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What to Do with the Severed Hand in Remnant 2

In the game Remnant 2, players encounter various biomes with challenging puzzles and mysteries. Throughout the journey, players collect important items that serve different purposes. One such item is the Severed Hand. While players might wonder about its use, there is a reason for its presence.

The Severed Hand can be found in The Great Sewer, hanging in a cage above the player. Shooting it down reveals that this item is not a puzzle or key; instead, it is meant to be examined. By opening the inventory and inspecting the Severed Hand, players can interact with the ring on its finger. Doing so will grant them one of two different rings, and the specific ring received is randomized with each playthrough.

To acquire both rings, players will need to find the Severed Hand multiple times. They can achieve this by rerolling Losomn at the World Stone.

The two rings players can receive are:

1. Ring of the Damned: Increases damage by 10% while gray health is present.

2. Strong Arm Band: Increases throw distance by 30 and improves combat consumables' effectiveness by 0.5%.

Regardless of which ring players receive, the relief of no longer carrying around a severed hand is surely a welcome feeling.