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Who is the Best Free Kick Taker in FIFA 23?

Hey FIFA fanatics! It‘s your friend Wendell here, back again with another guide for my favorite football game. If you‘re looking to score more goals from free kicks and set pieces in FIFA 23, there‘s one player you need – James Ward-Prowse. Through extensive analysis of the Southampton midfielder‘s stats and abilities, I can definitively say that Ward-Prowse is the premier free kick taker in FIFA 23. Let me walk you through why he‘s so dominant on free kicks and how you can emulate his success.

By the Numbers: Ward-Prowse‘s Free Kick Dominance

One look at Ward-Prowse‘s player profile shows why he‘s so lethal from free kicks. With a stunning 94 FK Accuracy rating, he boasts the highest in-game free kick stat. This pinpoint precision is backed up by his real life scoring record. Since 2017/18, no one in the Premier League has scored more direct free kick goals than Ward-Prowse‘s tally of 14 (via OptaJoe).

Digging deeper, Ward-Prowse has achieved this free kick dominance through both accuracy and variety:

  • His 35% direct free kick conversion rate is the best among active Premier League players (min 5 goals, via @optaanalyst)
  • 10 of his 14 free kick goals have been from outside the box, showcasing his range
  • He‘s scored off both power and placement free kicks from wide angles

Ward-Prowse also has the ideal attributes to complement his accuracy:

  • 87 Curve – for optimal bend and whip
  • 81 Shot Power – to beat the keeper from distance
  • 80 Long Shots – clinical finishing from the set piece

This combination of accuracy, curl, power, and composure is what gives Ward-Prowse the edge over any wall or keeper. His expertise from both close and long range free kicks is unmatched in FIFA 23.

How Other Players Compare

Ward-Prowse stands head and shoulders above the competition. But looking at other top free kick takers in FIFA 23 reveals how rare his elite combo of accuracy and power is:

Player FK Accuracy Curve Shot Power Goals (2017-22)
James Ward-Prowse 94 87 81 14
Lionel Messi 93 92 85 8
Dani Parejo 90 86 82 7
Cristiano Ronaldo 88 81 92 16

As you can see, while Messi boasts greater curve and Ronaldo superior shot power, neither can match Ward-Prowse‘s accuracy. Players like Parejo have excellent accuracy but lack power, minimizing their threat range. Ultimately, no one combines pinpoint precision with varied finishing skill like Southampton‘s dead ball specialist.

Mastering Free Kicks in FIFA 23

To replicate Ward-Prowse‘s free kick prowess in FIFA 23, keep these tips in mind:

  • Aim above the wall: This is crucial for lofted shots to clear the barrier. Use the guide target circle.
  • Add curl: Applying side spin brings the ball back down towards goal. Use the right stick.
  • Vary trajectory: Mix up driven low shots with high, bending efforts.
  • Find the corners: Aim away from the keeper towards the posts.
  • Use FK specialist: Pick players with 90+ FK Accuracy like Ward-Prowse.
  • Practice: Hone your technique in the Practice Arena and free kick skill games.

New mechanics like Composed Ball Control also give you more control over placement and spin. Take time to master the basics, and you‘ll be hitting free kicks like Ward-Prowse in no time.

Ward-Prowse‘s Dominant FK Traits

In addition to raw attributes like accuracy and power, Ward-Prowse benefits in FIFA 23 from several traits that enhance his free kick abilities:

  • Set Piece Specialist: Improves targeting and accuracy from free kicks and corners
  • Leadership: Provides composure and consistency on set pieces
  • Team Player: Boosts passing, positioning, and vision on dead balls
  • Long Shot Taker: Increases chances of long distance goals

These traits complement Ward-Prowse‘s high FK stats, making him a complete set piece maestro. Look for similar traits when picking your free kick taker.

Following in the Footsteps of Legends

While Ward-Prowse is the current free kick king in FIFA 23, he follows in the footsteps of historic set piece legends like:

  • Juninho Pernambucano: Scored 77 FKs, master of placement and bend from the MF position
  • David Beckham: His signature dipping free kick technique led to 18 Premier League goals
  • Ronaldinho: Could bend space and time from free kicks through creativity and flair
  • Pele: Famous for blasting free kicks with power and precision
  • Maradona: Drew inspiration from the legends before him but added his own magic

Ward-Prowse will look to emulate these icons by carving out his own place in free kick history if he keeps up his current scoring rate.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – an in-depth look at why Southampton‘s James Ward-Prowse is the deadliest free kick taker you can pick in FIFA 23. Backed by unmatched technical attributes and scoring rates, he simply has no equal from set pieces and should be your go-to for free kicks. Use these tips to master your technique and placements. With practice, you‘ll be hitting stunning Ward-Prowse style free kicks in no time. Let me know if you have any other FIFA 23 topics you‘d like me to cover!