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Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Which Battle Royale Game is Better?

Hi friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re looking for the inside scoop on which of these mega popular games is making more money. After crunching the numbers, I can say that PUBG Mobile is certainly the richer game in 2022 when looking at global revenue.

Now I know that may surprise some Free Fire fans out there. Let me walk you through the data so you can see for yourself how PUBG is still the top dog in terms of generating profits through in-app purchases and battle passes.

PUBG Mobile Revenue Still Dwarfs Free Fire

According to market research firm Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile earned a staggering $2.8 billion in 2021 across the App Store and Google Play. That‘s an increase of over 40% year-over-year!

Free Fire also had impressive results, growing revenue by 46% to reach $1.8 billion globally. But it still trailed PUBG Mobile by around $1 billion for the year.

PUBG Mobile Dominates India and China Markets

A closer look shows that PUBG has astronomical earnings in India and China, which are two massive mobile gaming markets. In India, PUBG earned $885 million compared to Free Fire‘s $476 million. And in China, the localized Game for Peace version brought in $2.1 billion.

Free Fire is certainly more popular in Southeast Asia and South America. But PUBG‘s dominance in India and China gives it a clear revenue edge globally.

The Power of Esports and Collabs

PUBG Mobile has also supercharged revenue through high profile esports tournaments and collaborations. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 had a prize pool of $6 million. And the game has done collabs with brands like Tesla, Metro Exodus, and The Walking Dead.

Events like these expand PUBG‘s reach beyond just the core gaming audience. The ability to execute on this scale gives them an advantage when monetizing players through battle passes and in-game transactions.

Why Does PUBG Make More Money?

Now you might be wondering – why does PUBG rake in so much more revenue than Free Fire? There are a few key factors at play here:

More Maps and Modes

PUBG Mobile has over 20 diverse maps and tons of gameplay modes like deathmatch, zombie, racing, and collaborations with brands like Arcane. This variety keeps players engaged for the long term. There‘s always new experiences to unlock by purchasing a new battle pass or seasonal content.

Higher Production Value

The maps, vehicles, and gunplay in PUBG feel more polished and realistic than Free Fire‘s arcade-like experience. PUBG‘s production value attracts hardcore gamers willing to shell out for skins and season passes. Free Fire‘s lighter feel appeals to more budget mobile gamers.

Established on Console and PC

PUBG became a global sensation back in 2017 with the console and PC versions before expanding to mobile. It has a huge built-in audience willing to spend money on the official mobile game. Free Fire, however, has always focused just on the mobile platform.

The Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

Based on the trajectory so far, PUBG Mobile‘s revenue still looks poised to stay ahead of Free Fire this year. Some analysts predict it may make around $5 billion in 2022! But Free Fire continues growing at a rapid pace too and further closing the gap.

At the end of the day, both of these games are incredibly fun battle royale experiences that are free to download and play. The choice between PUBG or Free Fire comes down to personal preference. But when looking strictly at the financials, PUBG Mobile remains the bigger whale in 2022.

Hope this insider look at the data gave you some gamer insight into why PUBG is still currently richer than Free Fire revenue-wise! Let me know if you have any other mobile gaming questions.