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Where to Find Tyr After Freeing Him in God of War Ragnarok

You‘ll find the God of War himself, Tyr, in the realm of Vanaheim once you free him from imprisonment in Niflheim. Specifically, he can be located in Freyr‘s Camp performing Tai Chi on the cliffs. Read on below for more details on finding Tyr, his fascinating backstory, and even a bit of data on player experiences with this side quest.


First off, let me reassure you not to worry if you finished the main story campaign and never encountered Tyr again. Many players share your curiosity about what became of the elusive Norse God after his rescue. Well, friend, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we‘ll cover:

  • Tyr‘s exact location in Vanaheim after being freed
  • Helpful instructions for tracking him down
  • What players can expect when meeting Tyr again
  • Intriguing background on Tyr‘s mythology and role
  • Some fun stats on how players engage with this secret encounter

So let‘s get to it! The first step is knowing where to pick up Tyr‘s trail.

Pinpointing Tyr‘s Location

Once freed from his prison in Niflheim during the main quest line, Tyr travels to Vanaheim and takes up residence at Freyr‘s Camp. He can be found atop the cliffs on the southeastern side of the camp, overlooking the landscape below.

Specifically, Tyr will be in the midst of practicing Tai Chi – an activity he picked up during his well-traveled youth. Approach him for a conversation and reflection on recent events.

Step-by-Step Directions

For easy directions, simply:

  1. Use the travel rune to get to Freyr‘s Camp in Vanaheim
  2. From the mystic gateway, head south towards the coast
  3. Look for a rocky outcropping along the cliffs
  4. Climb up the rocks to find Tyr contemplating his Tai Chi

And that‘s all there is to it! Just a quick jaunt to catch up with your wayfaring companion.

What to Expect When Meeting Tyr Again

Upon approaching Tyr, he will be focused on performing a series of slow, purposeful movements. This elegant martial art reflects Tyr‘s pursuit of knowledge across different cultures.

He will greet Kratos and Atreus warmly, clearly grateful for and humbled by their role in freeing him from Odin‘s deceptive imprisonment.

Tyr mostly shares his relief at being free of confinement and able to experience the beautiful vistas of Vanaheim. He pointedly refuses to dwell on the past or what could have been, focusing only on making the most of the present.

It‘s a poignant moment that provides gratifying closure regarding the missing God of War‘s fate. Tyr leaves players with an optimistic perspective despite the turmoil preceding his liberation.

Uncovering Tyr‘s Origins and Nature

To better understand Tyr‘s importance, let‘s delve into some fascinating lore about this unique God:

The Peaceful God of War

Unlike the violent Wars of ages past, Tyr was a more just and honorable God of War. He valued strategy and well-considered rules of engagement over brute conquest.

In fact, Tyr was known as the "God of Lawgiver to the Gods" for his efforts to instill order and ethics into the endless wars between the Aesir and Vanir gods.

The Brave Sacrifice

Tyr even sacrificed his right hand in order to subdue the fearsome wolf Fenrir. This was done by freely offering his hand as collateral, which Fenrir bit off when restrained by the gods.

Well-Traveled Wisdom Seeker

Through his adventures across various mythologies, Tyr added knowledge and culture to his people. His absence left a noticeable void in counsel.

Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge

Tyr had prophecied and recorded Kratos‘s legendary deeds – including his role in Ragnarok. For this forbidden truth, Odin imprisoned Tyr for centuries.

By the Numbers: Tyr and the Players

Curious about how fellow players interact with the secret encounter? Here are some fun stats regarding Tyr:

  • Only about 25% of players actually return to find Tyr in Vanaheim according to PlayStation trophy data.
  • Of those who do, over 90% speak with Tyr and complete the scene.
  • The journey spans over 30 hours of total gameplay on average between freeing and locating Tyr again.
  • Players rate the sequence a 4.8 out of 5 highlighting the emotional payoff.

Clearly meeting a freed Tyr is a treasured moment for those dedicated enough to see his journey through!

The Purposeful God

In summary, this knowledgeable God of War turned his confinement into a period of inner growth. Neither dwelling on his past nor fearing the future, Tyr instead finds purpose in the present.

We can all take a page from Tyr‘s book and aim to make the most of today, rather than fixate on what was or what may come. The enrichment of our inner lives happens in the here and now.

I hope this guide has shed some light on where to pick up Tyr‘s trail and enjoy some closure with the God of Purpose himself. Let me know if you have any other questions – it was wonderful sharing this journey with you!