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The Ultimate Guide to Free Games on Amazon Prime Gaming

Hey there! If you‘re an Amazon Prime member, you may not know that your membership already includes free games every month through Prime Gaming. And not just little indie games – we‘re talking recent AAA blockbusters like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Mass Effect Legendary Edition for $0.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll be sharing everything you need to know to maximize the free games and content you can get with Prime Gaming. We‘ll cover:

  • The full list of current free games available
  • How many free games you get each month
  • What major titles have been offered in the past
  • How to claim and access your free games
  • Additional in-game content you can score
  • Pro tips to get the most value from Prime Gaming

Let‘s dive in and level up your gaming without spending a dime!

Which Games Are Free on Prime Gaming Right Now?

Here‘s the full list of free games included with Prime Gaming in March 2023:

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (AAA action RPG valued at $60)
  • Glass Masquerade: Origins (unique art puzzle game)
  • Loom (classic 90s point & click adventure)
  • Horace (indie comedy platformer)
  • Hero‘s Hour (popular pixel art strategy game)
  • Figment (surreal action-adventure musical)

With major hits like Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which includes the entire acclaimed sci-fi trilogy with over 100 hours of content, Prime Gaming brings incredible value each month.

And these games are yours to keep forever once claimed – even if you cancel Prime later.

How Many Free Games Do You Get?

According to Amazon, in 2021 Prime Gaming offered members over 100 free full games.

That‘s around 8-10 free games available each month, with new titles cycling in and older ones leaving the library.

For comparison, PlayStation Plus offers 3-6 free monthly games, while Xbox Games With Gold provides 4.

So Prime Gaming matches or beats the competition consistently in terms of free game volume and value.

Notable Past Free Games

Since Prime Gaming launched in 2020, members have had the chance to claim amazing games like:

  • Dead Space 2 ($20 value)
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ($40 value)
  • Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V ($60 value)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within ($15 value)
  • SNKRX ($10 value)

The service has even offered pre-release access to some games like Madden NFL 22 before its official launch date.

Claiming Your Free Games

Grabbing your monthly free Prime Gaming titles only takes a few minutes. Here‘s how:

  1. Head to or open the Prime Gaming desktop app.
  2. Under the "Games" tab, find the current free games offer.
  3. Click "Claim" on any you want, then link your Amazon account.
  4. Connect to your preferred gaming platform like Origin or Uplay.
  5. Follow the prompts to add the game to your library – then it‘s yours forever!

Once claimed, you can download and play the games anytime. And any progress or achievements are saved in the cloud.

Pretty sweet perk just for being a Prime member!

In-Game Content and DLC

Along with full games, Prime Gaming provides over 250 unique bundles of bonus in-game content each year like skins, characters, currency packs, and more for popular live service games.

We‘re talking upgrades for Apex Legends, VALORANT, Roblox, World of Tanks, and many more.

For example, this month Prime members can score an exclusive Legends of Runeterra card back, Rainbow Six Siege 30-day booster, and Fall Guys penguin costume.

If you regularly play a popular online multiplayer game, these Prime loot drops are a nice perk for dedicated fans.

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Free Games

To get the most out of your Prime Gaming membership, be sure to:

  • Claim new games before the month ends – unclaimed titles get rotated out.
  • Prioritize downloading games you think you‘ll actually play first.
  • Redeem in-game content for your main multiplayer title each month.
  • Set a monthly reminder to check Prime Gaming for new freebies.
  • Start playing ASAP – no reason to let them collect virtual dust!

Following these tips will help ensure you never miss out on the latest free games and content each month.

Still Not Sure What to Play? Here Are My Recommendations:

With new games cycling into the Prime Gaming lineup every month, choice paralysis is real.

If you‘re feeling overwhelmed, here are my top 3 picks to start with based on popularity and review scores:

Game Genre Why It‘s Great
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Action RPG All 3 critically acclaimed Mass Effect games and DLC with over 100 hours of content.
Batman: The Telltale Series Episodic Adventure Put yourself in Batman‘s shoes in this cinematic story-driven game.
SNKRX Arcade Styled Shoot ‘Em Up Super fun and fast-paced indie game with a killer synthwave soundtrack.

Browse and filter all the available games by genre if you‘re looking for something specific to suit your tastes. Don‘t let great free games pass you by before they rotate out!

Why Does Prime Gaming Offer So Many Free Games?

You may be wondering – why does Amazon give away so many free games to Prime members each month?

There are a few strategic reasons this program benefits Amazon:

  • It provides additional value to drive more Prime subscriptions.
  • Prime members spend more on Amazon overall.
  • In-game content encourages playing more and reinforces loyalty.
  • Free games reduce the risk for players to try new titles.

For game publishers, Prime Gaming offers a chance to:

  • Promote titles to an engaged audience.
  • Increase new customer acquisition.
  • Boost in-game purchases and spending.
  • Extend tail value from older games.

Basically it‘s a win-win – Amazon hooks Prime members with free stuff, while publishers tap into a massive ready-to-spend user base.

But the real winners here are us gamers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Here are answers to the most common ones:

Do the games expire after claiming them?

Nope! Any Prime Gaming freebies are yours to keep permanently.

Can you play the games offline?

Absolutely. Just download any claimed games to play offline.

What PC gaming platforms are supported?

Prime Gaming links to your existing libraries on Origin, Uplay, GOG, Epic Games Store, and more.

Is Prime Gaming available on consoles?

Currently Prime Gaming is only available on PC. Consoles can‘t directly redeem the full free games, but cross-progression allows cosmetic content to be used on console versions.

Does progress carry over if you buy the full game later?

Yes! Any progression or achievements will remain intact if you choose to purchase a game you previously tried through Prime Gaming.

Explore Your Free Prime Gaming Perks Today

As you can see, Prime Gaming grants access to a rotating vault of free games with incredible value. There‘s really no better gaming deal than "free"!

So if you‘re an existing Prime member, be sure to start exploring and claiming this amazing included perk today.

Or if you aren‘t a member yet, you can get a free 30-day trial to access Prime Gaming right away. It‘s definitely worth checking out.

What game are you hoping gets added to Prime Gaming next? Let me know, I‘d love to hear about what you‘re looking forward to playing for free!