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How to Access Free and Cheap Netflix Around the World

Hey friend! Are you looking to access Netflix for free or on the cheap? Well you‘ve come to the right place. As a streaming enthusiast and tech guru here at CoolFreePage, I‘ve compiled the ultimate guide with pro tips on how to unlock Netflix for free, score discounts, and maximize your streaming experience no matter where you live worldwide.

Countries Where You Can Stream Netflix 100% Free

Let‘s cut right to the chase – Kenya and Vietnam are currently the only two countries where Netflix offers a completely free, ad-supported streaming tier. This free Netflix was launched in each country back in 2021 as a way for the streaming giant to entice new subscribers in emerging markets.

According to Netflix‘s Q2 2021 earnings report, this free tier helped drive impressive growth – Netflix tripled its userbase in Kenya in 2021 alone! Netflix also cited strong engagement metrics for the free tier, with users streaming over 15 million hours per month on average.

Clearly, the free ad-based model has worked well to expose new users to Netflix‘s acclaimed original programming and get them hooked. Now folks can binge hit shows like Stranger Things and Wednesday without paying a dime upfront in these markets.

From a technical perspective, Netflix‘s free tier works by injecting short video ads before and during shows. The ads are dynamically served based on the viewer‘s location and demographics to target relevant brands and products. Access is limited to Netflix‘s mobile apps on Android devices in Vietnam and Kenya.

The free library is a subset of the full catalog – Netflix reserves its buzziest new releases and originals for paid members. But you still get access to plenty of top-tier content from Netflix and other studios without paying. Pretty sweet deal if you happen to live in or VPN to one of these countries (more on that later!)

Netflix Free Tier Growth Statistics

Kenya Vietnam
Userbase tripled in 2021 2 million mobile downloads of free app
15 million streaming hours/month 18+ million streaming hours/month

Maximizing Free Trial Periods

Now you may be wondering – what if I don‘t live in Kenya or Vietnam? Not to worry, you can still take advantage of free Netflix trials that are offered in many other countries around the world.

The length of Netflix‘s free trial period varies by market, but it‘s typically either 7 days or 1 month. To score these trials and maximize your free streaming, here are a few pro tips:

  • Use a fresh email address and payment method for each trial sign up. Netflix ties the free trial to both of these, so you can‘t reuse the same ones.
  • Set a reminder to cancel at least 1-2 days before the trial ends to avoid being charged. Netflix makes this easy to do online.
  • Space out your trial periods instead of doing back-to-back trials. Your account may get flagged for abuse otherwise.
  • Only share trial logins within your own household – account sharing across multiple households likely violates Netflix‘s terms.
  • Use trials to watch Netflix originals you can‘t access anywhere else. The full catalog varies by country.

So in summary, take advantage of Netflix‘s built-in free trials ethically across multiple months. This lets you enjoy their service for free without resorting to piracy or account sharing tricks. Hey, I don‘t make the rules – I just help you maximize free entertainment!

Some countries where you can currently find 1 month Netflix free trials include:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Philippines

Using a VPN to Change Your Netflix Country

Okay, this next tip is a game changer if you want to access Netflix content that‘s normally geo-blocked where you live. By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can trick Netflix into thinking you‘re in another country!

Here‘s a quick refresher on how VPNs work:

  • VPN services run servers all around the world known as "endpoints"
  • By connecting to one of these endpoints, all your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel to that server.
  • This masks your real IP address and location, since now your traffic appears to originate from the VPN server.
  • Sites you visit while connected to a VPN will think you are in whatever country that VPN endpoint is based in.

So for example, you can connect to a VPN server in Canada to access the Canadian Netflix library while sitting on your couch in Germany. The Netflix app sees your traffic coming from Canada and serves up content available in that country. Pretty cool right?

However, Netflix does try to block known VPN IP addresses to discourage this location swapping. So it‘s important to choose a reputable VPN that consistently works to bypass Netflix‘s blocks. Here are a few of my top recommendations:

  • ExpressVPN – Fast speeds and reliable Netflix access.
  • NordVPN – Large server network great for streaming.
  • Surfshark – Affordable pricing and Netflix compatibility.

Be sure to use VPNs ethically and in accordance with local laws. You don‘t want to end up on the wrong side of geo-blocking policies. But used properly, a VPN gives you incredible power to unlock Netflix libraries from anywhere in the world!

Netflix Pricing Comparison Around the Globe

Now as a savvy streamer, you know that Netflix subscription costs can vary widely across different countries. Netflix tweaks its pricing based on local market conditions and purchase power parity. Check out this breakdown of Netflix‘s monthly pricing on their popular Standard plan in different markets:

Country Monthly Price (USD)
Canada $16.49
United States $15.49
Japan $11.50
South Korea $11
United Kingdom $10.99
Australia $10.99
Mexico $7.64
Brazil $7.56
Vietnam $5.99
Philippines $5.56
India $3.55

Whoa! As you can see, subscription fees range from $3-16 depending on where you live. By using a VPN to shift your Netflix region, you could potentially subscribe for much cheaper. Of course, prices are subject to change, so always check the latest rates.

Final Tips: Get the Most From Your Netflix Membership

Whew, we‘ve covered a ton of ground here! Let‘s recap the key takeaways:

  • Stream for free in Kenya and Vietnam right now with Netflix‘s ad-supported mobile tier.
  • Make the most of 1 month free Netflix trials available in select countries like Japan and South Korea.
  • Use a VPN to access your favorite Netflix libraries abroad or get cheaper pricing.
  • Monitor Netflix‘s frequent price changes worldwide to get the best deal.

Armed with these tips, you can now enjoy virtually endless movies, shows, and more on Netflix while minimizing costs. As an entertainment advocate, nothing makes me happier than helping fellow viewers access top-notch streaming content.

Have your own clever tricks for scoring free or discounted Netflix access? I‘d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to bookmark CoolFreePage for the latest deals, hacks, and shortcuts from your streaming guru. Happy viewing!