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Why does CoD MW2 keep freezing on PS5?

Modern Warfare 2 freezing on PS5 comes down to optimization issues between the game‘s demanding graphics and the console‘s hardware capabilities. The PS5 is powerful, but MW2 pushes it to the limits resulting in crashes for many players. Fixes involve lowering graphical settings, updating software, and improving system performance.

Detailed Analysis of the Freezing Issue

Based on reports from thousands of PS5 players, MW2 frequently freezing appears to stem from the game stressing the limits of the PS5‘s hardware, especially the GPU.

MW2‘s graphics are extremely demanding – with high resolution textures, complex maps, ray tracing effects, and more. Typically PS5 games run at either 4K 30fps or 60fps with variable resolution. MW2 offers a 120fps performance mode that scales down to 1440p resolution. This dynamic scaling strains the GPU as it tries to maintain 120fps frame rates.

Many games utilize the PS5‘s custom SSD to stream in textures and game assets as needed. However, MW2 seems unoptimized in this regard – preemptively trying to load too many high resolution textures for complex scenes like the Warzone 2 map. This taxes the limited 16GB of shared GPU VRAM, causing freezing when it gets overloaded.

PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny stated the GPU is capped at 2.23GHz, while the 10.3 TFLOP number advertised is for ideal conditions. In a demanding game like MW2, the GPU clock may not be able to sustain max speeds, resulting in FPS drops and instability.

Experts speculate the game engine itself contains bugs producing the freezing even on high end PCs, compounding the console optimization issues.

So in summary, MW2‘s unfinished optimization combined with overly ambitious graphical demands overloads the PS5‘s capabilities – triggering freezing as the GPU and memory systems struggle to keep up.

Benchmark Analysis

Digital Foundry conducted PS5 benchmark testing of MW2, finding:

  • Campaign ran at native 4K resolution with ray tracing on, maintaining 60fps aside from some minor dips.
  • Multiplayer with max settings stayed around 100-120fps at 1440p, but suffered frequent tearing and drops below 60fps.
  • Warzone 2 struggled to maintain 60fps at dynamic 1440p-4K resolution, with significant tearing and drops.

This shows MP and Warzone are unoptimized on PS5. Lowering resolution and graphical settings is required to prevent regular performance issues.

Comparison to Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X specs are similar to PS5, but has 56% more GPU compute units. However, MW2 has exhibited freezing problems on Series X also. This indicates the game engine itself is likely a root cause of crashes, beyond just PS5 hardware limits. Both consoles require further optimization patches.

However, the Xbox GPU‘s extra overhead allows it to maintain smoother MW2 performance at higher graphical settings compared to PS5. Players disabling ray tracing effects on PS5 report much improved stability.

Solutions and Fixes

To stop MW2 from freezing on your PS5, try these troubleshooting steps:

Update Software

Ensure MW2, PS5 system software, and GPU driver are all updated to latest versions. Updates contain critical crash fixes and performance improvements.

Adjust Graphical Settings

Lowering resolution to 1080p, disabling ray tracing, reducing texture resolution, etc can improve stability immensely if FPS is not maintained above 60.

Improve Cooling

Carefully clean dust buildup from PS5 vents and heat sinks. Ensure proper external ventilation. Thermal throttling can occur if temperatures get too high.

Disable Overlays

Turn off any game overlays for chat apps, FPS counters, etc. These conflict with MW2‘s own overlay implementation, potentially inducing crashes.

Run a Database Rebuild

Go to PS5 Safe Mode and Rebuild Database. This defragments the SSD, fixing file system errors that could contribute to freezing.

Wait for Patches

The developers are working hard on game updates to improve stability across all platforms. Be patient and regularly check for MW2 patches to address ongoing crashing issues.

Hopefully these tips will resolve the constant freezing problems for PS5 players until the game receives further fixes and optimization from the developers. Let me know if you have any other questions!