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Where to Find Gas Cans in Fortnite

Fortnite, a popular battle royale game, recently introduced gas cans as a new element to the gameplay. Gas cans have various uses, such as refueling vehicles and creating fiery traps. Here are some locations where you can find gas cans in Fortnite:

1. Gas Station Locations: Gas stations are scattered across the map and are one of the easiest places to find gas cans. Look near the pumps or inside the station building.

2. Garage Areas: Garage areas in cities or residential areas often have gas cans lying around. These areas typically have multiple vehicles, increasing the chance of finding gas cans nearby.

3. Junkyards and Scrap Areas: Junkyards and scrap areas are reliable sources for finding gas cans. These locations are usually filled with various objects, including gas cans.

4. Industrial Areas: Explore industrial areas like factories or power plants for gas cans. These places often have containers and storage units that may contain gas cans.

5. Vehicle Spawn Points: Pay attention to vehicle spawn points or near abandoned vehicles. Gas cans can sometimes be found in these areas, especially if you need to refuel a vehicle or create a trap.

6. Supply Drops: Keep an eye on supply drops as they might contain gas cans along with valuable loot. Be quick to grab the gas can before other players do.

7. Looting Eliminated Players: Check the loot of eliminated players as they may have gas cans among their supplies. Don't miss the opportunity to find a gas can during combat.

8. Teammates or Friendly Players: If you're playing in a squad or duo, communicate with your teammates or friendly players to see if anyone has a spare gas can that you can use.

9. Creative Mode: In Creative Mode, you have more control over the items available to you. You can easily spawn gas cans and practice using them in your own mini-games or player-made maps.

Gas cans cannot be used as weapons but can explode when exposed to fire or explosive damage, causing damage to players or structures. Each gas can holds a maximum of 100 fuel units and takes up one inventory slot. They cannot be used to heal players. However, you can throw a gas can at an enemy or structure and shoot it to create an explosion, which can deal damage or destroy structures.

Gas cans can be used in all game modes, including Battle Royale, Team Rumble, and Creative Mode. Whether you're refueling a vehicle or setting up fiery traps, gas cans bring a new level of excitement to Fortnite gameplay. Keep these locations in mind and make the most of this new addition to the game.