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Why do I need to pay for Nexus Mods?

The main reason you may want to pay for a Nexus Mods premium membership is to get unlimited, fast download speeds and avoid throttling when downloading larger mods or multiple mods at once. The premium membership eliminates speed caps and allows hardcore mod users to save time downloading and installing mods.

Other benefits like no ads, auto-load order sorting, and easy re-downloading of previously installed mods also provide value for frequent modders. But uncapped speeds is the primary advantage that premium offers over the free version of Nexus Mods.

Detailed Breakdown of Nexus Mods Premium Membership

Here is a more in-depth look at everything you get with a paid Nexus Mods premium subscription:

Uncapped Download Speeds

The most advertised benefit of Nexus Mods premium is unlimited download speeds when downloading mods, which removes throttling and speed caps.

According to Nexus Mods‘ support page, free users are limited to 1MB/s when using the site without an ad blocker. Premium users can download at full speed even for large 5GB+ mod packs.

This means no more waiting hours or days for large mods to finish queueing on the free version. Premium speeds up the process significantly.

Ad-Free Browsing

Premium members don‘t see any ads or popups when browsing Nexus Mods. This results in a cleaner, less distracting mod searching and downloading experience.

Automatic Load Order Sorting

Nexus Premium provides access to LOOT, an automatic load order sorter. LOOT analyzes your mod list and sorts it to minimize conflicts between mods that could cause crashes or problems.

Proper load order sorting is essential for modded games to run smoothly, but can be tricky with large mod lists. LOOT handles this automatically.

Download History and Re-Downloading

You gain the ability to view your entire mod download history and re-download any mod you‘ve previously installed. This is helpful when migrating PCs or reinstalling games.

No need to hunt down mods again or keep manual track of your installed mods. Just re-download them from your history.

One caveat – there is no offline download option. You still need an internet connection to re-download previously installed mods.

Nexus Premium Forum Access

Get access to exclusive forums only available to premium members. Connect with other premium users to discuss mods and get help.

Monthly Premium Points

Each month, premium members receive points that can be redeemed in the rewards store for special perks like:

  • Naming in-game items after your username
  • Virtual gifts and badges
  • Mod requests up to 2,500 points

The selection is limited but provides some fun ways to engage with mod authors if you accumulate points over time.

How Much Does Nexus Premium Cost?

Here are the current membership prices:

  • 1 month – $4 USD
  • 3 months – $10 USD
  • 12 months – $30 USD

The yearly plan at $30 USD works out to $2.50 per month which is the cheapest way to subscribe if you plan on using Nexus Mods long term.

They also periodically run sales around holidays like Christmas where premium time is discounted up to 70% off.

Is Nexus Premium Worth the Cost for Serious Modders?

For hardcore and serious modders who install lots of large mods, the time savings from uncapped speeds and automatic mod conflict resolution is likely worth the relatively low membership cost.

Some analysis on the value proposition for frequent modders:

  • Downloading a 5GB mod pack on a 5Mbps connection would take approximately 1 hour 40 minutes with the free version‘s 1MB/s cap. But with premium speeds, it could download in 16 minutes, 4x faster.
  • Manually sorting mod conflicts takes a lot of trial and error testing. LOOT does it automatically in seconds with the premium membership.
  • Re-downloading 100GB of installed mods after a PC migration or reinstall would only take 2 hours on a 500Mbps connection with premium speeds.
  • For a heavy modder who plays daily and downloads 10 new big mods per month, the $2.50 monthly premium cost works out to just 8 cents per day. Excellent value considering the time savings.

So for Nexus Mods power users, the time saved downloading, re-installing, and sorting mods likely far outweighs the minor subscription cost. Plus, ad-free browsing is a nice perk for frequent visitors.

Potential Downsides of Nexus Premium to Consider

While premium has many benefits, there are some minor drawbacks and limitations to keep in mind:

  • No Offline Downloads: You can‘t download mods for offline use. An internet connection is still required, reducing the portability.
  • Load Order Isn‘t Flawless: LOOT doesn‘t perfectly sort every mod list. Some manual ordering may still be required with large collections.
  • Limited Rewards: Premium monthly points provide some fun ways to engage with authors but don‘t amount to anything too substantial.
  • No Faster Support: The premium user forums don‘t seem to provide noticeably faster responses to support inquiries compared to free support.

So premium isn‘t completely without faults. But for most avid modders, the speed and convenience still outweigh the negatives. Just don‘t expect premium to be a "magic bullet" fixing all mod issues.

Viable Alternatives If You Don‘t Want to Pay

For those looking to avoid paying for premium, here are some alternative mod hosting options to Nexus Mods:


  • Completely free mod hosting site for various PC games.
  • Interface isn‘t as clean or intuitive as Nexus Mods.
  • Smaller mod selection but quality varies.

Steam Workshop

  • Built into Steam client so very convenient.
  • Great for finding mods for Valve games like Skyrim, L4D2 etc.
  • Can only mod games purchased through Steam.


  • New mod site trying to compete with Nexus.
  • Sleek, modern interface.
  • Currently has much more limited mod selection.


  • Popular hub focused on adult mods.
  • Caters to niche interests not allowed on Nexus.
  • Obviously NSFW. Enter at your own discretion.


While Nexus Mods remains fully usable for free, premium members gain major benefits like unlimited speeds, automated tools, and ad-free browsing. For hardcore modders installing lots of mods, the time savings provided by the premium features appear to outweigh the low subscription costs. But more casual users may not need premium to have a good modding experience. Consider your own habits and decide if premium fits your modding needs.