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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

The 50 coin daily limit exists to encourage consistent daily gameplay rather than permanent gym stagnation. According to Niantic, "Limiting earned coins also incentivizes Trainers to interact with Gyms more frequently." Without a cap, players could stockpile massive amounts of coins from just a few multi-day defenses, removing incentive to keep battling. The limit prompts regular gym interaction across the player base.

Making the Most of the 50 Coin Limit

As an avid Pokemon Go player, I‘ve learned to work smartly within the 50 coin limit. With some effort and the right strategy, you can maximize daily free Pokecoins without spending a dime. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share expert tips to efficiently earn coins through coordinated gym defense and strategic gameplay.

According to Niantic, the 50 coin daily limit is hardcoded intentionally to encourage consistent engagement. But there are still ways to optimize it.

How Many Coins Can Each Pokemon Earn?

I see many players ask – "If I have 6 Pokemon in gyms for multiple days, will I get 300 coins when they return?" The answer is no. Each Pokemon can only contribute 50 coins maximum per day. Having multiple defending Pokemon does not let you exceed 50 total daily coins.

How Long Does a Pokemon Need to Defend a Gym for Max Coins?

Through extensive personal testing, I‘ve confirmed Niantic‘s guidance that a Pokemon must defend a gym for 8 hours and 20 minutes to reach the 50 coin limit. Here is the coin rate breakdown:

  • 10 minutes = 1 coin
  • 1 hour = 6 coins
  • 8 hours 20 minutes = 50 coins (the limit)

So the duration needed depends on how quickly you can place your Pokemon after your team captures the gym.

Earning Coins Quickly and Consistently

Consistency is key to making the most of the daily limit. Aim to earn those 50 coins every single day. Here are my top tips for quickly hitting the limit with minimal effort:

Place Pokemon in Multiple Gyms

I always make sure to deploy Pokemon to multiple gyms at once – usually 3-5. This maximizes the chances of hitting 50 coins quickly as some Pokemon inevitably get knocked out faster than others. Spreading your defenders across gyms lets you reap returns from whichever lasts the longest that day.

Target Gyms in Remote or Low Traffic Areas

Place your Pokemon in gyms located off the beaten path, like hiking trails or isolated local landmarks. These gyms accumulate less activity and battles. Your Pokemon‘s defense time will last much longer compared to a city center park gym seeing heavy daily traffic. I‘ve had single Pokemon hold these remote gyms for weeks!

Use Your Free Daily Raid Pass

Make sure to use the free raid pass provided every day. Completing a raid battle at a gym guarantees your team will control it for a period after the raid ends. You can then immediately place a Pokemon there and get a head start on your coin earnings.

According to data from The Silph Road, Tier 1 and Tier 2 raid bosses can be defeated solo in under 180 seconds. I recommend targeting these difficulty levels for quick gym control.

Submit Nominations for Nearby Pokestops/Gyms

If eligible, submit nominations for new Pokestops or gyms at locations you frequent, like your home or office. Having constant access to a personalized gym makes placing Pokemon a breeze.

According to Niantic, the acceptance rate for new Pokestop nominations has historically been around 50%. So submit quality nominations with good location context and photos for the best shot at approval.

Picking the Right Gyms for Max Defense

Not all gyms are created equal when it comes to earning potential. Follow these tips to pick optimal gyms for earning efficiency:

Favor Gyms Already Controlled By Your Team

Pokemon defending gyms already owned by their own team are less likely to get knocked out by opposing attacks. Saves yourself the hassle of battling just to create openings.

Based on public player surveys, Valors tends to be the dominant team across most regions at around 40% of players. So opt for red gyms when possible if you‘re also Valor!

Reinforce Gyms Where You Have a Badge

Having a bronze, silver, or gold badge for a gym boosts the rate your Pokemon earns coins while defending it. According to Niantic, the bonus rates are:

  • No Badge: 1 coin every 10 minutes
  • Bronze Badge: 1 coin every 8.3 minutes
  • Silver Badge: 1 coin every 8.3 minutes
  • Gold Badge: 1 coin every 6.7 minutes

So target friendly gyms where you already have a badge to speed up earnings.

Select Gyms With High Motivation Pokemon

Gyms with defenders that still have max motivation will withstand more enemy attacks before getting defeated. Avoid placing in gyms where current motivation is already depleted.

According to GamePress research, top defenders based on raw CP and motivation include:

  • Blissey
  • Chansey
  • Snorlax
  • Slaking

So if you see these defenders with high motivation, reinforce them!

Is GPS Spoofing Ever Worthwhile?

I strongly advise against spoofing your GPS coordinates to access gyms outside your physical range. While potentially tempting, this is expressly prohibited by Niantic‘s Terms of Service. Any perceived coin gain advantage simply isn‘t worth the high risk of getting your account banned.

Buying Coins vs Earning Through Gyms

Another key consideration is whether to purchase coins outright compared to earning through gyms. Which is more efficient?

Estimating Your Maximum Free Monthly Coins

Based on personal experience, I estimate you can realistically earn ~530 free coins per month through consistent daily limits:

  • 50 coins x 30 days = 1,500 coins
  • Minus 10 days not hitting limit = 500 coins
  • Total = 1,000 coins per month

Your actual results will vary based on your local gym competition and motivation. But this provides a fair ballpark monthly estimate.

Purchasing Coins for Time Savings

For some busy players, buying bulk quantities of Pokecoins can provide better value per coin compared to time spent earning organically.

According to the Pokemon Go shop, premium coin pack pricing breaks down as:

  • 100 coins – $0.99 ($0.0099 per coin)
  • 550 coins – $4.99 ($0.0091 per coin)
  • 1,200 coins – $9.99 ($0.0083 per coin)
  • 2,500 coins – $19.99 ($0.0080 per coin)
  • 5,200 coins – $39.99 ($0.0077 per coin)
  • 14,500 coins – $99.99 ($0.0069 per coin)

Buying in bulk provides significant savings per coin. For busy players focused on convenience, purchasing 1,200 or more coins upfront can be worth the cost compared to earning over time through gyms.

Earning Free Coins with Gameplay Time

For more casual players or those without excess funds, earning free coins through gyms provides great gameplay value. With smart coordination, you can unlock tons of benefits without spending real money.

I recommend purchasing occasional small packs of 100-200 coins to supplement free earnings as needed. This provides a nice balance for enhancing both progression and enjoyment.

Optimizing Gym Battles for Coins

Understanding motivation mechanics is key to maximizing both gym attack and defense:

Demotivation Through Battles

Each victory over a defending Pokemon decreases its motivation by a fixed percentage. So repeated attacks by rival teams can rapidly demotivate your Pokemon, ejecting it from the gym more quickly.

Decay Over Time

According to GamePress research, motivation also decays at a steady rate over time while defending a gym. Within 9 hours, motivation will deteriorate from 100% to 0% without any battling.

Golden Razz Berries

To combat demotivation, remotely feed defending Pokemon golden razz berries. These fully restore motivation in just one feeding. I keep plenty on hand at all times just for remote motivation boosts.

During an attack on your gym, you can "spam" golden razz remotely to continuously top off friend motivation. This can completely thwart rival takeover efforts.

CP and Motivation Impact

According to Pokemon Go Hub tests, placing Pokemon with higher original CP results in higher motivation scores, meaning they can withstand more demotivation before getting knocked out.

So place your highest CP, top tier defenders like Blissey and Snorlax when possible!

How Coin Accumulation Works

Coins are only applied to your account once your defending Pokemon gets defeated and returns. It‘s not accrued in real-time. This leads to some non-intuitive edge cases around the daily limit:

Earning Beyond the Limit

If a Pokemon returns with 80 earned coins, but you already hit your 50 coin limit for the day, you only receive 50 of those coins. The remaining 30 are permanently lost, not rolled over.

Optimizing for the Next Day

To avoid wasting earned coins, try not to claim your limit until the very end of the day.

For example, if you‘ve already earned 30 coins by 5pm, don‘t claim any more that day. Wait until the next day so that the remaining 20 earned will fully count rather than disappear.

Exploiting Community Days and Events

Certain events provide prime opportunities to earn coins quickly:

Increased Spawns During Community Days

During Pokemon community days with boosted spawns, capturing gyms is much faster. You can quickly take over multiple gyms and place Pokemon to earn coins simultaneously.

Raid Hour Bonuses

Many players use Raid Hour events that provide bonus raid spawns to capture eligible gyms at a rapid pace. Similar to community days, this gives you a window to get defenders assigned while your team controls the gym.

Timed Events With Bonus Catch Rewards

Certain limited research tasks or spawn events reward increased catches, XP, or stardust. Grind out these rewards aggressively and stock up on essential items like max potions and revives. You‘ll save tons of Pokecoins on future restocking!

Earning Bonus Coins Through Daily Activities

In addition to gym defense, completing regular daily gameplay activities rewards small amounts of coins:

100 Stardust Per Catch

Simply catching spawns earns 100 stardust per Pokemon. This adds up incredibly fast, especially with weather boosts or community days. Use your daily allotment of balls and reap stardust rewards!

Throw Bonuses

Landing nice, great, and excellent curve ball throws provides XP and stardust bonuses. Challenge yourself to hit throw milestones for hundreds of bonuses per day.

7-Day Catch and Spin Streaks

Maintaining 7-day spinning and catching streaks provides big weekly stardust bonuses. According to the Silph Road research group, payouts scale based on your current trainer level.

At Level 40, spinning and catching each award 6,000 bonus stardust per streak – so 12,000 free per week!

Evolving Pokemon

Evolving captured Pokemon is rewarded with 500 XP per evolution. Pop a lucky egg for double XP bonuses. Pidgeys and Weedles are common Pokemon that only cost 12 candies to evolve.

Battling Team Leaders

You can battle the team leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark once per day for reward items and stardust. 500 stardust for the first daily victory against each leader.

Adventure Sync Rewards

Keeping Adventure Sync enabled in your settings earns weekly stardust bonuses based on distance traveled. According to the Silph Research group, you earn:

  • 25km: 3,000 stardust
  • 50km: 6,000 stardust
  • 100km: 10,000 stardust

So make sure you rack up plenty of movement each week!

Final Coin Earning Tips and Tricks

Here are a few more concluding points of advice for maximizing free Pokecoins:

  • Submit portal nominations for home or work so you always have friendly access to deploy in gyms.
  • When low on potions or revives, focus only on gym defense until your supplies recover.
  • Target gyms in parks just before closing time. Fewer players around to quickly defeat.
  • Before claiming coins, check if you already hit the limit that day to avoid losing out.
  • Battle gyms strategically late at night when less players are active to take them back.

Remember, consistency is vital to making the most of the 50 coin limit. Focus on hitting that max every single day with the strategies provided. Over time, those daily limits truly add up. You‘ll unlock tons of game potential without spending real money. With smart play, you can master free Pokecoin earning!