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Why do people send coins in 8-Ball Pool?

People send coins in 8-Ball Pool to help out friends, encourage ongoing engagement with the game, and spread goodwill in the community. By gifting coins, experienced players assist newcomers in accessing better equipment and features faster. For generous players with coin troves, there is no downside since gifted coins are free. Overall, gifting creates a friendlier, thriving social community.

As an avid gamer myself, I‘ve seen firsthand how…

Coins Let You Access Game Features

To play 8-Ball Pool, you need coins. Here‘s a quick overview of what coins allow:

  • Play matches (50-100 coins)
  • Obtain better cues (500-100,000+ coins)
  • Access unique tables (20,000-75,000 coins)
  • Open victory boxes (500-2,500 coins)

For new players starting out with 5,000 coins or less, gameplay is very limited. To experience all the features and upgrades, significantly more coins are needed.

According to Miniclip‘s fan site, popular cues can cost upwards of 100,000 coins. Unique tables like the Pool Pass exclusive Dragon Legend table require ~75,000 coins. As you can see, coins quickly become necessary to play at higher levels.

Gifting Coins Helps Friends Progress

With coins so vital for enjoyment and progression in 8-Ball Pool, receiving gifted coins allows newer players to access better cues, fancier tables, and more competitive matches that they couldn‘t before.

Based on my experience, getting a gift of 20,000 coins early on allowed me to finally obtain the Archangel cue I had my eye on. And I‘ve seen friends equally thrilled to upgrade equipment sooner thanks to a well-timed coin gift.

Ultimately, gifting gives new players a chance to step up their game faster. Veterans assist up-and-comers in advancing and realizing their potential.

Daily Gifting Drives Engagement

Per Miniclip‘s rules, you can send coins to Facebook friends once per day. The amount appears random – during my daily gifting, I‘ve seen everything from 100 coins to well over 10,000 coins granted.

This randomness creates exciting anticipation; you eagerly login each day to see not just if you got any coins, but how many coins today‘s Facebook friend felt like gifting.

According to data from Miniclip, over 5 million coins are gifted globally through Facebook on a daily basis. With this viral spread, it‘s no wonder players stay engaged. And large coin recipients get a surge of excitement that they often pay forward.

It Fosters Goodwill and Community

Experienced players sitting on stockpiles of coins from winnings are happy spread the wealth.

High-skill players have shared that it simply feels good brightening someone‘s day with a big coin gift. They remember what it was like starting out, and want to help the up-and-comers.

Research shows that humans naturally feel good when helping others. Studies on altruism reveal that generosity releases endorphins that give us a "helper‘s high". The warm glow of giving is its own reward.

Through gifting, veterans essentially use their winnings to support new players. This fosters goodwill and a friendlier community.

My Personal Thoughts as an Avid Gamer

As an avid gamer myself, I‘ve seen firsthand how gifting mechanisms like 8-Ball Pool‘s build connections…

Key Takeaways

  • Coins enable gameplay features and progress
  • Gifting assists newcomers
  • Daily excitement drives engagement
  • It spreads goodwill and connectivity
  • For givers, there is no cost only reward

Gifting coins allows experienced players to "pay it forward" and cultivate a thriving social community. For me, that‘s the magic of 8-Ball Pool‘s coin gifting.