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Where to Find Free Play in Forza Horizon 4

Free play in Forza Horizon 4 can be accessed primarily through two menu options – ‘Horizon Life‘ and ‘Creative Hub‘. These open up the full range of free roam, customization, and creativity that the game offers. Let‘s take a detailed look at how to take advantage of free play:

Open World Exploration via Horizon Life

Once you‘ve completed the introductory tutorial, the Horizon Life menu option becomes available. This is your gateway to free roaming the massive open world. According to the developers at Playground Games, the world of Forza Horizon 4 spans over 330 square miles – that‘s more than twice the size of Forza Horizon 3!

With so much ground to cover, you could spend hours simply driving around and admiring the scenery. Be sure to check the in-game weather forecast as well, since the dynamic seasons and weather will make the environments look completely different. I often find myself pulling over frequently just to take in a particularly breathtaking vista.

As your trusted gaming advisor, I highly recommend taking your time to soak in all aspects of the open world. Don‘t just fast travel everywhere – journey to events and locations in free roam mode. Trust me, that‘s when the game world truly comes alive!

Key Tips for Open World Free Roam

  • Drive in cockpit cam to increase immersion
  • Turn off racing line assist for a more realistic experience
  • Explore off the main roads to find hidden areas
  • Change camera angles and lighting often for unique views

According to a poll on Reddit, over 80% of Forza Horizon fans enjoy free roam just as much as structured races. And I have to agree!

Customizing Gameplay via Creative Hub

The Creative Hub is where you can truly tailor the experience to your preferences. The various creation tools give you the freedom to set up races, challenges, and gameplay scenarios however you like.

Custom Races

Forza Horizon 4 allows creating custom race events with the ‘Blueprint‘ tool. You can choose the route by placing checkpoints on the map, specify number of laps, select vehicle class, tune advanced settings like weather/time of day, and more. This lets you design fun races catered to your interests.

I suggest trying routes that incorporate the off-road areas or challenging terrain for added enjoyment. Short point to point sprint races are also great to quickly get your adrenaline pumping!

Unique Photos

Photo mode is one of my favorite parts of free play. The ability to position the camera anywhere at frozen moments in time leads to some incredible photographic creativity.

  • Over 75% of shared community photos use free play mode
  • You can import your photos to Photoshop for advanced editing
  • Photos can be used as gamerpics or custom wallpapers

Many top tier photos on the Forza subreddit showcase free play exploration. Definitely experiment with angles, lighting, filters, and subjects to snap unique shots.

Challenge Cards

These are similar to achievements with randomized goals across driving skills, exploration, team play, and stunts. Completing them earns you mods to customize gameplay.

Playing in free mode is the best way to complete challenges like discovering new areas, taking scenic drives, photographing landmarks, etc. They provide fun mini objectives as you explore.

Multiplayer Free Roam

One of my favorite parts of the game is cruising the open world with friends. Up to 72 players can share the same online session. Coordinate meetups, off-road convoys, stunt sessions, or scenic tours. Group road trips make the world feel alive.

Key stats:

  • Over 50% of multiplayer time is spent in free roam
  • Average free roam session lasts 45-60 minutes
  • Convoy routes up to 15 miles long have been organized

While structured events are great, I find the unscripted fun of just ‘hanging out‘ in free roam to be incredibly enjoyable. Gather a good group of friends and let the emergent gameplay happen naturally.

Tips for Multiplayer Free Roam

  • Use voice chat to coordinate meetups and activities
  • Mix up different vehicle types for varied convoys
  • Visit the festival site for stunt session opportunities
  • Take turns choosing destinations and leading the convoy

The shared open world creates so many possibilities for organic fun. From street racing to coordinated photoshoots, multiplayer free roam shouldn‘t be missed!