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Struggling with Freezing in FIFA 22 Career Mode? Here‘s the Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Have you found yourself angrily staring at a frozen loading screen when trying to get into a match in FIFA 22‘s Career Mode? I‘ve been there too, my friend. Few things are more frustrating than having your Career progression halted by random freezing and crashes in a game you love.

Not to worry – this guide by yours truly will provide you with every potential solution I‘ve discovered through extensive research and trial-and-error to get FIFA 22 running smoothly again. Soon, you‘ll be leading your club to glory once more!

Why Does FIFA 22 Freeze in Career Mode?

Before we get into the fixes, let‘s first understand what causes FIFA 22 to freeze during loading screens in Career Mode. Here are some of the common culprits:

  • Corrupted Game Files: Damaged or missing game files can interrupt loading and cause freezes or crashes. This can happen from game updates going wrong.
  • Cache Issues: The cache stores temporary data that can get bloated over time and cause performance issues. Clearing it resets these problems.
  • Software Conflicts: Background apps like Discord overlay, Nvidia GeForce Experience etc. can clash with FIFA 22 and make it freeze.
  • Outdated Graphics Drivers: Old GPU drivers often don‘t play well with new games. Updating them helps optimize performance and boost stability.
  • Overloaded Hardware: High graphics settings and resolutions tax your PC/console hardware and lead to freezing when systems overheat or max out in capability.
  • Server Connectivity: Bad internet connections disrupt FIFA 22 from contacting EA‘s servers during loading, resulting in hangs.

So in summary, corrupted data, conflicts, outdated software and overloaded hardware/internet could all contribute to freezing. Let‘s look at how to address each of these causes.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Stop FIFA 22 Freezing in Career Mode

Here are all the steps I recommend taking to troubleshoot and fix FIFA 22 freezing in Career Mode, in order:

1. Restart the Game & Console/PC

This may sound basic, but restarting can fix a lot of temporary glitches. Completely close FIFA 22, restart your console, PC or laptop, then launch the game again. This will clear any memory issues.

2. Clear the FIFA 22 Cache

Clearing your cached data is one of the most effective ways to stop FIFA 22 freezing. Here‘s how to do it on each platform:

  • PlayStation: Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Delete. Restart FIFA 22 after deleting the cache.
  • Xbox: Press the Xbox button and select Settings > Devices & connections > Blu-ray > Persistent storage > Clear persistent storage. Restart the game after clearing.
  • PC (Origin): In Origin, click My Game Library > FIFA 22 > Settings > Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options > Clear Cache.
  • PC (Steam): Right-click FIFA 22 in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files. Steam will scan and fix/replace corrupted files.
  • Nintendo Switch: Close FIFA 22, go to System Settings > Data Management > Delete Cache > Delete Software Data > FIFA 22.

3. Update Your Graphics Drivers

It‘s essential to keep your Nvidia, AMD or Intel graphics drivers updated for optimal stability with FIFA 22. Old drivers cause freezing, so install the latest ones from your manufacturer‘s website. Remember to restart after updating drivers.

4. Tweak Your Graphics Settings

FIFA 22‘s high-end graphics presets like Ultra Textures, Shadows and Anti-aliasing demand a lot from your hardware. If freezing occurs, lowering these settings can help – start by reducing the resolution if needed.

Also disable Vertical Sync, Motion Blur, and other advanced graphics options. This reduces the load on your PC or console‘s hardware and prevents overheating issues.

5. Disable Overlays and Background Apps

Disable overlays like Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD Adrenalin and the Xbox Game Bar, as they can interfere with FIFA 22. Also close any other apps running in the background like web browsers, Discord etc. Fewer active applications result in fewer conflicts.

6. Scan and Repair Game Files

On PC, right-click FIFA 22 and go to Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files to scan for corrupted data. Steam or Origin will check files and re-download anything missing or damaged. This fixes freezing caused by file corruption.

7. Reinstall FIFA 22

If you still face freezing, uninstall and delete FIFA 22 entirely, then reinstall a fresh copy. This eliminates any damaged game files or registry issues and often resolves persistent freezing problems after all other options are exhausted.

8. Contact EA Support

Even after trying everything, if FIFA 22 continues to freeze constantly during loading, then it‘s time to contact EA Help online or on the phone. Explain your situation, platform, and game details, and they can further troubleshoot and attempt to fix the issue directly.

So in summary: Restarting, clearing cache, updating drivers, lowering graphics settings, disabling overlays, verifying game files, reinstalling the game and contacting EA Support are the main steps I‘d recommend to combat FIFA 22 freezing in Career Mode.

While following these steps may seem tedious, staying persistent usually pays off – I was finally able to enjoy an optimized FIFA 22 after troubleshooting my own freezing issues. Let me know if any of these solutions do the trick for you!

Common Freezing Questions and Issues

Here are some additional freezing-related queries I often see asked about FIFA 22:

Why does my FIFA 22 freeze and speed up randomly?

This "speed up lag" is caused by packet loss and connection issues when FIFA 22 fails to communicate with the servers. Try switching to a wired internet connection and forward the required ports on your router to resolve it.

My FIFA 22 squad freezes on the loading screen before a match. Help!

This happens due to asset loading failures. Restarting, updating graphics drivers, lowering settings, verifying game files and reinstalling FIFA 22 should fix frozen loading screens. Also ensure you don‘t have texture mods installed.

I cleared my FUT Club Est and now Career Mode freezes! What do I do?

Don‘t worry – this is a known bug caused by the Est reset. Rebuild your squad in FUT, play a game till kick-off, then exit FUT. Relaunch Career Mode and the freeze should now be fixed after syncing your corrected Est date.

Why does FIFA 22 crash when I start a Career Mode save?

Corrupted Career Mode save files can cause FIFA 22 to crash on loading. Try creating a fresh save file, transferring only your essential data over. Also delete the physical save files and sync your cloud saves to refresh them.

So in conclusion, I hope this guide helps you get FIFA 22 running smoothly again if you‘ve been struggling with freezing or crashing issues in Career Mode. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help fellow FIFA fans! Game on.