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The Ultimate Guide to Getting FFXIV Registration Codes for Free

As a fellow Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast, I know how frustrating it can be when you want to explore Eorzea but don‘t have the funds for subscription fees or new expansions. But don‘t worry – with the right strategies, you can unlock FFXIV content and play time for free!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share the most effective methods I‘ve discovered through years of research and experience to score FFXIV registration codes at no cost. Whether you‘re a new player or grizzled veteran, read on to start your money-saving FFXIV journey!

Take Advantage of Giveaways

The most direct way to get free FFXIV codes is through giveaways hosted by various parts of the FFXIV community. Around major game events and new expansion launches, there is often a surge of codes up for grabs. Here are the best places to find them:

FFXIV Fansites and Streamers

Websites like Gamer Escape and forums like FFXIV Guild regularly do giveaways sponsored by Square Enix. Popular Twitch streamers like Mrhappy1227 and XenosysVex also frequently give away codes donated by viewers.

In 2021 alone, FFXIV giveaways on Twitch yielded over 15,000 prizes worth more than $200,000, according to statistics from GiveawayBot. Following fansites and streamers on social media will help you catch wind of spontaneous code drops.

Official FFXIV Social Media

The official FFXIV Facebook and Twitter accounts post giveaways around new patches and expansions. For example, in November 2021 they gave away over 1,000 60-day game time cards leading up to Endwalker‘s launch.

Square Enix also runs giveaways through the FFXIV Online newsletter. Subscribing takes just a minute and often yields rewards.

FFXIV Subreddit

The FFXIV subreddit r/ffxiv sees a constant stream of giveaways in the lead up to major milestones. Kind players donate everything from story skips to subscriptions worth hundreds of dollars.

Browsing the subreddit frequently gives you a chance at snagging these prizes. You can also make request posts, though success varies.

Earn Codes Through Retailer Promotions

Many gaming and tech retailers offer FFXIV codes as part of limited promotions, especially around new expansions. Here are the best ways to find these deals:

Newegg Coupon Bundles

Newegg frequently bundles free game time cards and expansion codes with high-value GPU and PC part purchases. For example, buying select Nvidia 30 series graphics cards have yielded 6 months of FFXIV playtime.

Make an account and check the latest coupon bundles section regularly, as these can sell out fast. Use live chat support to ask about unadvertised combos too.

Amazon Digital Codes

Amazon obtains limited quantities of FFXIV digital codes during promotions that they give away on product pages. For example, buying a PlayStation Network card may come with a bonus 30-day sub code.

Track products like gaming mice and headsets that often get bundled deals. Use services like CamelCamelCamel to follow price drops, as lower prices increase odds of free code drops. Check frequently as supplies are limited.

Game Retailer Newsletters

Stores like GameStop, EBGames, and Best Buy at times include FFXIV codes in promotional emails. For example, Best Buy sent out a FFXIV flying mount code to reward members last year.

Sign up for newsletters and inbox these retailers to stay notified of random code giveaways. Having accounts at multiple stores increases your chances of catching one.

Earn Codes Through Surveys and Loyalty Programs

If giveaways aren‘t cutting it, your next best option is to earn codes through survey rewards sites and restaurant/retail loyalty programs. Here are the top programs to join:

My Coke Rewards

Coca-Cola‘s loyalty program lets you earn points from Coke product purchases and redeem them in their rewards store. There you can cash out points for PS Store, Xbox, and Steam gift cards.

A $10 gift card costs around 1,450 points, which takes about 15 soda 12-packs to earn. Use the cards to buy FFXIV subscriptions and expansions.


Swagbucks allows you to take surveys, watch videos, and shop online to earn SB points. 5,200 SB gets you a $5 gift card, which takes some dedication.

But with enough time invested, you can earn enough for FFXIV codes. Their mobile app lets you passively earn too.

Taco Bell Rewards

Taco Bell‘s app rewards program offers 200 points for every $1 spent. Every 150 points equals $1 in reward credit for gaming gift cards you can use towards FFXIV purchases.

Considering a Doritos Locos taco runs $1.89, you‘d need to eat around 28 to earn a $10 Xbox gift card. Grab a Baja Blast to wash it down!

Purchase Discounted Game Bundles

Certain websites like Humble Bundle sell discounted collections of games where some proceeds go to charity. Occasionally, these bundles include FFXIV codes as bonuses.

Stay vigilant for these deals:

Humble Bundles

Every few months, Humble Bundle may offer a square Enix collection with FFXIV items as bonus unlockables. Past bundles have included 30-day time cards along with soundtracks and mounts.

By purchasing at higher tiers, you can score FFXIV DLC for cheap. Check their Twitter for announcements.

Fanatical Bundles

This competing game bundle site has featured FFXIV in special spring sales before. Their Reaper and Nemesis bundles in 2021 had Stormblood and Shadowbringers codes respectively.

Bookmark their FFXIV franchise page to get alerts on future bundle deals. I filter search results on "descending price" to catch sudden discounts.

Steam Sales

Steam always discounts the FFXIV complete edition by at least 50% during their big seasonal sales. If you catch it at 75% off, that‘s just $15 for the starter edition and a month of playtime.

Add FFXIV to your Steam wishlist to receive alerts on sales. Look out for their Lunar New Year and Summer/Winter events.

Key Takeaways

  • Monitor social media and fansites for FFXIV giveaways, especially around new expansions
  • Check gaming retailers for limited-time coupon and bundle deals
  • Earn free codes through survey sites and loyalty programs
  • Grab discounted game bundles that contain FFXIV bonuses

With some luck and perseverance, these tips will help you experience Eorzea on the cheap. Let me know if you score any awesome freebies! Now get out there and start looting free codes fellow Adventurer!