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The Ultimate Guide on What to Do When Your Mobile Game Freezes

If your mobile game keeps freezing randomly, don‘t pull your hair out just yet! By following some simple troubleshooting steps, tweaking your device settings, and adjusting your gaming habits, you can stop those annoying mid-game freezes and get back to enjoying uninterrupted gameplay. This comprehensive guide will arm you with all the solutions you need.

Why Does My Mobile Game Keep Freezing?

Before diving into the fixes, it helps to understand why mobile games freeze in the first place. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Insufficient storage space – If your phone or tablet storage is maxed out, the game can‘t load assets quickly enough and freezes.
  • Too many background apps – All those extra apps hog RAM needed to run complex games smoothly.
  • Outdated OS/game – An incompatible or glitchy OS or game version disrupts normal function.
  • Weak internet connection – Games freeze when they lose connectivity to online servers, even briefly.
  • Overheating – Graphics-intensive games cause overheating which forces devices to throttle performance.
  • Game bugs – Coding errors in the game itself can lead to random freezes.

Studies show over 80% of mobile gamers have experienced game freezes. The problem is widespread but fixable!

12 Ways to Stop Annoying Game Freezes

Follow these tips and you can nip those frustrating mid-game freezes in the bud:

1. Close All Other Apps

Having too many apps running bogs down your RAM. Close them all before launching your game to allocate max memory. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and swipe each app window up to close it.

2. Restart Your Device

A simple restart clears out any memory leaks causing freezes. Power down your phone or tablet completely then power it back on. This refresh fixes many temporary glitches.

3. Update OS & Games

Outdated operating systems and games cause a ton of issues. Regularly check for and install system and app updates which often include freeze fixes.

4. Free Up Storage Space

Lack of free space is one of the biggest reasons for game freezes. Delete unused apps, photos, videos and files to open up breathing room. You ideally want at least 20% free space.

5. Ensure Strong Internet Connection

Using WiFi or mobile data with a weak, unstable connection leads to constant freezing in online games when data flow gets interrupted between your device and remote game servers.

6. Tweak Graphics Settings

Lowering the graphics settings eases the load on your device and can stop freezes. Turn down resolution, textures, shadows and turn off fancy effects like bloom.

7. Use a Cooling Fan

Excessive heat throttles your phone‘s CPU/GPU which causes lag, stuttering and freezes. Use an external cooling fan accessory to keep temps down.

8. Update Your Device

Using a very old device with outdated, vulnerable software is asking for performance problems. Consider an upgrade if your device is more than 2-3 years old.

9. Report Bugs

If a particular game freezes repeatedly, it may be related to bugs in the coding itself. Report issues directly to the game developers so they can troubleshoot and provide fixes.

10. Force Close Frozen Games

If a game completely freezes, you can force close the app through your device settings. On Android go to Settings > Apps. On iPhone go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

11. Restart a Frozen Device

If force closing doesn‘t work, hold down the power button on your device for 30+ seconds to force a full restart. This refresh often resolves temporary freezing issues.

12. Prevent Freezes Proactively

Being proactive goes a long way:

  • Don‘t run intensive games with many other apps open
  • Maintain adequate storage space on your device
  • Update and restart your device regularly
  • Avoid playing games while charging which causes overheating
  • Periodically clear game app caches to delete glitches
  • Consider a device with more RAM and a better processor

Customize Your Game to Stop Freezes

You can also customize each game‘s settings for optimal performance:

Reduce Graphics Intensity

Dial down graphics settings like resolution, textures, shadows and effects. This puts less strain on your device.

Lower Frame Rate Cap

If your game has a frame rate cap option, setting it to 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS lowers system demands.

Disable High Resolution Assets

Many games let you disable HD resource packs. Use standard definition assets to reduce freezing.

Avoid HDR Graphics

High dynamic range lighting effects are demanding. Disable HDR if your device struggles to run it smoothly.

Turn Off Location Services

Some games don‘t need location access. Turn it off in your device settings for smoother performance.

Upgrade Your Mobile Game Arsenal

If you want to go all out in your quest for lag-free mobile gaming, consider upgrading your hardware:

Component Ideal Specs for Lag-Free Gaming
RAM 6GB or higher
Processor A14 Bionic or Snapdragon 888 level
Storage 256GB or higher
Display 120Hz high refresh rate

As you can see, with some targeted troubleshooting tweaks, smart preventative measures, and the right hardware, you can conquer frustrating mobile game freezes. Use this comprehensive guide to enjoy buttery smooth gaming from here on out! Let us know if you have any other tips for avoiding game freezes.