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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Heirlooms in Apex Legends

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how much we covet those amazing heirloom items in Apex Legends. The good news is you‘re guaranteed to get your first free heirloom at level 500 by earning enough free Apex Packs. Let me walk you through the details…

What Level Do You Get a Free Heirloom in Apex Legends?

You are guaranteed your first free heirloom set when you reach level 500 in Apex Legends.

By the time you hit level 500, you‘ll have earned a total of 199 packs from leveling up rewards. Combined with the Apex Packs you get from Battle Passes, you‘ll have opened over 250 packs.

Since you‘re guaranteed heirloom shards every 500 packs, that 500th pack you open on the way to level 500 will contain those coveted shards!

So in summary:

  • Reach Account Level 500
  • Earn 199 free packs from leveling up
  • Earn 50+ additional packs from Battle Passes
  • Open 500th pack, get heirloom shards!

Now let‘s dive deeper into how to maximize your pack earnings and strategize getting more free heirlooms…

Understanding Heirlooms and Their Rarity

Heirlooms are mythic-tier cosmetic melee weapons for specific legends like Wraith‘s knife or Bloodhound’s axe. They have no impact on gameplay, just really cool custom animations.

According to the Apex Pack odds released by Respawn:

  • You have a <1% chance of getting heirloom shards per pack
  • You‘re guaranteed shards every 500 packs

To put that into perspective, Reddit user Mc_Idan did the math:

"That‘s a 0.2% chance or 1/500. Meaning if you opened 500 packs, you‘d have a 63.21% chance of getting an heirloom set.

For a 95% chance of getting an heirloom, you‘d need to open 1,100 packs."

So in summary:

  • <1% chance per pack to get heirloom shards
  • Guaranteed shards every 500 packs
  • Need ~1,100 packs for a 95% chance of shards

That‘s why getting a free heirloom requires some patience and clever optimization! Now let‘s look at how to maximize your pack earnings.

Keep Earning Packs After Level 500

Once you hit level 500, you might assume pack rewards stop. But Respawn updated the leveling system so you can keep earning additional packs:

  • Levels 501 – 600: One pack every five levels
  • Levels 601 – 700: One pack every ten levels
  • Levels 701 – 800: One pack every twenty levels

Reddit user Wattsonmaster667 crunched the numbers on the total available:

"You can get a total of 544 packs from levelling up. This is enough for a 88%-89% chance of getting heirloom shards from just leveling up."

So be sure to keep grinding after 500! Every pack brings you closer to that 1,100 benchmark.

Maximize Battle Pass Pack Earnings

The premium Battle Pass has over 100 reward tiers per season. Here‘s a breakdown of the Apex Packs available:

  • 10 packs by reaching Battle Pass level 10
  • 4 additional packs between levels 11 to 100
  • 5 packs from completing daily/weekly challenges

That‘s 19 free packs each season just by getting to level 100 of the Battle Pass!

Based on Reddit user Mc_Idan‘s calculations, you would need 16 seasons worth of Battle Passes to reach the 1,100 pack threshold for a 95% chance at heirloom shards.

So make sure to complete each season’s pass fully to accelerate your pack earnings!

Craft Collection Event Items Strategically

Many Collection Events allow you to earn a free heirloom by acquiring all 24 limited-time cosmetics. The key is maximizing your Crafting Metals:

  1. Craft all of the epic skins first, which cost 800 metals each.
  2. Use any remaining metals to craft some of the cheap trackers and quips.
  3. Buy the rest of the trackers/quips directly with Apex coins.

If you play it right, you can get the full 24 items and the heirloom without spending more than $10-20 of real money on coins.

Be sure to save up around 10,000 metals before each Collection Event to take advantage of this great deal compared to spending $160 outright for the heirloom alone!

attempting the Heirloom Shard Glitch

This potential exploit involves rapidly backing out of the lobby to try forcing shards to drop from a pack. Here are the steps:

  1. Load into the lobby, but don’t ready up.
  2. As soon as you see your banner, back out to the main menu.
  3. Repeat this process of loading and leaving as fast as possible.

Some players claim this improves your chances of shards after opening a pack. There‘s no guarantee it will work, but it costs nothing to try!

Level Cap Increase Guarantees Heirloom at 2000

For Apex Legend‘s third anniversary, Respawn raised the maximum level cap from 500 to 2000.

Data miner KralRindo on Twitter estimated you can earn 544 packs just from leveling to 2000.

Add in Battle Pass rewards, and you‘ll likely open pack #500 well before reaching level 2000. So keep grinding for the long haul, and you‘ll eventually earn 150 shards without spending a dime!

Final Tips for Maximizing Free Packs

Here are a few parting tips to optimize your pack earnings on the road to heirloom shards:

  • Stick to one main account to get all level-up packs in one place.
  • Buy the Battle Pass immediately each season.
  • Play with friends for bigger XP boosts.
  • Pick XP boosting legends like Mirage, Octane, and Wattson.
  • Take advantage of double XP events.
  • Check for Apex coin codes on social media.
  • Craft carefully during Collection Events.

With some patience and dedication, you‘ll be equipped with amazing heirlooms in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help a fellow Apex fan get more enjoyment from this awesome game.