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Why can‘t i play free Vanguard?

Hey friend! I know you‘re eager to jump into Vanguard‘s thrilling multiplayer action but have hit some roadblocks accessing the free trial. Not to worry – as an avid Call of Duty fan myself, I‘ve got you covered with this comprehensive troubleshooting guide. We‘ll get you playing for free in no time!

A Quick Overview

Before we dive in, let me quickly explain how the Vanguard free access works:

  • Activision provides limited-time free multiplayer trials several times per year.
  • These free play periods typically last 5-7 days.
  • All multiplayer content is fully playable including maps, modes, and weapon leveling.
  • PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can all participate!

So in summary, it‘s a great way to experience Vanguard before buying. Now let‘s get your free trial up and running…

Step 1 – Download the Trial Version

The first step is installing the correct free trial version:


  • Search the PlayStation Store for "Vanguard Free Access"
  • File size is around 18GB, so make sure you have sufficient free space


  • Find "Vanguard Free Access" in the Microsoft Store
  • An Xbox Live Gold sub is required on Xbox platforms


  • Open and install "Call of Duty: Vanguard Free Access"
  • 18GB of free HDD space required

Once it‘s finished downloading, the content should unlock automatically when the free access period begins!

Step 2 – Check System and Account Requirements

Before we troubleshoot further, let‘s validate some key requirements:

Internet Connection

  • Ensure your console or PC has a solid high-speed internet connection.
  • Required speeds:

    • Download: 25 Mbps
    • Upload: 5 Mbps


  • PlayStation requires a free PSN account to play online.
  • Xbox platforms need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.
  • PC uses your free account.
  • No Activision account needed for the free trial!

Meeting these prerequisites will get us on the right track. Now let‘s tackle some common issues…

Step 3 – Troubleshoot Errors

If the free trial still won‘t start, don‘t worry! Here are some fixes for common errors:

Console Issues

  • Restart your console – Shut it down fully then power back on.
  • Check for system updates – Install the latest firmware.
  • Reload the game – Press the menu button on Vanguard and choose "Quit". Relaunch the game.

PC Troubleshooting

  • Update graphics drivers – Install the latest GPU drivers.
  • Scan/repair files on – Will fix any corrupted data.
  • Disable antivirus – Add game folders to exclusions as firewall could block access.

Still Not Working?

  • Reach out to Activision Support online for further specialized troubleshooting.
  • Support can also look into any potential account restrictions or bans limiting access.

Following these steps should get your Vanguard free trial up and running smoothly!


You might still have some questions about the free trial, so I‘ve compiled some frequently asked ones below:

How long does the Vanguard free access last?

  • Typically 5-7 days, enough time to evaluate the multiplayer.

What content is available in the free trial?

  • All multiplayer maps, modes, and weapon leveling systems.
  • Campaign and Zombies modes aren‘t included.

Do I keep progression if I buy the full version?

  • Yes! All weapon levels and unlocks carry over to the full game.


h3>Can I pre-load the trial before it starts?

  • Yes! Pre-load helps you play instantly when the free access begins.

Does progress carry over to Warzone?

  • Your weapon levels earned during the Vanguard trial transfer to Warzone as well!

When is the next free access event?

  • Specific dates vary for each one. Follow Call of Duty social media for announcements!

Let‘s Recap

Alright my friend, we‘ve covered a ton of ground here. To quickly recap:

  1. Download the correct free trial version for your platform
  2. Ensure you meet all system and account requirements
  3. Troubleshoot any errors like updates or file scans
  4. Check Activision Support if you still face issues
  5. Pre-load early to play the moment the free access starts!

This should give you all the tools needed to access the Vanguard multiplayer trial. Let me know if any other questions come up. Have fun and I‘ll see you on the virtual battlefield!