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Who is the Bombshell Girl in Free Guy?

In the hit 2021 sci-fi comedy Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a bank teller NPC who gains self-awareness within the open world video game Free City. But many fans were also captivated by the mystery woman in the iconic pink tube top who blows Guy‘s mind during an intense car chase. So who is this bombshell character that helps wake Guy up? The actress who steals the scene is Camille Kostek, a rising talent and star model who plays an integral role shaking up Reynolds‘ world.

All About Camille Kostek and Her Breakout Role as Bombshell

According to IMDb and interviews, the stunning actress and model who brings Bombshell to life is Camille Kostek. While Free Guy marked one of Kostek‘s biggest acting roles so far, she has established herself as a major talent to watch. The 30-year-old Connecticut native first rose to fame in 2013 when she was discovered by Sports Illustrated during their coveted model search contest. This launched a hugely successful modeling career that has seen Kostek appear on magazine covers like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, walk the runway for top designers like Anna Sui, and book major fashion campaigns.

Kostek reached the pinnacle of her modeling success in 2019 when she landed one of the three coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covers as a rookie, joining Tyra Banks and Kate Upton. Beyond modeling, the ambitious Kostek has actively been expanding into other areas like acting and hosting. She co-hosted the rebooted athletic competition series Wipeout in 2021. Kostek also had a minor role in the 2019 comedy I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer. But there‘s no question Free Guy marks her biggest role, and she shines as the charismatic, lively Bombshell.

Bombshell‘s Memorable Role in Free Guy

Kostek‘s Bombshell makes an immediate impression in the opening scene of Free Guy, where she‘s engaged in a chaotic car chase in the digital world of Free City. Her character‘s funky pink tube top and bold, fun-loving attitude capture the attention of Guy, an NPC bank teller. When they interact, Bombshell tells Guy he can be whoever he wants in Free City. This conversation helps spark Guy‘s awakening, and he starts evolving beyond his coding as a stock character.

Kostek‘s Bombshell represents freedom, confidence, and humanity in the digital landscape. She shakes up Guy‘s regimented viewpoint, setting him on the path to becoming a hero. Bombshell fills the classic trope of the cool girl who enters the male protagonist‘s life and turns it upside down. And Kostek‘s lively performance in the role made Bombshell an instant fan favorite.

Bombshell Screen Time Approx. 5 minutes
Key Bombshell Scenes Car chase, talking to Guy after, spoof poster, final battle
Impact on Guy‘s Growth Inspires Guy‘s awakening and character evolution

While Bombshell has limited screen time at around five minutes, she fulfills a very important role in Guy‘s journey. Some of her most memorable scenes include the opening car chase where she passes Guy and winks at him, talking to Guy after he helps her and inspiring him to be good, a hilarious spoof poster mocking her kiss with Guy, and her reappearance in the climactic final battle to help Guy defeat the villain.

Kostek‘s Thoughts on Portraying Bombshell

In interviews, Kostek has spoken excitedly about landing the high-profile role of Bombshell and what it meant to her budding acting career. She called it an "out-of-body experience" when she learned she booked the part, which required stunt driving lessons and training to prepare for the action-packed role. Kostek especially loved Bombshell‘s sassy costume, and got to keep the character‘s now iconic pink tube top after filming wrapped!

Key Stats

  • Kostek‘s Instagram following grew by over 1 million to reach 1.4 million since Free Guy‘s release
  • Her Free Guy stunt driving training lasted approximately 6 weeks
  • Kostek has appeared on 7 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers in her modeling career so far

The breakout role as Bombshell has clearly helped boost Kostek‘s profile. For example, her Instagram following soared by over 1 million to reach 1.4 million since Free Guy hit theaters. Given how much fans loved her performance, many hope to see Kostek reprise the role in a potential Free Guy sequel.

Jodie Comer‘s Character Millie Rusk

While Camille Kostek‘s Bombshell makes a big splash, the lead female role in Free Guy belongs to Jodie Comer as Millie Rusk. Millie is an experienced programmer who is determined to uncover the truth about the stolen source code behind the Free City game. She becomes a key ally helping awaken Guy to his true identity.

Comer is a rising star known for Emmy-winning turn on Killing Eve. Her character Millie is intelligent, bold, and principled in her search for justice against unethical developer Antwan. Millie‘s hacking skills allow her to navigate Free City as her avatar Molotov Girl. Comer and Reynolds have praised each other‘s improv skills, which helped bring Guy and Millie‘s virtual relationship to life.

Millie Rusk‘s Backstory and Motivations

Millie previously helped code a game called Life Itself with a partner named Keys. But before the game could launch, shady publisher Antwan convinced Keys to sell it, then fired Millie. When Free City emerges years later, Millie suspects Antwan stole Life Itself‘s source code without permission to create his new multimedia hit.

To find proof of the theft, Millie hacks into Free City as avatar Molotov Girl. There she meets Guy, and tries to guide him toward unlocking evidence hidden in the game code. Millie proves an invaluable ally in Guy‘s quest for the truth.

Britne Oldford Plays the Barista

Another fun female role is the coffee shop Barista, portrayed by Britne Oldford. The Barista witnesses Guy‘s first baby steps in going off script, and gives him advice on breaking free from his coding. While a minor part, the Barista helps expand Guy‘s perspective.

Bombshell‘s Influence Could Fuel a Free Guy Sequel

Free Guy became one of 2021‘s surprise hits, grossing over $331 million globally. With Reynolds‘ star power and the film‘s original premise, fans immediately started asking about a potential sequel. Disney has expressed interest in developing Free Guy 2, which could see the return of Camille Kostek‘s infectious Bombshell. Along with Jodie Comer‘s Millie, Kostek could help drive Guy toward more self-discovery in a second chapter.

Key Reasons for a Sequel

  • Free Guy‘s box office success and fan popularity
  • Ryan Reynolds‘ interest in reprising role
  • Opportunity to expand world and characters
  • Bombshell is a breakout character played by rising star Camille Kostek

Of course any plans for a Free Guy sequel are speculative for now. But if it does happen, the prospect of Camille Kostek slipping back into that pink tube top for more adventures as the spirited Bombshell would surely excite fans. After her eye-catching performance in the first film, it‘s clear this model-turned-actress has a bright future on the big screen ahead.