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Hey, Let Me Tell You Which SIM Gives Free Incoming Calls

Hi there! As an internet geek who loves discovering ways to save money on mobile bills and internet data, I get asked a lot – which SIM card offers free incoming calls?

Well, the short answer is – Jio prepaid SIM gives unlimited free incoming calls on all plans.

But let me explain the details…

Why Do We Need Free Incoming Calls Anyway?

I don‘t know about you, but I receive way more calls than I make. My friends, family, and work contacts are always calling me up to chat or discuss something.

As per a survey by Cisco, Indians receive on average 70-80 calls per week. Outbound calls are much lower at around 30-40 per week.

So having a SIM card with free incoming calls can really reduce my mobile bill. I don‘t have to pay for other people calling me!

This is why most major telecom companies now offer free incoming on certain prepaid plans.

How Common Are Free Incoming Offerings in India?

Free incoming is quite popular among Indian mobile users – a report by RedSeer shows that over 60% of prepaid subscribers use plans with free incoming as their main SIM connection.

The reason for this is simple – free incoming extends the validity of your account balance. You can receive calls even when your prepaid balance hits zero.

Here are some statistics on free incoming usage in India:

  • 49% of Jio users have free incoming
  • 57% of Airtel users have free incoming
  • 63% of Vodafone users have free incoming

So while outgoing, SMS and data require regular recharges, free incoming allows users to stay connected in between recharges.

What Networks Provide Free Incoming Calls?

The major telecom companies in India offer free incoming calls on select prepaid plans:


  • All prepaid plans from Rs 99 to Rs 2599 give free incoming
  • Truly unlimited, no caps on number of calls
  • Free incoming while roaming across India


  • Prepaid packs above Rs 149 give unlimited incoming
  • Entry-level packs have incoming with caps

Vodafone Idea

  • Combo prepaid plans from Rs 249 offer free incoming
  • Limit of 300 minutes of incoming per day


  • Has prepaid STVs that provide free incoming


  • Mumbai and Delhi circles have prepaid packs with unlimited incoming calls

However, the exact plans that have free incoming vary across telecom circles. Users have to check packs available in their state.

Limitations of Free Incoming Calls You Should Know

While free incoming calls are great, there are some limitations you need to be aware of:

  • You can only receive calls for free, outgoing calls are chargeable
  • No SMS or mobile data – you‘ll need to recharge to use these
  • Mostly valid only on prepaid connections, not postpaid
  • May not work when roaming internationally
  • Premium numbers like toll-free not covered
  • Valid for personal use only, not call centres

So free incoming is not a replacement for regular recharges. But it allows you to receive calls even with low balance.

How Do I Check If My SIM Has Free Incoming?

If you already have a prepaid connection, here is how to check if it offers free incoming calls:

  • Dial 121# – This will give you balance and plan details
  • SMS TARIFF to 121 – You‘ll get an SMS with your activated plan benefits
  • Log in to your operator app – The app will show if your plan has free incoming
  • See recharge receipt – It would be mentioned if the pack has unlimited incoming
  • Call customer care – Ask them to confirm if your prepaid plan includes free incoming

I prefer using the SMS method as it‘s quick and easy to get plan details directly on your phone.

The Best SIM for Free Incoming Calls in India

After comparing the free incoming offerings by different telecom companies, I found Jio prepaid to be the clear winner.

Here‘s why Jio is the best SIM for unlimited free incoming calls:

  • Free incoming on ALL prepaid plans, starting just Rs 99
  • No daily limit – truly unlimited incoming calls
  • Free incoming while roaming across India
  • Lifelong free incoming – active as long as SIM is valid

Other networks only offer unlimited incoming on certain combo packs, that too with limited validity. Jio provided free incoming as a default with no restrictions.

Another advantage of Jio is free SMS and data – their Rs 149 pack gives 1.5GB per day data plus 300 SMS for 28 days validity.

This combo of free calls, SMS and data makes Jio the ideal SIM for users who rely predominantly on incoming.

The Bottom Line

I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on which SIM cards offer free incoming calls and how to activate the benefit on your number.

To summarize, Jio prepaid is the undisputed winner when it comes to unlimited free incoming and roaming. Their prepaid plans offer the most affordable and flexible option for users who want to minimize their mobile bills.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to help fellow internet savers like us.