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What overall does 100,000 VC get you in NBA 2K23?

With 100,000 VC in NBA 2K23, you can upgrade your MyPlayer to around an 85 overall depending on position and attributes.

Point Guard Build Example

For a point guard build, 100k VC could get you to 85 OVR with maxed out Playmaking and solid Shooting ratings:

  • Mid Range Shot: 85
  • 3PT Shot: 80
  • Ball Handle/Pass Accuracy: 92
  • Perimeter Defense: 78

This would allow you to speed boost and hit jumpers effectively as a playmaking PG.

Center Build Example

For a center, 100k VC could achieve 85 OVR with excellent Paint Defense/Rebounding:

  • Close Shot: 88
  • Standing Dunk: 85
  • Post Control: 75
  • Interior Defense: 90
  • Block/Rebound: 85

You‘d be able to bang down low on offense and lock down the paint on defense.

Analyzing VC Costs for Upgrades

Based on analysis of attribute caps and VC prices, some of the most expensive upgrade costs are:

  • Mid Range Shot – Up to 200 VC per attribute point
  • Three Pointer – Up to 200 VC per attribute point
  • Ball Handle/Pass Accuracy – Up to 150 VC per attribute point
  • Block/Steal – Up to 100 VC per attribute point

So maximizing your MyPlayer‘s shooting, playmaking and defensive abilities will require the bulk of 100k VC.

Table of VC Costs for Key Attributes

Attribute Max Cap VC per Point Total VC to Max
Mid Range Shot 99 200 19,800
3PT Shot 99 200 19,800
Ball Handle 92 150 13,800
Block 99 100 9,900

As you can see, shooting and playmaking have the highest VC costs.

Earning VC Through Endorsements

A key way to earn large amounts of VC is through MyCareer endorsement deals. Here are some tips:

  • Take VC incentives over other rewards when negotiating
  • Complete objectives like social media followers and fan meetups
  • Sign with major brands like Gatorade and Nike for big payouts
  • Earn teammate chemistry bonuses to increase incentives

Endorsements can net you 5,000 – 15,000 VC per deal which adds up quickly.

Balancing VC Spending

When spending your 100k VC, it‘s smart to balance between improving your MyPlayer and other modes:

  • Spend 50-60k VC upgrading your MyPlayer‘s key attributes and badges
  • Save around 20-30k VC for MyTeam packs to get started
  • Keep 10-20k VC for clothing, accessories, and animations

This allows you to maximize the value of your 100k VC across MyCareer, MyTeam, and cosmetic customization.

Gameplay Style and VC Earnings

Your MyCareer gameplay style influences how much VC you can earn per game:

  • Scoring-focused: Expect 800-1,200 VC per game. Take lots of shots and score 20+ points.
  • Passing-focused: Expect 600-1,000 VC per game. Get 10+ assists and involve teammates.
  • Rebounding-focused: Expect 500-800 VC per game. Crash the boards for 10+ rebounds.
  • Defensive-focused: Expect 400-700 VC per game. Go for blocks and steals. Clamp your matchup.

Guards typically earn slightly more VC than big men per game when using a scoring or passing style.

Progression Speed Comparisons

Compared to earlier games, NBA 2K23‘s increased caps make progression a bit slower:

  • In 2K21, 100k VC got you to 88-90 OVR
  • In 2K22, 100k VC got you to 80-83 OVR
  • In 2K23, 100k VC now gets you to 85 OVR

The attribute caps require more VC investment so progression may feel a bit slower. Plan for more games to hit your cap.

VC Impact on Competitive Balance

The VC model affects competitive balance in online multiplayer modes:

  • Players who buy VC have better rated MyPlayers initially
  • This can discourage new players who feel outmatched
  • But skill ultimately matters more than ratings for winning
  • Earning VC naturally still allows you to compete at high levels

While VC provides advantages, smart gameplay and teamwork is still the key to success.

I hope these tips help give you expert insight into getting the most out of your 100k VC in NBA 2K23, friend! Let me know if you need any other advice.