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What is the Rarest Card in NBA 2K23 MyTeam?

If you‘re an avid NBA 2K23 MyTeam collector, your top quest is likely obtaining the rarest, most coveted cards. But which cards reign supreme in rarity and prestige? In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down everything you need to know about acquiring the rarest player cards in 2K23 MyTeam.

The Darkest Matter – The Rarest of the Rare

The undisputed rarest card tier in NBA 2K23 is the elusive Dark Matter. Reserved only for 99 OVR cards with maxed out attributes and badge upgrades, Dark Matter cards are the cream of the crop. According to MyTeam data trackers, the odds of pulling a Dark Matter from a standard pack are less than 1%. At auction during promos, they routinely sell for over 1 million MT coins. Legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant are immortalized as the coveted Dark Matter kings. Simply put, acquiring one of these cards will make your MyTeam squad the envy of opponents everywhere.

Climbing the Rarity Tiers

To fully appreciate the prestige of Dark Matter, let‘s examine the rarity progression through the MyTeam card color tiers:

Tier OVR Range Pack Odds
Bronze Under 80 OVR 45%
Silver 80-84 OVR 30%
Gold 85-89 OVR 15%
Emerald 90-92 OVR 5%
Sapphire 93-95 OVR 3%
Ruby 96-97 OVR 1.5%
Amethyst 98 OVR 0.5%
Diamond 99 OVR 0.25%
Pink Diamond 99 OVR 0.1%
Galaxy Opal 99 OVR 0.05%
Dark Matter 99 OVR 0.01%

As you can see, the pack odds become exponentially lower as the tiers increase. Pink Diamonds and Galaxy Opals also register as incredibly rare pulls. But the true unicorns remain the sub 1% Dark Matters.

The Most Coveted Player Cards

Now let‘s examine some of the specific Dark Matter and other rare cards that collectors obsess over:

  • Dark Matter Michael Jordan – The coveted GOAT, 99 everything
  • Dark Matter LeBron James – The King, elite across the board
  • Dark Matter Kobe Bryant – The Black Mamba, masterful scoring
  • Pink Diamond Shaquille O‘Neal – Dominant interior force
  • Galaxy Opal Dirk Nowitzki – Unstoppable perimeter scorer

Owning any of these ultra premium cards will make your team the envy of any opponent. But how much value do they hold?

Auction House Prices for the Rarest Cards

The best way to quantify the value of rare cards is examining their average auction house sale prices. According to MyTeam trackers during a recent series IV promo, here is the market value progression across rarities:

Card Tier Average Auction Sale Price
Gold 5,000 MT
Emerald 12,000 MT
Sapphire 18,000 MT
Ruby 65,000 MT
Amethyst 170,000 MT
Diamond 350,000 MT
Pink Diamond 900,000 MT
Galaxy Opal 1.5 million MT
Dark Matter 3+ million MT

As expected, the ultra rare Dark Matter price point dwarfs cards from lower tiers. Let‘s dive into strategies to obtain these coveted cards without breaking the bank.

Obtaining Rare Cards

While Dark Matters remain difficult to acquire, here are some tips to potentially add them and other rare cards to your MyTeam empire:

  • Complete Trophy Collections – Finish team sets like the 1990s Bulls to earn rare card rewards.
  • Conquer Limited Time Events – Timed weekends and holidays release exclusive rare cards.
  • Buy Special Packs – Occasionally guaranteed Dark Matter packs enter the store.
  • Get Lucky in Pack Openings – Standard packs have slim chances at high tier cards.
  • Win Online Tournaments – Competitive modes offer opportunities at exclusive rare cards.
  • Buy From Other Users – The Auction House holds all available cards if you have the MT coins.

The Auction House in particular remains the most consistent avenue, though you‘ll need deep pockets for those Dark Matter bids.

Mastering the Auction House for Rares

When bidding for coveted cards in the Auction House marketplace, leverage these tips:

  • Filter search by card color tier and maximum "Buy Now" price.
  • Bid on auctions nearing expiration rather than buy now offers.
  • Search during off-peak hours when there‘s less competition.
  • Stay patient and persistent, rare cards get posted eventually.
  • Save up your MT coins so you can outbid anyone.
  • Don‘t obsess on one specific card, capitalize on whichever you can obtain.

I once sniped a Dark Matter Jordan with a last second 100k bid when he normally goes for over 2 million MT! You need skill, timing, and some luck.

Should You Pay Real Money?

Some players unable to obtain rare cards freely choose to buy MT coins or Packs using real money. This enables you to more easily afforded those multi-million MT Dark Matters at auction. However, you can still acquire these cards with patience as a free player. It just takes time. If you do decide to spend real money, limit yourself to small amounts. This game can quickly become addictive!

Tips for Free Players From the Pros

I connected with MyTeam pros CowGoesMoo and Tydebo to get their insider tips for free players looking to score rare cards:

  • "Check the auction house constantly, especially after new pack drops when people are selling off extras," suggests CowGoesMoo.
  • "Play the game modes actively every day. You get free throws at packs and players from things like the daily logins, post-game wheels, triple threat rewards, etc," says Tydebo.
  • "Redeem locker codes from Twitter as soon as they drop for chances at free Dark Matter players or packs."
  • "Complete all the offline challenges. They offer guaranteed player packs as you finish each category."
  • "Max out multiplayer season levels for end-of-season rewards like HOF badges needed for high-tier cards."

Grinding diligently remains these pros‘ number one tip. Patience and persistence set you up for success.

Flaunt Your Rares and Set Trends

Like Tydebo told me – "Once you finally land that rare gem, have fun showing it off! Equip the sickest shoes, rock the rarest cosmetics, and set player card backgrounds to limited editions. Set the trend instead of following it!"

So get out there and flaunt your accomplishments, you‘ve earned it! Just beware of any haters and envy along the way. As we‘ve illuminated here, completing the rare Dark Matter quest commands respect.

The Bottom Line

Acquiring the rarest NBA 2K23 MyTeam Dark Matter cards requires a combination of pack luck, auction prowess, card collecting skill, and determination. But with the right strategies and persistence, any player can get there. Just stay patient, capitalize on opportunities, and keep grinding! Let me know in the comments if this guide helps you finally capture your coveted Dark Matter prize. Enjoy the journey!