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Who bought Bloxburg for $100 million?

According to insider sources and reports, it was Swedish gaming giant Embracer Group who acquired the popular Roblox game Welcome to Bloxburg for an enormous $100 million deal.

As your friend who loves gaming and tech, let me walk you through the details of this huge acquisition that shows the massive growth and business potential of user-generated metaverse platforms like Roblox.

Welcome to Bloxburg‘s Wild Rise

Chances are you‘ve heard of Welcome to Bloxburg before. With over 4 million likes and nearly 7 billion visits, it‘s one of the most popular games on all of Roblox. To put Bloxburg‘s popularity into perspective…

  • It has 3-4X more monthly players than landmark games like Adopt Me! and Jailbreak
  • In 2020, Bloxburg averaged 500,000+ concurrent players, comparable to major titles like Grand Theft Auto V
  • Daily active users are estimated to be between 600,000 to 1 million

Created back in 2014 by developer Coeptus, Bloxburg lets you build a home from scratch and roleplay daily life – like working jobs, raising a family, decorating your pad – in a friendly virtual neighborhood.

With relaxing gameplay reminiscent of classics like The Sims, Bloxburg quickly amassed a dedicated community. In just 6 years, it grew to become one of Roblox‘s staple experiences.

Embracer Group Sees Major Potential

In August 2022, reports surfaced that Welcome to Bloxburg was acquired for a mind-blowing $100 million by Embracer Group via its subsidiary Operata.

Now you may be wondering…who exactly is Embracer Group?

Embracer is a massive Swedish gaming and media conglomerate that owns studios like Gearbox, THQ Nordic, Koch Media and more. You likely know some of their big name franchises like Borderlands, Tomb Raider, Dead Island and Darksiders.

Lately, Embracer has been on an acquisition spree buying up established IPs left and right. Just in the last 3 years they‘ve acquired over 30 gaming studios!

Some see Embracer‘s approach as prioritizing back-catalog purchases rather than organically investing in new games. But with the rumored Bloxburg deal, Embracer appears keen on tapping into fresh metaverse platforms.

Acquiring Welcome to Bloxburg provides Embracer access to Roblox‘s insane userbase of over 50 million daily active players. It allows them to market their own AAA gaming titles to Roblox‘s young demographic.

And as virtual worlds become more commonplace, getting in early on consumer-generated metaverse spaces via Bloxburg gives Embracer huge future potential.

Life-Changing Success for Solo Developer

Here‘s the amazing part…

Welcome to Bloxburg was developed single-handedly by one person – Coeptus. The sheer popularity of his game has earned him a fortune over the years.

Back in 2020 alone, it was reported Coeptus cashed out over $1 million from Bloxburg revenue. Given the game‘s continued growth, he has likely earned millions more since then.

This deal with Embracer Group apparently netting $100 million would cement Coeptus‘ status as one of Roblox‘s biggest solo developer success stories.

It highlights the immense opportunities creators have to build fortunes by making the next big hit experience on Roblox.

Coeptus isn‘t alone in his success either. Developer Rudy Panda earned $10 million from Adopt Me! Other solo creators like Alex Balfanz and Nikilis have earned multi-millions as well from their games Jailbreak and Murder Mystery 2 respectively.

The Future of User-Generated Metaverse Gaming

Stepping back, Embracer‘s interest in Bloxburg mirrors wider industry trends…

Across the gaming world, major publishers are investing heavily in consumer-generated metaverse platforms. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion to acquire Minecraft back in 2014. And more recently, Epic Games bought 3D avatar company Sketchfab for over $100 million in 2021.

As virtual interaction becomes normalized, user-created worlds like Roblox provide massive engagement potential.

Bloxburg alone had over 350,000 concurrent players at one point in 2020. To put that into context, megahit Fortnite averages around 3-4 million concurrent players. When you consider Bloxburg is just ONE experience on Roblox, you realize the massive scale of players across the wider platform.

Ultimately, Welcome to Bloxburg‘s rumored 9 figure acquisition shows that user-generated worlds are entering the big leagues. As the metaverse grows, expect to see more major gaming companies acquire successful community-built games and experiences.

Exciting times are ahead! Let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions around this. I‘m always happy to chat more about gaming and tech news with you!