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The Ultimate Guide to freeShop 3DS and Hacking your 3DS Before the eShop Closes

FreeShop was a homebrew application that allowed Nintendo 3DS owners to download and play full versions of games for free by exploiting the official eShop. It directly downloaded encrypted game files from Nintendo‘s CDN servers without purchase. At its peak before being shut down in 2019, freeShop provided access to over 4000+ titles spanning various Nintendo platforms. However, it clearly promoted piracy which ultimately led to its demise.

Why freeShop Rose to Prominence

Launching in 2016, freeShop tapped into the desire for free premium content at the height of 3DS popularity. Nintendo sold over 75 million 3DS units worldwide from its 2011 debut to 2020. With a massive installed base of hardware, freeShop was enticing to cash-strapped gamers or those merely wanting to try before buying. Downloading previously purchased games from Nintendo‘s servers for backup purposes also attracted some users. At one point, over 200,000 3DS devices had homebrew access and could utilize freeShop.

The Legal Quandary of freeShop

While freeShop itself was not explicitly illegal, it enabled and encouraged undisputed copyright infringement through 3DS game piracy. Nintendo eventually blocked the app‘s access to their servers to curb this abuse. The legal status of backing up digital purchases to your own system remains disputed, but downloading games you didn‘t pay for is unambiguously against the law.

March 2023 – The End of the 3DS/Wii U eShop

With the looming shutdown of the 3DS/Wii U eShop on March 27, 2023, owners will lose the ability to purchase and download new digital games and content. This is part of the natural wind down for the aging platforms as Nintendo focuses support on Switch. Still, the closure blocks access to many classic 3DS titles only available digitally.

Key eShop Shutdown Impacts:

  • No new digital game or DLC purchases after March 2023
  • Loss of redownload access for previous digital purchases
  • Only physical cartridges will work for acquiring future 3DS games
  • Certain titles will be lost unless digitally backed up beforehand

This reality is driving increased interest in hacking 3DS systems to continue enjoying digital games from unofficial sources after the eShop shuts down for good.

Hacking Your 3DS – An In-Depth Overview

Installing custom firmware (CFW) on your 3DS through system exploits gives you access to homebrew capabilities and playing digital titles from sources other than the official eShop. Here‘s a detailed breakdown of 3DS hacking and going the homebrew route.

Key Benefits of a Hacked 3DS:

  • Play downloaded ROM files for old systems like Game Boy Advance
  • Install gamebackups and mods from unapproved sources
  • Customize your home screen with unique themes
  • Use cheats, trainers, and other gameplay enhancements
  • Remove regional locks to play imports and foreign games
  • Expand capabilities beyond stock limits set by Nintendo

Risks and Downsides of 3DS Hacking:

  • Potential bricking or functionality loss if done improperly
  • Loss of access to online multiplayer features
  • Legal gray area depending on your usage after hacking
  • Security flaws and system stability concerns

Getting Started – What You‘ll Need:

  • A compatible Nintendo 3DS system – Regular Size, XL, New
  • An SD card with at least 16GB of storage space
  • A compatible exploit game like Freakyforms, Cubic Ninja, or Ocarina 3D
  • The latest CFW files for your system from

Step-By-Step Guide to Hacking Your 3DS:

  1. Backup your 3DS SD card contents and current system firmware
  2. Obtain your chosen exploit game and have it ready
  3. Visit and follow the section for your particular exploit
  4. Carefully work through all instructions to flash custom firmware
  5. Once hacked, install homebrew launcher and file managers
  6. Fully test core functions before doing more advanced modifications
  7. Research and implement tweaks like custom themes and emulators

The process will vary somewhat depending on your specific console model and firmware version. Always follow official instructions tailored to your setup for best results. And take it slowly – rushing through complex mods like CFW can easily brick your system if done improperly. Patience and care will get your 3DS hacked safely.

Evaluating Your Options Before the eShop Shutdown

With the impending loss of redownload access and new 3DS digital game purchases, owners have a few options depending on their preference:

  • Accept the closure and rely on physical cartridges. Enjoy what‘s already owned.
  • Back up your digital purchases – Gray area but protects access.
  • Homebrew and hack for continued digital downloads after closure.

There are merits to each approach – no right answer for everyone. Think carefully about your specific needs and willingness to modify hardware before deciding.

Game Preservation and Legacy After the eShop

The 3DS library contains over 1300 titles across Nintendo‘s 1st and 3rd party developers. Many gems will only survive digitally if archived responsibly before March 2023. While piracy harms creators, downloading commercial ROMs solely for personal backup against a service closure could be justified morally, if not legally. For collectors and gaming historians, securing this legacy is important as the eShop fades away. We must balance intellectual property concerns with preserving outstanding art from being lost to time. But always dump or download at your own discretion.