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Where does Tyr go after you free him in God of War Ragnarök?

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering where Tyr, the Norse God of War, goes after freeing him from imprisonment in God of War Ragnarök, you‘ve come to the right place. As a gaming expert and Norse mythology geek, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive 3000+ word guide to walk you through everything you need to know. Get ready to discover the fascinating backstory, hidden location, and possible future of one of gaming‘s most legendary characters!

Introduction: The Mysterious Vanishing of Tyr

The Quick Answer:

Tyr goes to Freyr‘s Camp in Vanaheim after you free him from the Aesir Prison Wreckage in Niflheim following the events of Ragnarök.

The Full scoop:

If you freed the apparent "Tyr" early in the game, surprise! That was actually Odin in disguise. The real Tyr remains locked away until later. After completing the main story campaign, the genuine God of War can be found imprisoned in Niflheim. Once freed, Tyr returns to Vanaheim to hang out in Freyr‘s Camp indefinitely.

But Tyr‘s backstory is complex and his future uncertain. To help make sense of this legendary figure‘s winding journey, let‘s start from the very beginning…

Origins of the Norse God of War

As a venerable Norse god, Tyr has an expansive mythology beyond just God of War Ragnarök. Here‘s a quick crash course on his background:

  • Son of the all-father Odin and god of war in the Norse pantheon
  • Known for courage, honor, and upholding oaths
  • Helped giants build defenses in Jötunheim and constructed travel gate
  • Lost hand to Fenrir by honorably upholding a binding oath
  • Disappeared during Aesir-Jötunheim conflict under mysterious circumstances

Most assumed Odin imprisoned or killed Tyr for supposedly betraying the Aesir gods. But as we‘ll see, the full truth is more complex…

Freeing "Tyr" in God of War Ragnarök

Finding Tyr in Vanaheim

Early in the game, Kratos and Atreus seek out Tyr, believing the legendary god can help avert Ragnarök. Their search leads them to a temple in Vanaheim, where a chained prisoner reveals himself to be Tyr.

After freeing this "Tyr", he claims Odin imprisoned him for attempting peace between the Aesir and Jötnar. "Tyr" offers to help Kratos and Atreus on their mission to find the missing Jötunheim tower.

The Big Reveal

However, later in the game, this Tyr shockingly transforms back into Odin before their eyes! The All-Father had been impersonating Tyr all along to manipulate Kratos and Atreus for his own ends.

So where was the real Tyr all this time…?

Locating the Genuine God of War

Imprisoned in Niflheim

It turns out the authentic Tyr was locked away in a secret prison in Niflheim by person(s) unknown. After the events of Ragnarök conclude, Kratos and Atreus can access a new area called the Aesir Prison Wreckage.

At the very bottom level, behind a sealed door emblazoned with runes, awaits the true God of War.

He seems shocked to learn of Odin‘s fate during Ragnarök. Kratos explains how they were deceived by the All-Father posing as Tyr.

Step-By-Step Directions

To reach the genuine Tyr yourself, here are the steps:

  1. Finish the main story campaign
  2. Retrieve the Niflheim cipher to unlock the realm
  3. Head north from the central Niflheim hub
  4. Follow the new path upward to find the Aesir Prison Wreckage
  5. Navigate downward through the collapsing prison, clearing debris to reach each level
  6. At the bottom level, unlock the final rune-sealed door
  7. Interact with Tyr inside to free him once and for all!

Theories on Tyr‘s Imprisonment

Tyr cryptically asks "Was it you who put me here?" This hints at undisclosed events surrounding how and why Tyr ended up imprisoned, separate from his opposition to Odin. Did Kratos seal him here during his Greek era? Or was it another unknown force? The mystery persist around the God of War‘s shocking incarceration.

Tyr‘s Whereabouts After Being Freed

Takes Up Residence in Freyr‘s Camp

Once freed from Niflheim, Tyr departs for Vanaheim and takes up permanent residence in Freyr‘s Camp.

He can be found standing near a building performing an animation where he continuously shifts his arms outward. This is the only location where Tyr consistently appears post-game.

Limited Role Aligns with Norse Lore

Some fans are disappointed Tyr doesn‘t play a bigger role moving forward. However, his passive nature actually closely aligns with the real Norse myths:

  • Described as lacking initiative and coming across as relatively passive
  • Imprisonment likely drained his earlier vigor
  • Favored diplomacy over violence in a world with fewer wars
  • With Aesir gods abolished, his purpose was less defined

So while not the lively quest-giver some expected, Tyr‘s subdued presence fits the existing lore.

Theories on Tyr‘s Future Destiny

Further Appearances Unlikely

Unfortunately, Tyr likely will not show up anywhere else outside of Freyr‘s Camp based on data mining of the game. He neither offers new dialogues nor appears in any other realms.

Original Larger Role Reduced?

Some speculate Tyr originally had a bigger role that was scaled back late in development, resulting in his limited appearances feeling underwhelming narratively.

Potential for an Expanded Future

Nonetheless, Tyr remains one of the biggest wild cards in the God of War universe. Fans theorize he still may have a larger destiny to fulfill at Kratos‘ side that just hasn‘t been revealed yet in future games.

The enigmatic God of War continues to present tantalizing possibilities going forward.

Table: Theories on Tyr‘s Future

Theory Likelihood Explanation
Appears in other realms Low Data mining reveals limited presence
Had role reduced Moderate Sudden minimal role hints at cuts
Expanded future role High Major mysteries remain around Tyr

The Complex Legacy of Tyr

A Controversial Figure

Reviewing Tyr‘s backstory reveals why he remains such a complex and controversial figure:

  • Betrayed Odin‘s trust yet tried brokering peace
  • Helped giants but also oversaw construction of their prison
  • Upheld justice and oaths dutifully yet passively accepted imprisonment
  • His actions and motives remain shrouded in mystery

A Tragic Hero

Tyr can perhaps best be summarized as a tragic hero in the Norse legendarium:

  • Valiantly stood up for his values against Odin‘s tyranny
  • Was willing to lose a hand to uphold an oath and prevent chaos
  • Vision of unity between Aesir and giants was noble yet doomed
  • Suffered terribly for his integrity yet likely regrets much

The heart-wrenching duality of Tyr‘s legacy continues to intrigue fans eager to see how his tale ultimately concludes.

Conclusion: The Unanswered Riddle of Tyr

Well my friend, that sums up the winding journey of Tyr in God of War Ragnarök and Norse mythology! Let‘s recap the key points:

  • Tyr goes to Vanaheim‘s Freyr Camp after his Niflheim prison escape
  • His limited role fits the passive nature from the myths
  • Full reasons for his imprisonment remain a mystery
  • Theories persist around his future destiny and planned fate

While Tyr‘s appearances leave some fans wanting more, they stay true to the complex and often tragic characterization of this legendary god. We can only hope to see him again in future games as his relationship with Kratos continues unfolding.

For now, Tyr remains one of gaming‘s most enigmatic figures. The brave, principled God of War who staunchly follows his own code, for better or worse. What awaits him down the road on his winding, tortured path? Only time will tell!

Hope this guide gave you the complete low-down on where Tyr goes after freeing him. Let me know if you have any other burning questions – Norse mythology is a passion of mine!