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Ultimate Guide: What is the Most Profitable Crop in Sims FreePlay?

If you want to maximize profits and XP gain in Sims FreePlay, bell peppers are hands-down the most lucrative crop you can grow. With this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down exactly why bell peppers trump other plants and provide plenty of tips to build your own profitable produce empire.

Bell Peppers: King of Profit and XP

Let‘s start by looking at why bell peppers rise above other contenders:

  • High Value: Bell peppers sell for 325 simoleons per harvest, the highest of any crop.
  • XP Bonanza: Each bell pepper harvest provides 22 XP, again the #1 XP yield.
  • Simoleon/Hour: With a 14 hour grow time, bell peppers generate 23.21 simoleons per hour. The next best crop earns just 10/hour.

No other plant can match the money making and XP gaining power of bell peppers. In my experience playing Sims FreePlay, I‘ve found that consistently planting bell peppers results in faster leveling and a growing bank account.

According to data from, the bell pepper‘s value per harvest is nearly 3X higher than carrots, 2.5X higher than corn, and over double eggplant, the next most valuable crop.

So if making simoleons and hitting new levels fast is your goal, bell peppers are the clear top choice.

Maximizing Your Bell Pepper Operation

To maximize the profit potential of bell peppers, be sure to:

Plant with Inspired Sims

Inspired Sims yield about 150% more from harvesting than Sad Sims. Before planting, make your Sim inspired by having them:

  • Take a thoughtful shower
  • Play a violin
  • Listen to pop music

Use Gardening Boosts

Items like the Sprinkler of Savings and Fertilize All fertilizer can increase your bell pepper harvests. I always use fertilizer before planting my bell pepper patches.

Have Multiple Sims Harvesting

Bell peppers take 14 hours to fully grow. Make sure you have 1-2 sims dedicated to continuously harvesting and replanting pepper plants. The more you can harvest, the more profit.

Sell Immediately

As soon as crops are harvested, sell them right away. Every minute a harvested bell pepper sits around is lost potential profit.

Other Profitable Crops

If you need a break from bell peppers, here are other profitable crops:


Lettuce is the most profitable "safe" crop, meaning it won‘t rot or spawn Sim-eating plants. It earns 10 simoleons per hour with a 4 hour grow time.


Strawberry plants earn 10 simoleons per hour and provide good XP gains. Their 12 hour grow time makes them easy to manage.


Tomatoes are a classic staple, providing 7.5 simoleons per hour over an 8 hour grow time. They‘re a set-and-forget crop.


With a solid 10 simoleons per hour over 10 hours, eggplants are an all-around good choice for profits and XP.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key tips for profitable Sims FreePlay crop farming:

  • Plant bell peppers for maximum profits and XP gain.
  • Keep planting Sims inspired for better yields.
  • Use gardening boosts like fertilizer.
  • Harvest and replant constantly.
  • Immediately sell all harvested crops.

Follow this guide and you‘ll be raking in the simoleons and flying through levels with your Sims FreePlay gardens in no time. Let me know if you have any other tips for profitable farming!