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Which is better Katana or Mantis Blades Cyberpunk?

Hey friend! As a longtime fan of melee combat in video games, I‘ve tested out all the deadly blades that Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City has to offer. In my experience, the Mantis Blades and Katana stand out as the most powerful and popular melee weapons in the game. But which one is right for your cyborg slayer build? Grab a coffee and let‘s dig into the key stats and gameplay for each to help you decide!

TL;DR: Mantis Blades are better for high-risk offensive builds while Katanas reward careful tactics and stealth. But both are extremely viable for melee so choose the one that fits your style!

Statistical Comparison

First, let‘s look at some of the hard numbers for a data-driven overview:

Mantis Blades Katana
Base Damage 110-320 57-221
Attacks per Second 3.5 2.85
DPS (Damage Per Second) 385-1120 163-630
Scaling Stats Reflexes, Body Reflexes, Cool

As you can see, Mantis Blades have a clear statistical advantage when it comes to damage output and attack speed. With their cybernetic nature, Mantis Blades can shred enemies more rapidly for higher overall DPS. They also scale exceptionally well with points in Reflexes and Body.

However, stats don‘t tell the whole story…

Offensive Power

In real gameplay, the Mantis Blades live up to their stats, providing an overwhelming frontal assault style. Equipped with the Arm Launcher cyberware in your off-hand, you can dash between targets slicing them to ribbons with the Mantis Blades in seconds.

The Street Brawler perk complements Mantis Blades perfectly by boosting damage another 60% at max rank. And remember, the Blades scale their damage with both Reflexes and Body, so you can create a speedy damage-resistant cyborg slayer.

By comparison, the humble Katana requires more finesse to reach its full potential. Rather than raw power, Katanas rely on landing critical hits and stacking damage bonuses from perks like Cold Blood. A perfectly optimized Katana build can get high DPS but it takes more planning and perk investment.

Defense & Control

While offense is their forte, Mantis Blades lack defense options compared to the Katana. Their moveset is geared entirely toward rapid mobility and combos rather than blocking or parrying. You must act and react quickly to eliminate threats before they damage you.

Katana users have more control over the flow of battle with the ability to parry enemy attacks. By carefully watching enemy tells and timing your blocks, you can break up their combos and delivercounter strikes. This requires patience but results in a satisfying, almost samurai-like combat flow.

Stealth Kills

Both blades actually enable stealthy takedowns on unaware enemies. However, the Katana clearly excels here with high-lethality options thanks to perks like Assassin and bonuses from high Cool. You can quickly slay enemies before they detect you at all.

Mantis Blades lack the raw insta-kill power but let you perform non-lethal stealth knockdowns on enemies from behind. Overall, Mantis Blades are better suited for open confrontation whereas Katanas reward meticulous stealth play.

Cyborg Factor

A key distinction between the blades is their cyberware integration. Mantis Blades are installed into your arms replacing your hands entirely while active. When not in combat, they retract seamlessly back into your arms.

Gameplay-wise, this means Mantis Blades have virtually no equip delay – you can extend the blades and start slashing immediately. The constant visual presence of the curved blades jutting from your forearms also satisfies the full cyborg fantasy.

The humble Katana lacks any inherent cyberware but offers greater flexibility, able to be used alongside arm cyberware like Gorilla Arms. Ultimately though, Mantis Blades provide the quintessential cyberpunk augmentation feel.

Availability & Upgrades

An often overlooked consideration is availability and gear progression. Katanas can be purchased from vendors or looted from enemies right from the start of the game. This means you can acquire, upgrade, and customize your Katana as you level up.

Mantis Blades don‘t become available until reaching Ripperdoc Viktor in Act 2. You‘ll need to save up for the expensive initial installation too. However, their high-end rarity tiers do offer exceptional performance.

So in summary, while Mantis Blades offer unrivaled cyborg combat power in the late game, Katanas may suit players who prefer gear progression from early acts.

Final Verdict

Looking at all factors, Mantis Blades generally outclass Katanas with their overwhelming frontal assault capabilities, cyberware integration, and brutal efficiency against groups of enemies or bosses. However, Katanas have greater versatility and customization, enabling stealthy tactical playstyles as well.

So choose Mantis Blades if you favor high-risk, high-reward offensive builds or Katana if you prefer controlled precision and stealth kills. Both are extremely viable melee options so ultimately go with whichever suits your desired cyborg warrior fantasy! Let me know if you have any other questions!