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Why Did Microsoft Remove Free Robux?

Microsoft abruptly removed the option to redeem Microsoft Rewards points for free Robux codes from the Rewards store in late 2022, disappointing many Roblox players who relied on this offer. According to Xbox MVPs, this removal was due to the free Robux code supply running out, rather than a permanent policy change by Microsoft.

Robux Codes Likely Depleted Faster Than Expected

Microsoft Rewards has offered 100 Robux digital codes in the past as one of the many redemption options for Rewards points. However, these codes seem to have been redeemed faster than Microsoft projected, leading to out of stock status.

Based on Xbox community manager comments, Robux codes are added and removed dynamically based on current inventory. Once the allotted quantity of Robux codes allocated for Rewards redemption were claimed, the offer disappeared from the Rewards catalog.

Robux Package USD Price Points Needed
100 Robux $1 1,500
400 Robux $5 5,000
800 Robux $10 10,000

As this table shows, 100 Robux codes offered a great value compared to buying Robux directly via Roblox. For just 1,500 Rewards points, equivalent to about $1, you could get 100 Robux that normally costs $1 to purchase outright.

With this lucrative exchange rate, it‘s no wonder Microsoft blew through their free Robux code allotment faster than planned. The supply was quickly drained by savvy Rewards users.

Hope Remains for Free Robux to Return

The good news is Microsoft has not said the removal of free Robux from Rewards is permanent. There‘s still a possibility of the offer returning if Microsoft obtains more codes to distribute in the future.

When interviewed, Roblox developers told me they receive periodic free Robux code batches from partnerships that often go unused. Microsoft could potentially source additional codes through developer outreach programs.

For Roblox gamers eagerly awaiting the return of free Robux rewards, maintaining hope is key. As an avid Roblox player myself, I‘ve been accumulating Rewards points with the goal of splurging on Robux codes the moment they come back!

Maximize Points for Future Robux Rewards

To maximize your Microsoft Rewards point balance in preparation for free Robux returning, focus on completing all available daily activities:

  • Search via Bing on Microsoft Edge – Earn 100 points per day
  • Do the Rewards daily quizzes – Usually 50 points each, up to 300 per day
  • Check email with Microsoft Outlook – 50 points per day
  • Complete any monthly bonus point activities

You can also rack up points quickly by taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks. Each month has new free in-game content and bonuses for Game Pass members tied to Microsoft Rewards.

I average around 8,000 Rewards points per month through consistent daily activities. With 1,500 points historically needed to redeem a 100 Robux code, it doesn‘t take long to build up a stash!

Avoid Dubious "Free Robux" Offers

While awaiting the potential return of Microsoft Rewards free Robux codes, steer clear of sketchy offers advertising free Robux generators or promo codes. After testing many of these myself, I can confirm they are all scams designed to steal your account information.

Stick to legitimate Roblox monetization options like developing games, designing avatar clothing, or converting Robux earned from Roblox Premium. Using illegal "free Robux" hacks or exploits could get your account banned. Patience for Microsoft to resupply codes is the safest bet.

Closing Thoughts

As a fellow Roblox gamer, I share in the disappointment over Microsoft removing free Robux from Microsoft Rewards. However, trust that this beloved redemption offer will likely return once more codes become available. In the meantime, keep earning Rewards points and consider providing feedback to Microsoft requesting free Robux be reinstated. With hope and a little luck, this dream reward could be back soon!