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What is XP in CoD Mobile? The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up Faster

XP stands for experience points – they are essential numerical values earned through playing CoD Mobile matches, completing challenges, leveling up weapons, and various other actions. XP is the core progression system that allows you to unlock new ranks, prestige weapons, and advance through the Battle Pass tiers. The more XP you earn, the more you level up and progress in CoD Mobile.

Now let‘s dive into expert strategies for maximizing your XP gain!

How to Get XP Fast in CoD Mobile

Based on my experience reaching Legendary rank and Prestige 10 on multiple weapons, here are the most effective ways to earn XP quickly:

Play Objective Game Modes

Objective modes like Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed reward the most XP per match. For example:

  • A 10 minute Domination match can yield 15,000+ XP by capturing objectives and getting kills
  • You can expect to earn over 20,000 XP in Hardpoint by rotating between objectives and defending the Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed rewards up to 300 XP per tag collection, so gathering tags after getting kills is key

Utilize XP Cards and Boosting Items

Equipping XP boosting skins like the Polyatomic weapon set and XP Cards can double or triple your XP earnings for a set number of matches or hours. Always activate these during 2X XP events or when grinding objective modes for maximum impact.

Play with a Clan

Earning XP alongside clanmates will net you a clan XP bonus of up to 20% per match. Participating in weekly Clan Wars and winning nodes can provide large XP payouts over 50,000 XP.

XP Source XP Earned
10 Minute Domination Match 15,000 XP
10 Minute Hardpoint Match 20,000+ XP
Prestige a Weapon 50,000 XP
Daily Challenge 2,000 – 20,000+ XP
2X XP Card (1 Hour) Up to 120,000 XP

More Tips for Fast XP

  • Prestige weapons after maxing them out to earn XP bonuses
  • Complete daily and seasonal challenges for large XP payouts
  • Take advantage of 2X/3X XP events to maximize match earnings
  • Buy Battle Pass tier skips to earn the XP rewards instantly

Comparing XP Systems: COD Mobile vs. Other Games

COD Mobile‘s XP system works similarly to previous console Call of Duty titles where you earn XP through matches, weapon levels, challenges, etc. However, there are some key differences:

  • COD Mobile has higher XP requirements to prestige weapons compared to console games
  • The Mobile game offers more opportunities to earn XP through seasonal challenges and clan activities
  • XP earn rates in certain game modes are lower than console, for example Search & Destroy matches
  • No prestige system for player ranks yet in COD Mobile, unlike Black Ops or Modern Warfare

Compared to other mobile shooters like PUBG or Fortnite, COD Mobile places more emphasis on weapon XP and has faster overall progression through the ranks.

XP Requirements Per Level

Here‘s a detailed breakdown of the XP required per level and rank in COD Mobile:

  • Levels 1-25 (Rookie): ~60,000 XP per level
  • Levels 26-50 (Veteran): ~70,000 XP per level
  • Levels 51-75 (Elite): ~80,000 XP per level
  • Levels 76-100 (Pro): ~95,000 XP per level
  • Levels 101-125 (Master): ~112,500 XP per level
  • Levels 126-150 (Grandmaster): ~131,250 XP per level
  • Level 150+ (Legendary): +400 XP per level after 150

That‘s over 12 million accumulated XP required to reach the max Legendary rank!

Optimizing Your XP Strategy

Based on my experience grinding over 100,000 XP daily, here is my recommended 3-step strategy:

Step 1 – Use XP Cards During Events

Always activate your 1 hour, 2 hour, or 24 hour XP cards during 2X or 3X XP events to maximize their impact. With a 2X XP card active during a 3X XP event, you can earn 6X total XP per match!

Step 2 – Prioritize Objective Modes

Spend most of your grind time in modes like Hardpoint and Domination for the XP benefits of completing objectives quickly. Consistently earning over 15,000 XP per 10 minute match will optimize your progression.

Step 3 – Stack Clan and Challenge XP

When you have XP boosts active, also take advantage of clan match bonuses, win clan war nodes, and knock out daily challenges for big one-time XP gains. This all adds up quickly!

Tips for Beginners

For new players starting out, I recommend focusing on these two areas to level up quickly:

  • Complete as many daily challenges as possible like playing 5 matches or getting a set number of kills. These offer great XP payouts.
  • Equip the XP boosting skins you unlock like Snowflake or Neon Tiger to double your match earnings as you get started.

Play objective modes like Hardpoint and Domination to maximize kills and match XP. Getting over 15 kills per match will accelerate your early progression.

Advanced Tactics for XP Grinding

For dedicated players looking to take their XP grind to the next level:

  • Analyze the Battle Pass system and buy tier skips strategically to get XP boosts when needed most
  • Build a group to party up with during 2X XP events and dominate matches
  • Study weekly clan war start times and make sure you have XP cards active
  • Prestige weapons continuously as soon as they hit max level to capitalize on XP bonuses

Mastering the nuances around challenges, prestiging, events, and optimizing every match will help dedicated players gain XP incredibly fast.

I hope this detailed guide helps you maximize your XP earnings in CoD Mobile! Let me know if you have any other questions. Stay tuned for my upcoming advanced tactics guide. Happy grinding!