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Why can‘t I get PlayStation Plus free trial?

The most common reason is you‘ve already used a free trial before on your PSN account. PlayStation Plus free trials are a one-time only offer, even if your last trial was years ago or on a different PlayStation console.

Other reasons could be needing a payment method linked to your account, country restrictions, account validation issues, missing the promotional window, or having a banned/suspended account. But let‘s explore the main causes and solutions in more detail:

You‘ve already claimed a free trial before

According to PlayStation, the free PlayStation Plus trial is only available to new subscribers who have never activated a trial or paid membership on their PSN account before. Even if you used a trial years ago on PS3 or PS Vita, your account will have that trial history saved and you won‘t be eligible again.

This is to prevent people from continuously creating new PSN IDs to get unlimited access to free trials. So if you see an error mentioning "You are not eligible for a free trial at this time," it‘s likely because your account already redeemed a trial in the past.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is no workaround if you already used your one free trial except to purchase a PlayStation Plus membership. You can try contacting PlayStation support to confirm when you last used a trial and if you could be eligible again, but chances are low. Your only options are to create a brand new PSN account and start fresh or buy a PS Plus subscription.

Payment method required

To activate a free trial, Sony requires you to have a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal account linked to your PSN account. This functions as a safety deposit in case you forget to cancel the trial before it auto-renews to a paid membership.

Many users report getting an error at checkout that says "Cannot start the PS Plus trial without a payment method on account." This simply means you‘ll need to add a payment method under Settings > Payment Methods before the free trial can begin.

Solution: Add a valid credit/debit card or link your PayPal account to your PSN wallet. This will allow the free trial to be activated after entering your payment details. You can remove your payment method after the trial ends if you do not wish to continue the membership.

Country and region restrictions

Sony has limited the PlayStation Plus free trial promotion to certain countries only. As of 2023, the free trial is available in most regions like North America, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. However, it is not offered in India, China, Japan, and the Middle East.

If you are located in a country that does not have PlayStation Plus trials, you‘ll get an error about the trial being unavailable or invalid when you try to sign up. This is due to geographic restrictions based on your PSN account region.

Solution: You can change your PSN region to a country that supports trials like United States or United Kingdom. But this requires having a valid address and payment method for that region. Alternatively, wait for PlayStation to launch trials in your country in the future.

Account validation issues

To use any PSN services like the PS Plus free trial, your account must pass Sony‘s validation process. If there are any errors with your account details, it can prevent trials from working properly.

Some common validation issues include:

  • Incorrect or outdated birthday
  • Invalid or expired payment method
  • Inaccurate account information like name/address
  • Previous refunds, chargebacks or payment issues
  • Restoring licenses fails

You may get vague errors like "Cannot verify account" or "Age restriction prevents trial". Double check all info is entered correctly in your Sony account. Also try restoring licenses and signing in/out of your PSN profile.

Solution: Enter the correct details, update any expired payment info, and triple check your account information is accurate. Restore licenses and recheck the trial. If errors persist, contact PS support to investigate further.

Missing the promotional window

PlayStation will occasionally offer special limited time PS Plus trial promotions during certain events like E3, Gamescom or holidays. If you try to access the deal outside the promo period, it will no longer be valid.

For example, PlayStation‘s 14-day summer trial in 2022 was only available from July 18th to July 31st. If you didn‘t claim the offer in that 2 week window, then you missed out and have to wait for the next trial opportunity.

Solution: Mark your calendar and act fast next time there is a special PS Plus trial offer from Sony. Trials outside these promo windows are very rare. Follow PlayStation social media and blogs for announcements.

Banned or suspended account

If your PlayStation Network account has been permanently banned, temporarily suspended, or has restrictions placed for violations like fraud, TOS breaches, chargebacks etc – you will forfeit access to free trials, deals and other PS Plus benefits.

Attempting to redeem a trial will fail and show errors like "Your account is not permitted to redeem this trial." This serves as a penalty on accounts deemed high-risk by Sony.

Solution: You will need to resolve any outstanding issues and restrictions before trial eligibility is restored. For permanent bans, you‘ll have to create a brand new PSN ID and account. Temporary suspensions can be appealed or you‘ll need to wait it out.

Signing up for the wrong trial

It‘s easy to confuse the different trial offers from PlayStation for PS Plus vs PS Now or PS VR. Make sure you are signing up specifically for PlayStation Plus membership trial which gives online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts etc.

If you try to redeem a PS Now or PS VR free trial, it will fail because those services have different eligibility requirements and benefits. Double check you selected the correct PlayStation Plus trial.

Solution: When signing up, carefully choose the PlayStation Plus subscription free trial, not PlayStation Now or PS VR. Review the benefits included before confirming your choice.

When contacting PlayStation Support

If you still can‘t access a PlayStation Plus free trial after troubleshooting the above issues, it‘s best to reach out directly to PlayStation Support for assistance.

When contacting them, having the following information handy can help resolve your case faster:

  • PSN Online ID
  • Error codes/messages received
  • Trial redemption steps taken
  • Payment method details
  • PlayStation hardware used
  • Account history of previous trials or subscriptions
  • Proof of current PlayStation Plus membership status

Their support team can investigate your specific account situation and identify why you are not getting the free trial. They have internal tools to check eligibility factors that general troubleshooting cannot.

So if all else fails, PlayStation Support should be able to get to the bottom of the issue and either enable your trial or explain exactly why your account is not eligible.

In summary:

  • Check if you have used a free trial with your PSN ID before
  • Make sure a valid payment method is linked to your account
  • Verify your country allows PlayStation Plus free trials
  • Confirm all account details are accurate (birthday, payment method, etc)
  • Act quickly during limited-time promo trial periods
  • Resolve any account bans or restrictions
  • Sign up specifically for a PlayStation Plus membership trial

Being aware of these key factors that can prevent accessing a free PlayStation Plus trial will help identify the issue and find the right solution. Taking the time to troubleshoot each one and contact PS support if needed will get you back on track to enjoying a free trial soon!