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The Ultimate Guide to the Love and Treasure Quest in Sims Freeplay

The Love and Treasure Quest is a limited-time dating game show event where your Sim competes to win romantic tropical vacations with Prim, a celebrity host. This swashbuckling pirate island adventure first appeared in September 2020.

What is the Love and Treasure Quest in Sims Freeplay?

The Love and Treasure Quest brings the fictional pirate-themed dating show "Love and Treasure" to SimTown. Players can have one eligible Sim join the program as a "pirate castaway" contestant.

Over 10 quest steps, Sims complete themed challenges like exploring mazes, crafting island items, and impressing judges in a talent competition. Excellent performances could lead to winning dream vacation trips with Prim!

This unique quest provides a fun twist on regular Sims Freeplay activities with its interactive game show setting.

Overview of the Love and Treasure QuestGameplay

The Love and Treasure Quest has a tropical pirate island theme. Your Sim contestant performs on a stage while host Prim provides commentary.

The quest‘s story follows your Sim on their chance at love and adventure. To win Prim‘s heart, they must showcase survival skills like navigating tight caves and collecting buried treasure across the island.

Activities include:

  • Finding clues and hidden items
  • Crafting torches, paddleboats, and other supplies
  • Completing maze navigation challenges
  • Earning badges through relationship building
  • Answering trivia questions about Prim

Optimal strategies:

  • Use 2-3 Sims to simultaneously gather supplies and build relationships
  • Only craft necessary workshop items when required by quest steps
  • Spend social points (SP) to immediately complete long relationship interactions

Average relationship levels required:

  • Level 5 Friendship
  • Level 3 Romance

Rewards and Unlocks

Completing the quest brings various prizes:

  • 2,000 Simoleons
  • A sparkling Celestial Ball gown
  • The tropical Pirate Island location
  • A "Visit an Island" Hobby for vacation trips
  • A chance for a Sim to couple up with Prim!

This provides significantly higher rewards than early game quests like "Come On In" or "Baby On Board." The valuable relationship XP also exceeds most hobbies.

Reward Value (Simoleons)
Celestial Ball Gown 1,500
Pirate Island Location 500+
Island Vacation Hobby 400+
Prim Relationship Priceless!

How This Quest Compares

The dating game show theme makes the Love and Treasure Quest very unique compared to others in Sims Freeplay.

Most quests center around household activities or community locations. But Love and Treasure transports Sims onto an exotic island getaway!

The pirate costumes and tropical island scenery also provide refreshing changes from standard Sims neighborhoods.

While less intensive than multi-part questlines, Love and Treasure has more developed mechanics with workshops, badges and judges. This creates fun, original challenges not seen in basic "Build a New Location" starter quests.

Background on Sims FreePlay

Sims FreePlay, developed by Firemonkeys Studios, allows players to create virtual people and manage their lives. This mobile version of the popular Sims franchise was released in 2012.

As in the PC/console games, FreePlay lets you build homes, pursue careers, raise families, and design dream lives. While more simplified, it retains the series‘ creativity and humor in a free mobile format.

The game receives regular content updates – the Love and Treasure Quest arrived in the "Life of Luxury" update. There are currently over 58 unique FreePlay quests spanning hobbies, relationships, careers, and more.

Prim‘s Place Among Past Sims Celebrities

The fictional Prim hosts Love and Treasure as a parody of reality dating shows like The Bachelor. This continues the Sims tradition of featuring vibrant fictional celebrities.

Past Sims stars like pop diva Jessa De La Cruz or chef Elsa Bjergsen have added flair. Prim likewise brings her bold persona into SimTown through this special quest.

Some other major Sims celebrities:

  • Jessa De La Cruz (pop singer)
  • Elsa Bjergsen (chef)
  • Andrew St. John (esports gamer)
  • Kiyoshi Ito (tech mogul)

Many possess unique character designs – Prim‘s blue skin makes her especially distinctive!

Expert Tips for Efficient Completion

As an experienced Sims Freeplay player, I‘ve discovered some expert strategies for quickly completing Love and Treasure:

  • Prioritize relationship building – Focus social interactions on key quest NPCs versus general Sims to efficiently improve romance/friendship levels.
  • Only craft required items – Building unessential workshop stations wastes precious time and resources. Follow quest steps closely.
  • Take advantage of shortcuts – Use LP/SP boosts wisely and spend social points to finish long relationship interactions immediately.
  • Automate with multiple Sims – By using 2-3 characters, you can simultaneously gather supplies, build relationships, and complete quest tasks.


The Love and Treasure Quest provides a fun, refreshing game show-style dating adventure. This guide covers everything from the tropical setting to Prim‘s celebrity character. With these tips, you can swiftly master the quest‘s unique challenges and unlock amazing rewards! Your Sims will fall in love with mixing romance, comedy, and swashbuckling pirate action.