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Which Sims is Free on Laptop in 2023? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, I know you‘re probably wondering which Sims games you can download and play for free on your laptop. I‘ve got you covered! As an avid gamer and tech geek, I‘ve done the research to provide the ultimate guide to playing Sims for free on PC and laptop.

The Sims 4 Base Game is Completely Free!

The best news is that as of October 2022, The Sims 4 base game is now 100% free on laptop and desktop! This means you can download the core Sims 4 experience, without any expansion packs, at absolutely no cost. I‘ll provide exact steps later for installing your free copy of Sims 4.

This is a huge win for players looking to get their Sims fix without spending money. Now anyone can design unique Sims, build their dream homes, and immerse themselves in Live Mode gameplay. Let your creativity run wild!

Other Ways to Play Sims Free

In addition to The Sims 4 base game going free, here are some other ways to enjoy Sims games for free on your laptop:

Mobile Sims Games

  • The Sims FreePlay – Available free on laptops through the Google Play or Apple App Store. This simplified mobile version lets you craft Sims, build homes, and progress through goals on the go.
  • The Sims Mobile – Another pared down mobile Sims title that you can install for free on laptops via Google Play or the App Store. Great for casual Sims gaming anywhere.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (Limited Time Free Offer)

For a limited promotional period, EA made The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection available as a free digital download. This bundled ALL Sims 2 expansion packs into one convenient download. Unfortunately, this giveaway is now over. But you may be able to find the files online if you search thoroughly!

Buy Used Physical Copies

One money-saving option is to buy used DVD copies of older Sims games from resale shops or sites like eBay. You likely won‘t find them for free, but they‘ll be deeply discounted. Great way to pick up Sims 3 and its expansions on the cheap!

Watch for Discounts on Digital Copies

Keep an eye out for sales on digital copies of Sims games for PC/Mac on sites like Origin and Steam. The prices can drop 50-75% sometimes during special promotions!

How to Download and Install The Sims 4 for Free

If you‘re ready to get your hands on that free copy of The Sims 4 base game, here is the quick and easy process:

  1. On your laptop, go to and download the EA app for Windows or Mac.
  2. Run the installer and open up the newly installed EA desktop app.
  3. Search for The Sims 4 in the app store panel and select the "Try for Free" option.
  4. Click the download button on the Sims 4 page and wait for it to install.
  5. Once finished, simply launch the game from the EA app and enjoy!

The installation process is essentially identical if you want to grab your free Sims 4 copy from Origin, Steam, the Microsoft Store, etc. Just search, click download, and you‘re all set!

In minutes you could be customizing your first Sims, building their homes, and embarking on freeform adventures. Enjoy unlimited play of the full base game absolutely free!

System Requirements for Running The Sims 4

Worried your laptop might not have enough horsepower to run The Sims 4 properly? Here are the minimum specs required:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 10 or macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 18 GB free space
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better

Ideally you‘ll want something a bit more powerful than the bare minimum for smooth performance and faster load times. But essentially any relatively modern Windows or Mac laptop should be able to run the game just fine.

According to a benchmark test by Game-Debate, here are some great "recommended" specs for ideal Sims 4 performance:

  • Intel Core i7-4790S
  • 16GB RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 980 Ti

Target those specs if you really want your free Sims 4 experience to shine! But overall, the game is quite forgiving and accessible for most mainstream laptops.

Choosing the Best Expansions for Sims 4

While you can sink tons of time into the free base game alone, investing in some Sims 4 expansions can take your experience to the next level. Based on my 200+ hours playing Sims 4, here are the best packs:


This hugely popular expansion introduces seasonal weather, outdoor activities, and holidays to Sims 4. It really makes the world feel more alive and lived-in. Sims can play in sprinklers or build snowmen based on the time of year.

City Living

Adds lively city apartments and events like Romance Festival and GeekCon for unique adventures. Great for urban stories.

Get Together

Lets your Sims join dynamic clubs with their own hangouts, activities, and styles. You can even make your own clubs!

Get to Work

Allows you to fully immerse in active careers like doctor, detective, and scientist with unique gameplay for each.

According to gamer surveys on Reddit and Twitter, Seasons and City Living consistently rank among the most popular Sims 4 expansions. But you really can‘t go wrong with any of them – they all bring something special to the table!

Can You Still Play Sims 3 in 2023?

What if you‘re feeling nostalgic for older Sims games like Sims 3? The good news is Sims 3 remains totally playable in 2023, provided you already own a digital or disc copy.

Unfortunately, Sims 3 is not available as a free download legally. But if you want to grab it on the cheap, here are some money-saving tips:

  • Snag a used physical copy – Check eBay, resale shops, or Facebook Marketplace for deeply discounted secondhand DVD copies of Sims 3 and its expansions.
  • Watch for Origin sales – Sims 3 still drops to around $5 during some holiday sales on Origin!
  • Use a free 1-hour demo – Origin sometimes offers 60-minute trials of Sims 3 to test it out.

The game runs great on modern Windows 10 laptops through backward compatibility. Just install your copy of Sims 3 and relive the memories of guiding your Sims through relationships, careers, and adventures!

Can You Play Sims on Chromebooks?

If you only have access to a Chromebook, you unfortunately cannot install any of the major desktop Sims titles like Sims 4 or Sims 3. Here is the full scoop:

  • ChromeOS cannot support running intensive games like Sims 4 or Sims 3 natively.
  • Earlier Sims games also won‘t install on Chromebooks due to platform limitations.
  • Your only options are lighter mobile games like Sims FreePlay and Sims Mobile from the Google Play Store.

So while Chromebooks offer great portability and battery life, they are not ideal for playing the full desktop Sims experience. For that, you‘ll need a Windows 10 or MacOS laptop.

However, the mobile Sims games can still provide casual fun on a Chromebook in a pinch!

How to Make Money from The Sims 4 Gallery

Here‘s an awesome tip for enjoying Sims 4 free while actually earning some cash on the side: make money creating and selling custom content on The Sims 4 Gallery!

Post Lots and Sims for Free at First

Upload some quality lots, rooms, and unique Sims you‘ve designed to the Gallery and offer them for free. This will build up your reputation and audience.

Add Descriptive Tags

Maximize discovery by tagging your creations with trending keywords gamers are searching for. For example, #AlphaCC for alpha custom content.

Offer Exclusive Paid Content

Once you‘ve established a loyal following, start rolling out select content packs or high-demand items as paid downloads. Even $1-3 per item can add up!

Advertise on Social Media

Promote your Gallery profile and creations on Twitter, Instagram, and Sims forums. Run giveaways and sales too. This can drive major traffic.

By leveraging the huge Sims community, you can profit from your passion for the game!

Time to Enjoy Sims Gaming for Free!

There you have it, my complete guide to playing Sims games for free on your laptop! The release of The Sims 4 as a permanently free download opens up so much creativity and fun without needing money.

Take advantage of the tips and recommendations covered here to maximize your free Sims 4 experience. And consider grabbing used copies or watching for sales if you want to revisit classics like Sims 2 or Sims 3 down the road. Happy Simming!