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When was Monster Hunter: World free?

Monster Hunter: World was available for free on PlayStation 4 through PlayStation Plus in March 2020. Specifically, it was offered as a free game for PS Plus members from March 18th to April 13th, 2020.

Free Trial on PlayStation 4

In addition to being a PlayStation Plus free game in March 2020, there was also a special free trial for Monster Hunter: World available on PS4 during the same period. This free trial allowed players to experience a significant portion of the game‘s content. According to the Monster Hunter website, the free trial included:

  • Play up to midway through the story (Hunter Rank 10)
  • Hunt 14 different monster types
  • Explore 4 vast environments
  • Play hundreds of quests
  • Earn rewards that carry over into the full game

The free trial gave players access to many hours of Monster Hunter: World gameplay at no cost. Progress could then be carried over by purchasing the full game.

A Thriving Game in 2022

As a long-time Monster Hunter fan and gaming enthusiast, I‘m delighted to report that Monster Hunter: World remains a thriving, active game in 2022. According to SteamCharts, the game averages around 50,000 concurrent players daily on Steam alone.

While Monster Hunter: World initially released in January 2018, developer Capcom has supported the game with years of updates and new content. The major Iceborne expansion added an entirely new storyline and map in 2019. Limited-time seasonal events continuously give players new quests and rewards.

The release of Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch in 2021 drew some players away temporarily. However, many fans consider World to be the superior Monster Hunter experience overall due to its larger maps, greater graphic fidelity, and wealth of content.

Why Monster Hunter: World Stands the Test of Time

Here are some of the key factors that contribute to Monster Hunter: World‘s lasting popularity and replayability:

  • Satisfying core gameplay loop of hunting monsters, crafting gear, and honing skills
  • Huge variety of weapons, armor, and character builds to experiment with
  • Regular content updates and seasonal events to bring players back
  • Gorgeous living world with diverse monsters and environments
  • Accessible online multiplayer for hunting with friends

Capcom also did an excellent job optimizing Monster Hunter: World for modern hardware. On PC, the game offers unlocked framerates and ultrawide resolution support for a premium experience.

Monster Hunter Sales and Popularity

The Monster Hunter franchise has exploded in popularity worldwide in recent years, with Monster Hunter: World leading the charge as Capcom‘s best-selling game of all time. Let‘s look at some statistics:

  • Over 18 million units sold worldwide across PC, PS4, Xbox One (Capcom, Dec 2022)
  • $164 million in digital revenue on console (SuperData, Aug 2020)
  • The best-selling Capcom game of all time
  • Top 20 best-selling games of all time
  • Widely credited with popularizing Monster Hunter in the West

The success of Monster Hunter: World convinced Capcom to continue investing heavily in the franchise. Their next major release, Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch, has already sold over 10 million copies.

As both a long-time Monster Hunter fan and a gaming industry analyst, the immense popularity of World makes perfect sense to me. The game nailed the thrill of monster hunting and provided endless content for players to conquer.

Great Value at Low Cost

While Monster Hunter: World has remained at its full $60 price point on console, sales on PC bring the cost down substantially. It frequently goes on sale for 50-70% off during Steam sales events. At the time of writing, it is discounted to only $20 on Steam – an absolute bargain for the content provided.

For budget-conscious gamers or those new to the franchise, these Steam sales represent the perfect opportunity to get Monster Hunter: World at the lowest possible price. The free trial period in 2020 also allowed PlayStation gamers to experience this massive title risk-free.

Given the hundreds of hours of entertainment World provides, it offers tremendous value even at the full $60 price point. But when discounted or free, it truly becomes one of the medium‘s best values in all of gaming.

The Verdict in 2022

Nearly five years after its initial release, Monster Hunter: World remains the pinnacle of the hunting genre. The core gameplay loop remains as addictive as ever, and the game looks and runs beautifully on modern hardware. For only $20 on PC during sales, it offers entertainment for potentially thousands of hours.

If you‘ve yet to play Monster Hunter: World, I couldn‘t recommend it more highly – it remains one of gaming‘s brightest and most engaging gems. And watching for discounts or future free promotion periods makes it more accessible than ever. Happy hunting!