA$1.1 million GTA$60,000 per in-game day
CEO Crates GTA$250,000 GTA$200,000 per hour
Import/Export GTA$1.5 million GTA$80,000 per top-range car

*Revenue is estimate per fully upgraded business.

I recommend buying a bunker first, then a CEO office and vehicle warehouse for big passive income. A fully upgraded bunker can earn GTA$1 million daily with just buying supplies!

Manipulate the Stock Market and Invest

GTA Online has a working stock exchange called BAWSAQ where you can buy/sell shares. Smart investments are key to making big money fast.

  • Complete the early Lester assassination missions to rig stock prices before investing
  • Buy low after prices tank following large multiplayer events or missions
  • Sell once stock values rebound for easy 50-100% profits

With GTA$1-2 million to invest, you can make GTA$500K+ daily just trading BAWSAQ stocks as prices shift. Think like a real investor!

Take Advantage of Weekly Bonuses and Promotions

Logging in each week pays – take advantage of recurring bonuses, sales, and special events.

  • Weekly Login Bonuses – Up to GTA$500K just for playing regularly
  • GTA+ Membership Bonuses – GTA$500K monthly; free Auto Shop property and more
  • Weekly Sales – Huge 50-90% discounts on assets like properties, vehicles, weapons, and more
  • 2X/3X Events – Double/triple money on missions, heists, businesses; challenge bonuses

I routinely save millions yearly just by buying expensive gear on discount thanks to weekly sales. And limited events like surviving a GTA$ bounty for 48 minutes pays a whopping GTA$500k!

Money-Making Crime Pays Too!

Illegal activities offer smaller bursts of cash that build up:

  • Rob convenience stores for GTA$5,000 cash each
  • Steal and sell high end cars for GTA$20,000+ each
  • Take down armored trucks and loot GTA$7,000-20,000 cash
  • Find hidden treasure chests with ~GTA$15,000 each
  • Mug and rob NPCs for wallets with ~GTA$100 each

Adding just 5-10 stolen car sales or convenience store hits during play earns an easy +GTA$100k per session.

Save Money – Every Dollar Counts!

Making money fast is important, but so is saving and spending wisely. As a new player, avoid big impulse buys – only purchase essentials.

  • Wait for weekly sales for big discounts on assets like properties, vehicles, weapons, etc.
  • Only buy business supplies when fully upgraded to maximize production revenue
  • Don‘t splurge on cosmetics like clothes until you have GTA$1-2 million in the bank

Patience pays off. For example, waiting to buy an armored Kuruma on 50% sale saved me GTA$500k! Think of savings as earning money too.

Final Takeaways

I hope these GTA Online money making and savings tips help you get that fast cash as a new player! To summarize:

  • Claim your Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for a invaluable headstart on assets and GTA$1 million.
  • Grind missions and random Heist teams for steady payouts around GTA$500K weekly.
  • Save up to invest in profitable businesses like bunkers and CEO warehouses for passive income.
  • Play the stock market by rigging prices and investing wisely for big profits.
  • Take advantage of weekly bonuses, sales, and events for free cash.
  • Do small crimes for cash that adds up quickly.
  • Spend smart and save on purchases whenever possible.

Even without a money cheat code, these tactics will have you earning your first GTA$ million quickly! Let me know if you have any other questions – happy to share more expert tips.