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The Ultimate Guide to When and How to Watch Zombies 3 for Free

Mark those calendars and set your alarms – Zombies 3 will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, July 15th at 3AM Eastern Time. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to streaming the next chapter in this hit movie musical franchise for free!

The Zombies Phenomenon Continues

Zombies exploded onto the scene in 2018 with the Disney Channel original movie Zombies, introducing audiences to the integrated town of Seabrook where zombies and humans coexist. Along with its 2020 sequel Zombies 2, the musical comedy movies have won over millions of fans.

In today‘s entertainment landscape, there has been a major resurgence of movie musicals driven by titles like La La Land, The Greatest Showman, and tick, tick…BOOM. Within this trend, Zombies has carved out a unique niche as a family-friendly monster musical celebrating themes of unity and acceptance.

Zombies Key Stats
  • Zombies has over 2 billion views across streaming and social media platforms
  • The soundtracks have collectively reached over 760 million global streams
  • Zombies 2 was the #1 original movie of 2020 on Disney+ and cable TV

Propelled by its catchy musical numbers and underlying messages about embracing diversity, Zombies has clearly resonated with audiences. Now Zombies 3 aims to bring this popular franchise to new heights as the zombies find themselves facing off against aliens.

Zombies 3 Synopsis and Cast – Let the Monster Mash Begin!

Zombies 3 picks up in the progressive community of Seabrook, where zombies, werewolves, and humans are living in harmony. Zed (Milo Manheim) is beginning his senior year with girlfriend Addison (Meg Donnelly), captain of the cheer squad.

Suddenly, a UFO crashes down, introducing a new group of mysterious extraterrestrial aliens called A-Spens. Their alleged leader A-Lan (Terry Hu) claims they want to live peacefully, while the charismatic A-Spen (Matt Cornett) turns heads with his supernatural abilities.

But not everything is as it seems with these intergalactic visitors. As Zed and Addison start sensing threatening undertones, the future of Seabrook‘s unity is put in jeopardy once again. They‘ll have to bring the werewolves, zombies, and humans together to fend off these extraterrestrials before it‘s too late!
Zombies 3 key art
Joining the cast are RuPaul‘s Drag Race alum Auli‘i Cravalho as Wynter, the leader of the werewolves, as well as Chandler Kinney and Pearce Joza returning as zombie friends Willa and Wyatt. James Godfrey also joins the ensemble as the mysterious "corn zombie" Bonzo.

Under the direction of Paul Hoen, who helmed the first two movies, the cast is ready to deliver a new spectacular showcase of singing and dancing. And based on the trailers, we can expect amazing new musical numbers!

Showstopping Song and Dance Performances

One major appeal of the Zombies world is the cast‘s genuine musical talent and impeccable dance choreography. The energy and production value burst off the screen through the musical numbers.

The core cast including Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim first honed their skills on the Disney Channel before taking on singing/dancing lead roles in the Zombies films. Their stellar performances are supported by accomplished choreographers and vocal coaches.

In Zombies 3, director Paul Hoen is collaborating with choreographers to design ambitious new routines highlighting each cast member‘s skills. The numbers incorporate diverse dance styles like hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and even aerial work!

Some standout musical moments teased in the Zombies 3 trailers include:

  • An opening alien arrival number with epic visual effects
  • A cheerleading competition performance of "BAMM" showcasing zombie Wyatt‘s rapping
  • A new love song duet between Zed and Addison called "Love at First Sight"
  • A climactic mashup number against the aliens set to "Someday"

If the energy and talent on display in previous Zombies dances like "BAMM" and "Fired Up" is any indication, the musical performances in Zombies 3 will be ones for the ages!

Why Zombies 3 is Worth Watching

Beyond the spectacular singing and dancing that launches the Zombies films into the stratosphere compared to other Disney Channel content, there are a few key reasons Zombies 3 is poised to make an impact:

Fresh Take on Acceptance

While High School Musical famously tackled breaking down cliques and coming together, Zombies delivers that message with a fun monster twist! There are surprising metaphors linking the zombie experience to feeling like an outsider. Zombies 3 builds on themes of accepting each other‘s differences.

Appealing New Characters

The aliens allow Zombies 3 to expand the diversity of the show‘s ensemble even more. Early footage suggests we‘ll see thoughtful storylines emerge around the extraterrestrial students finding their identities. This promises to further the franchise‘s themes in an exciting way.

Next Level Production Value

Disney clearly invested heavily in Zombies 3 to give it a blockbuster look and feel. The visual effects, costumes, sets, and cinematography all feel like a big step up from the previous DCOMs. It looks closer to a theatrical release, reflecting Disney+‘s strategy of elevating original content.

Launching a Multiplatform Franchise

Zombies 3 concludes the movie trilogy, but Disney has announced it‘s just the start of a broader cross-platform franchise. An animated Zombies series continues the story on Disney Channel in 2023. Elements like the cheerleading team and "Seabrook power" mythology have opportunities to expand further.

How to Watch Zombies 3

Hopefully you‘re now revved up and ready to finally see how this monster musical saga concludes when Zombies 3 drops July 15! Here are some key details on how to watch:

Streaming on Disney+

The only place to watch Zombies 3 when it first premieres is on the Disney+ streaming service. The movie will be available to all subscribers at no extra cost starting on Friday, July 15 at 3AM Eastern Time.

Disney+ plans start at $7.99/month or $79.99 for a full year. You can sign up here.

TV Premiere on Disney Channel

About one month after premiering on Disney+, Zombies 3 will air on the Disney Channel. Mark your calendars for Friday, August 12 at 8PM ET.

This telecast will include extra bonus footage and a lost musical number that weren‘t in the original Disney+ cut! So even if you already streamed it, the TV version will have some unique surprises.

Digital Rental and Purchase

Eventually after the early streaming and TV exclusivity windows, Zombies 3 will become available for purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube.

No date has been announced yet, but based on typical Disney release patterns it should appear for digital ownership in late 2022.

The digital rental/purchase option will run around $20. But subscribing to Disney+ is still the most cost effective way to go if you want immediate unlimited access.

Get Ready for the Zombies Takeover!

Disney is clearly pulling out all the stops to make Zombies 3 bigger, better, and more breathtaking than ever before. Early footage promises stunning new musical numbers, complex messages about identity, and blockbuster-level production design.

Both diehard fans who have been following since the first Zombies, as well as new viewers discovering the joy of these monster musicals, are in for an absolute treat when Zombies 3 crashes onto Disney+ July 15 at 3AM Eastern.

Grab some popcorn and clear your Friday late night schedule for a family-friendly viewing party! The zombies are back and ready to turn Seabrook upside down all over again. Don‘t miss out on the freaky fun.