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Which Borderlands 3 DLC are Free? The Ultimate Guide

To directly answer the question – there are currently no Borderlands 3 DLCs that are completely free. All major add-on packs and content updates require purchase separately from the base game.

However, there are a few limited ways to access Borderlands 3 DLC content for free, such as special SHiFT code giveaways or unofficial PC mods. But the major expansions like Moxxi‘s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot must be bought to fully experience that extra content.

Now let‘s dive deeper into the complete breakdown of all Borderlands 3 DLC and how to get the most value from what‘s available!

All Borderlands 3 DLCs Explained

Since launching in 2019, Borderlands 3 has expanded with several excellent paid DLC packs that offer new story content, gear, characters, and more. Here‘s an overview of each add-on and what it includes:

Moxxi‘s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot

  • New story missions on a glitzy casino planet
  • Introduces Handsome Jackpot casino raid boss
  • Unlocks new Legendary weapons like the Lucky 7
  • Came free with pre-orders or available for $15 standalone

Guns, Love, and Tentacles

  • Wedding-themed storyline on planet Xylourgos
  • Adds over 15 new bosses and mini-bosses to fight
  • Epic final boss is named "Hemo-Goblin"
  • Provides new Legendaries like the Lob shotgun
  • Standalone cost is $15

Bounty of Blood

  • Space Western theme with new desert planets
  • Fun Jetbeast vehicles to traverse the worlds
  • Epic boss fight against "The Ruiner"
  • Great for farming loot and XP at higher levels
  • Available for $15 standalone

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

  • Delves into backstory of Psycho Krieg character
  • Trippy chaotic vibe with Krieg‘s mindscapes
  • Intense takedowns of inner bosses like "Psychoreaver"
  • Offers powerful new gear like "Plasma Coil" Legendary
  • Standalone purchase is $15

Designer‘s Cut

  • Unlocks new Skill Trees for the Vault Hunters
  • Amara gets "Phaseflare", FL4K gets "Trapper", more
  • Also raises level cap to 65
  • Part of Season Pass 2 for $30

Director‘s Cut

  • "Vault Cards" provide new challenges & loot
  • Adds "Raid Boss" mode with tough bosses
  • Includes behind-the-scenes "Making Of" content
  • Also raises max level cap to 72
  • Part of Season Pass 2 for $30

Based on this overview, you can pick and choose the DLC packs that are most appealing to you!

Should You Buy Borderlands 3 Without DLC?

Let‘s dive into the key pros and cons of grabbing the base Borderlands 3 game with no DLC:


  • Only $10-20 for standard edition sales
  • Still a massive full-length looter shooter campaign
  • Can reach max level 57 with end-game content and Chaos Mode
  • Tons of guns, characters, planets, bosses already available


  • Missing 10+ new worlds and story missions
  • No new Vault Hunter skill trees
  • Loot pool limited compared to DLC gear
  • Can‘t reach increased level caps above 57
  • Loss of raid bosses, Vault Cards, and other key end-game content

Overall, the base Borderlands 3 game still provides 100+ hours of content and is worth playing by itself. But you‘ll get much more value from grabbing the DLCs when possible to complete the full experience.

Which DLC is Best for Loot and Leveling?

For players focused on expanding your gear collection and hitting the new max level cap, the Bounty of Blood DLC is likely the most useful addition. Here‘s why it‘s great for farming loot and XP:

  • Introduces the Ruiner boss who drops some of the best Legendaries
  • Also unlocks the Obsidian Forest area with plentiful bosses and loot chests
  • Adds 3 new explorable planets with side missions
  • Fun Jetbeast vehicles allow rapid travel and grinding
  • Can access right after completing the main story on Normal
  • More affordable at only $15 standalone

However, all the major campaign DLCs add great new sources for loot and boss battles to help you level up. If possible, grabbing the full Season Pass will make gearing up your Vault Hunter much smoother.

Should You Buy the Borderlands 3 Season Pass?

Here‘s a breakdown of the key pros and cons of purchasing the Borderlands 3 Season Pass which includes the first 4 DLC packs:


  • Adds around 20+ hours of brand new story content
  • Unlocks over 15 new bosses / raid encounters
  • Hundreds of new guns, shields, grenades and gear
  • Raises level cap from 50 to 57
  • Usually discounted around 50% off


  • Does not include Season Pass 2 DLCs
  • Big upfront cost of $50 at full price
  • Can buy standlone DLCs on sale for less total

If you know you want to experience all the story expansions, grabbing the full Season Pass when on sale is usually the best value. But buying only your favorite DLCs separately works too.

Should You Buy the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition?

For new players looking to get all existing content, the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition is a stellar purchase. Here‘s an overview of everything it includes:

  • Base Game
  • All 6 Major DLC Packs:
    • Moxxi‘s Heist
    • Guns, Love, and Tentacles
    • Bounty of Blood
    • Psycho Krieg
    • Director‘s Cut
    • Designer‘s Cut
  • Bonus Cosmetic Packs:
    • Neon Cosmetic Pack
    • Retro Cosmetic Pack
    • Toy Box Weapon Pack
    • More skins and mods

The Ultimate Edition guarantees you get every piece of additional content ever released for Borderlands 3 all at once. It saves having to buy everything separately, and is frequently discounted 50% or more, making it cheaper than buying add-ons individually.

For the complete Borderlands 3 experience with no FOMO, the Ultimate Edition is absolutely the way to go!

Free SHiFT Codes for Borderlands 3 Rewards

While the major DLC is not free, there are still ways to score some Borderlands goodies at no cost! Gearbox releases periodic SHiFT codes that unlock free in-game rewards when redeemed. Here are some tips:

  • Follow @Borderlands on Twitter and turn on notifications so you never miss a code
  • Codes offer free Guns, XP boosts, cosmetics, Golden Keys, and more
  • Golden Keys open the special Golden Chest of loot in Sanctuary
  • Codes usually last about 1 week before expiring
  • Can redeem both in-game or at Borderlands VIP site

So take advantage of SHiFT codes when possible for chances at sweet free loot!

Wrap Up: Get All the Best Borderlands 3 Content

To summarize this comprehensive guide:

  • No full DLCs are completely free – but can sometimes find temporary freebies
  • Base game still offers 100+ hours of content by itself
  • DLCs add tons of value with new zones, gear, raids, level caps
  • Season Pass includes the first 4 major expansions
  • Ultimate Edition bundles all 6 DLCs plus cosmetics
  • Take advantage of free SHiFT code rewards when possible

Hopefully this detailed breakdown helps you decide which is the best Borderlands 3 edition and DLC to go with. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy looting!