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When Will the New Mob Vote Candidates for Minecraft Live 2023 be Announced?

Mojang has announced the time window for the introduction of the three new mobs for the Minecraft Live 2023 mob vote. Players were eagerly waiting for the announcement when Mojang revealed their annual live event. Now, we have confirmation on when the new mob candidates will be announced.

The candidates for the mob vote will be unveiled in the first week of October. In just a few weeks' time, players will get to meet the potential mobs that will be competing for votes. Mojang's presenter, Vu Bui, mentioned that the new mobs will be introduced on the official Minecraft YouTube channel.

The mob vote itself will take place during the Minecraft Live event on October 13, 2023, starting at 1 pm EDT. Players will have more than two full days to choose their favorite mob and cast their vote. The voting period will end at 1:15 pm EDT on October 15, 2023. This gives players extra time to finalize their decision, as the voting period overlaps with the main event.

There are three ways to participate in the mob vote. Players can vote through a special Bedrock Edition server, the official game launcher, or the official game website. The most interactive option is to join the special server created by Mojang for the event, which can be accessed from the Bedrock Edition's main menu screen.

Now that the time window for the announcement of the new mob vote candidates has been revealed, Minecraft players can eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the potential new additions to the game. The voting period during the Minecraft Live event will allow players to have a say in which mob makes it into the game.

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