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Which Multiplayer Game Has the Most Female Players?

When it comes to multiplayer games with the highest percentage of female players, the mobile matching game Candy Crush Saga tops the charts. Developed by King, Candy Crush boasts a user base that is over 70% women according to data analyzed in 2022. With over 200 million active monthly users, that translates to well over 140 million female players, far exceeding any other multiplayer title. Let‘s explore what‘s driving this impressive female engagement.

Matching and Casual Games Have Broader Female Appeal

As a casual puzzle game playable in short bursts, Candy Crush Saga benefits from mechanics and presentation that inherently attract female gamers. Women are drawn to colorful visuals, relaxing audio, and bite-sized gameplay that fits into small pockets of free time. The competitive elements satiate the desire for social connection, allowing players to interact with Facebook friends by sharing lives, progress, and tips.

Matching games like Candy Crush also don‘t require fast reflexes or skills, which reduces barriers to entry for women who haven‘t been gaming for decades like their male counterparts. And the progression from level to level and episode to episode provides a sense of achievement without the high pressure of more competitive genres. It‘s the perfect recipe for a widely appealing women-centric experience.

The Mobile Platform Reaches Female Gamers Where They Are

Given that Candy Crush first launched on mobile devices, the platform itself plays a key role in facilitating female engagement. Women have rapidly adopted smartphones for entertainment in recent years. Mobile gaming allows women to play on the go whenever they have a few minutes of downtime.

The quick pick-up-and-play matches of Candy Crush fit nicely into small windows of time compared to more involved PC/console game sessions. And smartphones are always within reach in purses and pockets, maximizing accessibility compared to gaming only being possible at a desk. Simply put, King seized on the capabilities of mobile to bring quick multiplayer fun to female players wherever they are.

Decorative Elements and Customization Appeal to Women

On the gameplay front, Candy Crush Saga incorporates decorative elements and customization that appeal directly to female sensibilities. The hundreds of colorful levels feature backgrounds ranging from gardens to desserts to ocean reefs, rendered in an aesthetically pleasing art style. Players can express their creativity by customizing the scenes with added visual flourishes unlocked through progression.

The extensive avatar options also allow women to put their personal stamp on their presence in the Candy Crush universe. Choosing a character and outfits brings a personalized touch compared to simply being an anonymous player. Women enjoy standing out from the crowd by being empowered to make choices that reflect their individuality and preferences.

It‘s Not Just Candy Crush – Mobile Dominates Female Players

While Candy Crush Saga tops the mobile charts, many other multiplayer mobile games also boast huge female audiences:

Game Percentage Female
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Over 70%
Homescapes 75%
Gardenscapes 63%
Words with Friends 66%

As these statistics show, the combination of casual gameplay and mobile access has proven wildly successful at engaging female players. The same advantages that benefit Candy Crush also apply to matching, decorating, simulation, and casual RPG experiences on smartphones and tablets.

Console and PC Games Making Strides with Female Players

While mobile dominates, women have also grown as a percentage of players in certain console and PC game genres over the past decade. Here are some notable titles with large female player bases:


  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – over 50% female
  • Stardew Valley – 60% female
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Over 40% female


  • Overwatch – 30-40% female
  • Call of Duty Series – 20%+ female and rising
  • Fortnite – Around 20% female

Factors like social gameplay, customization, positive female representation, and non-competitive modes have expanded the appeal of these titles to women. There‘s still progress to be made, but the needle is moving toward greater inclusion.

How Can the Games Industry Continue Growing Female Engagement?

While women now make up around 45% of the broader gaming audience, some genres remain stubbornly male-dominated. Here are some ways the industry can keep building on the momentum toward gender diversity:

  • Feature more strong, nuanced female protagonists – Complex heroines are inspiring role models.
  • Minimize misogynistic themes and over-sexualization of female characters – This alienates female players.
  • Implement reporting tools to curb harassment – Women should feel safe playing games.
  • Promote Women‘s Esports Leagues – High-level competition engages players.
  • Hire more women as developers, designers, and community figures – Women should be involved in creating products for women.

The popularity of multiplayer mobile games among female players proves women are an engaged, vibrant audience when provided appealing gaming experiences. Let Candy Crush Saga‘s success be the blueprint for bringing women even further into gaming‘s future.