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What the “Placeholder” Quest in Fortnite Means and How to Complete It

If you've been playing Fortnite recently, you may have come across a quest with the message “Placeholder”. This article will explain the meaning of this quest and provide tips on how to complete it.

The Placeholder quest is part of the Snapshot Quests series in Fortnite, which revolves around Doctor Slone, a character in the game's storyline. In the Snapshot Quests, players are required to take pictures of specific locations or objects using the in-game camera feature. These quests often reveal hidden aspects of the Fortnite universe.

However, there is currently a problem with the Placeholder quest as it does not provide clear objectives. Instead, players have discovered that performing an emote within a capture point can earn them XP and complete the quest.

To complete the Placeholder quest, head to Shattered Slabs, a location in the western part of the Fortnite map near Frenzy Fields. Look for the circle on the ground, which marks the capture point, and stand inside it.

Once you are inside the capture point, choose an emote of your choice, such as a dab or dance move. You will receive a notification confirming the completion of the quest.

Finishing the Placeholder quest rewards you with 30K XP, which helps in leveling up your Battle Pass and unlocking various items and skins. It's important to note that there are three other placeholder quests mentioned in the quests menu, but they are currently unavailable. These quests are part of the Snapshot Quests and the Reboot Rally quests, which offer rewards like loading screens, sprays, and an emote called Burn Bright.

In conclusion, the Placeholder quest in Fortnite requires players to perform an emote within a capture point to complete it. It offers XP and rewards that contribute to the progression of your Battle Pass.