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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Solitaire Games With No Ads

TLDR: Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the Best Free Ad-Free Solitaire

If you‘re looking for an ad-free solitaire option packed with features, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is my top recommendation for most players. As a long-time solitaire enthusiast, I‘ve played just about every solitaire app and game available. And Microsoft Solitaire Collection stands out as the best free ad-free option, offering a diverse selection of solitaire variants, progression through daily challenges and achievements, smooth gameplay and visuals, and unlimited access across desktop and mobile.

Why Do Solitaire Games Have Ads?

As a fellow solitaire fan, I know how disruptive and annoying ads can be when you just want to chill out with a quick game. Unfortunately, many popular solitaire apps contain ads as the primary monetization model. Developers need to generate revenue to cover costs, and ads allow players to access the game for free. It‘s a trade-off between convenience and uninterrupted gameplay.

According to data from Statista, over 50% of mobile game revenue comes from in-game ads. And for free-to-play apps like solitaire, ads are especially crucial for profitability. Some games lure you in with a free trial before bombarding you with ads. Others limit your daily games or features unless you pay up. While not ideal for players, ads allow unlimited free access for all.

How Much Revenue Do Mobile Game Ads Generate?

Year Ad Revenue
2016 $29.6 billion
2017 $35.0 billion
2018 $42.2 billion
2019 $51.2 billion
2020 $61.7 billion

As you can see above, in-game mobile ads are big business, generating over $60 billion in 2020 alone. This gives developers a strong profit incentive to include ads in otherwise free apps like solitaire.

How to Remove Ads from Solitaire Games

If you‘ve downloaded a solitaire app but find the constant ads distracting, here are a few tips to remove them:

  • Upgrade to the premium ad-free version if available – Though it costs a small fee, uninterrupted solitaire is worth it for enthusiasts.
  • Toggle on airplane mode – Without internet access, the app can‘t load ads from external servers.
  • Clear cache and app data – This resets any ad tracking profiles tied to your device.
  • Use an ad blocker on desktop – Browser extensions like AdBlockPlus stop ads before they even load.
  • Mute device audio – At least you won‘t have to hear the loud video ads while playing.

Of course, the easiest solution is to just avoid ad-filled solitaire apps altogether. Let‘s look at some top options that offer unlimited play with no ads.

Factors to Consider in an Ad-Free Solitaire Game

Here are key factors I evaluate when selecting an ad-free solitaire game:

Game Selection

The best ad-free solitaire apps provide diverse game modes beyond standard Klondike. Popular variants like Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, TriPeaks add variety and gameplay styles. A strong selection keeps the solitaire fun going.

Platform Availability

Top solitaire apps are available across iOS, Android, desktop browsers, and sometimes Switch/PlayStation. Maximum accessibility lets you play on your platform of choice.

Progression and Motivation

Elements like daily challenges, achievements, stats tracking, and leaderboards provide motivation to keep playing. Having goals and progression keeps the solitaire experience fresh.

Presentation and Visuals

While solitaire relies primarily on gameplay, the aesthetic experience impacts enjoyment. Crisp and smooth graphics, polished UI, visual customization add polish.

Cost Considerations

Premium ad-free solitaire games cost upfront but guarantee unlimited access. Freemium versions rotate free and paid content. Important to understand the full cost.

Keeping these criteria in mind, let‘s explore top ad-free solitaire recommendations guaranteed to avoid pesky ads.

Best Ad-Free Solitaire Games

Based on hours of playtime across numerous apps and research into critical reception and user reviews, here are my picks for the top ad-free solitaire experiences:

1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Undisputedly the best free ad-free solitaire app, Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers the complete package. As a classic Windows staple for 30+ years, the game features a polished presentation, smooth gameplay across devices, and a diverse array of game modes.

Core features:

  • Game modes: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, TriPeaks, more
  • Daily challenges and achievements
  • Stats tracking and leaderboards
  • Customizable card backs and table themes
  • Free on Windows, iOS, and Android

With unlimited free access and tons of replayability via progression systems, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is my top choice for players looking to avoid ads.

2. Solitaire City

Boasting over 38 million global downloads, Solitaire City is one of the most popular free solitaire apps on iOS and Android. The intuitive design makes it easy to jump into quick games of Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and more.

Core features:

  • Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Golf modes
  • Global leaderboards and tournaments
  • Minimalist, clean presentation focused on fast gameplay
  • Completely free with no forced ads or limits

For fans of mobility and mobile play, Solitaire City is an excellent ad-free choice.

3. Solitaired

Offering relaxed solitaire web play, Solitaired features a selection of modes from Klondike to Spider along with global leaderboards and stats tracking. The soothing sounds, crisp graphics, and smooth dragging animations create a polished ad-free solitaire experience.

Core features:

  • Klondike, Spider, and custom game modes
  • Soothing background music and sounds
  • Crisp graphics and smooth card dragging
  • Stats tracking and global leaderboards
  • Daily Challenges provide progression

For quick access via desktop browser, Solitaired is my top recommendation to enjoy solitaire without ads.

4. MobilityWare Solitaire

With over 170 million downloads on iOS and Android, MobilityWare Solitaire offers a classic Klondike experience tailored for mobile play. While the basic Klondike mode is free, additional modes like Spider, Pyramid, and FreeCell require a small one-time unlock.

Core features:

  • Classic Klondike gameplay perfected for mobile
  • Optional in-app purchases for more modes and customization
  • Leaderboards, achievements, and statistics
  • 400+ card backs designs

For a classic Klondike fix on-the-go, MobilityWare Solitaire has you covered without ads.

5. Solitairica

If you want a fresh new twist on solitaire gameplay, check out the RPG/solitaire mashup Solitairica. With charming pixel art graphics and an RPG progression system, Solitairica innovates the traditional solitaire formula while keeping the core mechanics intact.

Core features:

  • RPG progression via levels, bosses, spells, abilities
  • Engaging story told via pixel art cutscenes
  • Combines match-3 battles with solitaire
  • $4 premium app with zero ads or limits

For veterans looking for a change of pace, Solitairica is a must-play ad-free option.

6. Pretty Good Solitaire

With a selection of modes and polished presentation, Pretty Good Solitaire lives up to its name as a solid premium solitaire option on mobile and desktop. The Daily Challenges provide plenty of reason to return for your daily solitaire fix.

Core features:

  • Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid modes
  • Daily Challenges with leaderboards
  • Hints, undo, and auto-complete options
  • Minimalist visuals optimized for gameplay

If you want a streamlined ad-free solitaire app with all key features, Pretty Good Solitaire fits the bill.

7. 1010! Solitaire

From the makers of viral puzzle game 1010!, this wildly popular mashup combines block-sliding puzzles with classic solitaire gameplay for a fresh, fast-paced experience.

Core features:

  • Mashup combines solitaire with block-sliding puzzles
  • Klondike mode free; additional modes via in-app purchase
  • Colorful, minimalist graphics and intuitive controls
  • Over 2 million downloads on iOS and Android

For fans of both solitaire and casual puzzle games, 1010! Solitaire hits the sweet spot while remaining ad-free.

8. Solitaire by Zynga

Zynga offers a popular free solitaire game for iOS and Android with quick Klondike play along with more advanced modes like Spider and Freecell as in-app purchases. Leaderboards and daily challenges provide progression incentive.

Core features:

  • Standard Klondike gameplay perfected for mobile
  • Additional modes and custom themes via in-app purchase
  • Polished visual presentation
  • Progression via leaderboards and challenges

Zynga‘s solitaire app provides a stellar traditional solitaire experience on mobile devoid of disruptive ads.

Key Takeaways for Finding Ad-Free Solitaire

To summarize my top learnings and advice about enjoying solitaire without ads:

  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the best overall ad-free option, available on all major platforms.
  • MobilityWare Solitaire, Solitaire City, Solitaire by Zynga excel on mobile.
  • Solitaired is great for quick web browser play.
  • Solitairica and 1010! Solitaire provide fresh gameplay twists.
  • Focus on apps with progression via stats, achievements, challenges.
  • Weigh premium one-time purchases vs free with in-app purchases.
  • Consider Tablet/PC for extensions like AdBlockPlus to remove web ads.

With these tips in mind, you can evaluate solitaire apps to identify the ideal fit for your preferences and playstyle. Don‘t settle for disruptive ads interrupting your card game zen. The options above ensure smooth, unlimited gameplay anywhere so you can keep the solitaire enjoyment flowing.

As a fellow solitaire fanatic, I hope these recommendations help you avoid ad-filled solitaire trap and spend more time enjoying this classic card game we know and love! Let me know if you have any other favorite ad-free solitaire discoveries. Enjoy the game!