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Which Big Fish Games are Free to Play in 2022? The Ultimate Guide for Casual Gamers

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how expensive it can be to play all the latest and greatest games. That‘s why I put together this ultimate guide on the best free games available from Big Fish Games.

As one of the top casual game companies, Big Fish offers dozens of free high-quality titles across their catalog of 2500+ games for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Whether you like match-3, hidden object, time management or solitaire games, there are plenty of options to entertain you for hours without spending a dime.

Let‘s dive in and explore which Big Fish games you can play for free right now! I‘ll also share some pro tips to maximize your free gameplay. Get ready for unlimited entertainment that‘s kinder to your wallet.

A Quick Look at Big Fish Games‘ Top Free Games

Here‘s a sneak peek at some of Big Fish‘s most popular free titles:


  • Fishdom
  • Gardenscapes

Time Management

  • Cooking Craze
  • Delicious – Emily‘s New Beginning


  • Fairway Solitaire Blast
  • Solitaire Detective: Framed

Hidden Object

  • Living Legends: Frozen Beauty
  • PuppetShow: Lost Town


  • Mahjong Epic 2
  • Mahjong World Contest


  • Awakening: The Skyward Castle
  • Mountain Crime: Requital

With new free games added weekly, there‘s always something fresh waiting to be played.

Now let‘s dive deeper into the full list of my top recommended free Big Fish games in 2022!

The Best Free Big Fish Games to Play Now

After analyzing data on the most played free Big Fish games this year, I put together this definitive ranking of the top titles across genres:

Top Free Match-3 Games

The matching puzzle genre remains one of the most popular in casual gaming. Here are the best free Match-3 games from Big Fish:

  1. Fishdom (iOS, Android, PC) – Match underwater 3D fish puzzles and build up your own aquarium kingdom. With over 600 levels, Fishdom provides hours of free matching entertainment.
  2. Gardenscapes (iOS, Android, PC) – Combine match-3 with interactive garden decoration in this blended genre megahit. Help Austin restore his grandfather‘s mansion grounds with no payment required.
  3. Fruit Mahjong (PC) – Match delicious fruit mahjong tiles in over 100 free levels. Includes multiple gameplay modes to keep the matching action fresh.
  4. Sugar Mahjong (iOS, Android) – Experience exotic matching fun with this free mahjong game set in a lush sugar cane plantation.

Based on total downloads and user reviews, Fishdom and Gardenscapes top the list for most accessible free Match-3 gameplay with beautiful graphics and ambient world-building.

Top Free Hidden Object Games

Looking for an immersive, free hidden object experience? Try these top picks:

  1. Living Legends: Frozen Beauty (iOS, Android, PC) – Search magical scenes to break an evil ice queen‘s curse that has frozen the enchanted forest. This interactive hidden object adventure game tells a free fairy tale story.
  2. Mystery Trackers: The Void (PC) – Set in 1971, investigate supernatural occurrences and mysterious Void sightings in this retro-futuristic hidden object thriller.
  3. PuppetShow: Lost Town (iOS, Android, PC) – Uncover the mystery of a missing inventor and save a puppet-inhabited village from an ancient curse. The PuppetShow series consistently delivers enchanting free hidden object gameplay.
  4. Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath (PC) – Explore an underground city abandoned after a volcanic eruption, collecting artifacts and unearthing its many secrets for free.

Immerse in secret worlds and unravel engaging stories with these top free hidden object games from Big Fish. They offer substantial 1+ hour adventures without any purchase requirements.

Most Popular Free Time Management Games

If you think fast and multitask like a pro, check out these free time management games from Big Fish:

  1. Cooking Craze (iOS, Android, PC) – Become an elite restaurant chef serving burgers, pizza and more to demanding customers in this fast-paced kitchen simulator. Cooking Craze tests your meal prep and plating skills across 60 free levels.
  2. Delicious – Emily‘s New Beginning (PC) – Help Emily rebuild her small town diner into a bustling business through fast-paced restaurant action. Includes unique time management features like designing menu recipes.
  3. Fabulous – Angela‘s High School Reunion (iOS, Android) – Play as a fashionista planning the perfect head-turning outfits and outsmarting her old high school nemesis in this stylish time management adventure.
  4. Fixies: Fixing Time (iOS) – Join the Fixies in restoring famous landmarks and inventor‘s workshops that have fallen into disrepair in this cute cartoon world. Ideal for younger gamers looking for free time management fun.

Cook up masterpieces, plan dazzling outfits, and rebuild wonders across history with these stellar free time management games from Big Fish.

Most Addictive Free Solitaire Games

For solitaire enthusiasts, these free games add extra excitement to classic card gameplay:

  1. Fairway Solitaire Blast (iOS, Android, PC) – Swipe cards on the fairway while improving your golf skills in this solitaire/sports game mashup with explosive card clearing blasts.
  2. Tripeaks Solitaire: Saga Quest (PC) – Embark through a fantasy kingdom in this adventure Solitaire game with quests to complete and bonuses to unlock.
  3. Solitaire Blitz: Lost Islands (iOS, Android) – Quick 3-minute Solitaire rounds to explore island ruins and acquire treasure. Great for short gameplay bursts.
  4. Solitaire Detective: Framed (iOS, Android) – Combine solitaire with detective case solving in this unique free title. Clear cards to gather clues and catch the real criminal suspect.

Whether you‘re looking for golf course excitement, epic quests, fast-paced rounds or crime-busting card gameplay, these free solitaire games will fit the bill.

How to Download Free Big Fish Games

Ready to start enjoying these top-rated free games from Big Fish? Here are three easy ways to download and start playing:

1. On PC/Mac

  • Visit
  • Browse the game catalogs and search for "free" games
  • Click the "Play Now" button on any free game
  • Create a free Big Fish account when prompted
  • Install the Big Fish Games App if necessary to play

2. On iOS

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for "Big Fish Games"
  • Download the Big Fish Games App for free
  • Open the app and tap "Free Games" to view options
  • Tap download next to any iOS free games

3. On Android

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Search for "Big Fish Games"
  • Download the Big Fish Games App for free
  • Open the app and tap "Free Games" to view options
  • Tap install next to any Android free games

Once installed, you can play the full version of these games on your device at absolutely no cost. No in-app purchases needed!

Pro Tips to Maximize Free Gameplay

To get the most enjoyment out of Big Fish‘s free games, keep these expert tips in mind:

  • Check the New Games section weekly for fresh free titles
  • Use free in-game bonuses strategically to progress faster
  • Watch for events and seasonal promotions offering premium games to play for free for a limited time
  • Disable in-app purchases in your device settings to avoid accidental buys
  • Turn off push notifications to avoid distractions during your free gaming sessions
  • Follow Big Fish social channels for alerts on new free game releases
  • Try playing on PC for the largest catalog of free options
  • Sample different genres to discover new favorites beyond your usual go-tos

Key Takeaways on Free Games from Big Fish

  • Big Fish offers dozens of free high-quality games covering top genres like match-3, hidden object, time management, and solitaire
  • Highest rated free games include titles like Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Cooking Craze, and Fairway Solitaire Blast
  • You can download Big Fish‘s free games instantly on mobile or PC with a free account
  • Disable in-app purchases and turn off notifications to focus just on free entertainment
  • Check back weekly for new free games and limited-time giveaways

Ready to explore? With this guide‘s top picks, downloading tips, and pro recommendations, you have everything you need to immerse in endless free gameplay courtesy of Big Fish.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I hope you enjoy discovering new free favorites to play anytime. Game on!