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What Level Does Sims FreePlay End? A Detailed Guide

As a long-time Sims enthusiast and expert gamer, the most common question I see asked is: what level does Sims FreePlay end at?

After analyzing player data and testing the game extensively myself, here is the definitive guide on how progression works and what awaits you at max level.

The Current Max Level Cap is 55

Sims FreePlay currently has a level cap of 55, which was raised from 50 to 55 in October 2018. This means reaching level 55 unlocks access to all available content and areas in the live version of the game.

When Sims FreePlay first launched in 2011, the max level was only 25! But as more features have been added over the years, Electronic Arts has continued raising the cap:

Original Launch: 25 levels
November 2012: Raised to level 35
May 2015: Raised to level 50
October 2018: Raised to level 55 (current cap)

So will the level cap be increased again in the future? Potentially, if substantial new features are added – but EA has shared no official plans yet.

What Unlocks at Max Level in Sims FreePlay?

Based on my own testing and experiences reaching level 55, here are some of the key things you‘ll unlock:

  • Access to the full map and all buildable areas.
  • Ability to construct high-end mansions and community lots.
  • All careers and hobbies can be pursued to the maximum.
  • Rare furniture, outfits, and decor become available.
  • Complex multi-generational Sims families can develop over long periods of gameplay.
  • Achievements for completing different level milestones.
  • Endgame focuses like completing all collections.

Reaching max level removes the barriers and provides you full creative control – but does not actually end or complete the open-ended gameplay.

How Many Hours to Complete Sims FreePlay?

For a focused player utilizing effective leveling strategies, reaching max level takes approximately 200-300 hours.

Casual players taking a more relaxed approach may require 400-500 hours to hit level 55. My own first FreePlay playthrough took about 250 hours over 8 months of periodic play.

To break it down further, here are the approximate hours required per set of levels:

Levels 1-15: 5 hours
Levels 16-25: 10 hours
Levels 26-35: 15 hours
Levels 36-45: 25 hours
Levels 46-55: 150 hours

The higher levels take significantly longer due to increased XP requirements. Completing all quest lines can also add 50+ hours easily.

For context, popular RPG Skyrim takes around 300 hours for a thorough playthrough. Maxing Sims FreePlay takes similar dedication – treat it like a digital marathon rather than sprint!

Tips for Reaching Max Level Faster

As an experienced gamer, I utilize certain strategies to optimize level progression speed in Sims FreePlay:

  • Use XP boosts – the 30x 1 hour boost is extremely valuable for accelerating level gains.
  • Plant quick crops – crops like lettuce gain XP quickly compared to long harvests. Replant often.
  • Multi-task – chain together actions that complete simultaneously.
  • Watch ads – double your XP by watching ad videos when offered.
  • Host parties – build relationships faster and gain social points.
  • Focus careers – pursue only the most lucrative careers at first.
  • Take quick actions – like showers, bubble baths, and naps.

I don‘t recommend rushing too intensely, as you may burn out. But using the above tips judiciously can shave 50+ hours off reaching max level.

What Gets Reset or Saved When Starting Over at Level 1?

After reaching level 55, some players enjoy restarting from scratch again. Here‘s what gets reset vs. saved if you restart Sims FreePlay at level 1:


  • Player level back to 1
  • Simoleons amount
  • LP and SP amounts
  • All buildings and lots
  • All relationships


  • Purchased LP and SP items
  • Special event prizes
  • Achievements and milestones
  • Certain inventory objects
  • Origin friends list

So most progression gets wiped, but real money purchases and achievement data will remain intact when starting over at level 1 again.

Expert Tips for Thriving at End Game and Max Level

Reaching max level removes restrictions, allowing you to focus on what interests you most. From my experience, I recommend focusing on these rewarding end game activities:

  • Create a family legacy – Explore a sprawling multi-generational lineage over long periods of open-ended gameplay.
  • Build a dream neighborhood – Construct a customized district with tailored community lots and houses.
  • Master careers – Invest time to max out careers that interest you without level gates.
  • Collect heirlooms – Acquire rare heirloom items to display in your homes.
  • Achievement hunting – Complete tough challenges that require high-level skills and resources.
  • Host venues and events – Use venues like restaurants and theaters to their full potential.
  • Participate in new content – Enjoy fresh seasonal events and content releases.
  • Engage in hobbies – Explore hobbies like baking, gardening, and woodworking.

The open-ended sandbox world of Sims FreePlay means that even at max level, you‘ll find countless rewarding goals and activities to immerse yourself in – only now without waiting for features to unlock.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has shed light on what awaits you at the end of the journey to max level 55 in Sims FreePlay. Expect around 200-300 hours of playtime to unlock the full experience.

Take time to enjoy the ride rather than rushing – the open-ended gameplay is the true jewel rather than the destination. Approach progression as a lifelong hobby rather than a short-term sprint.

At max level, you‘ll have unlimited creative freedom and flexibility to play as you wish. But new content and events will continue rolling out to provide fresh fun even after hitting the current cap.

Happy simming! Let me know if you have any other Sims FreePlay tips or questions.